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Where Warrior Forum members help you achieve your goals and hold you accountable. Get advice and feedback as you follow your own plan for success.

The rules for a Warrior Path thread are simple:

Announce your Path
What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your Warrior Path thread?

Set a Goal
The goal can be number of visitors, $$$ per month, writing/publishing a book, building a site or blog - it's up to you.

Announce a time frame
A Warrior Path thread has a beginning - and an end. Set a time period for accomplishing your goal. The time frame should be reasonable for accomplishing the goal stated. From a few weeks to a few months is reasonable.

Document at least 2 times per week
You can post more - and at times you may post less. The post should be focused on the progress you've made toward your goal...what you've used...successes and do-overs.

Be willing to answer questions
Be open to questions or comments.

Don't use every post to plug your link...
No explanation necessary.

Moderators may close Warrior Path threads:
-If you use the thread as a journal or blog rather than for updates of your stated 'path'.
-If you change your plan and move to a different goal or business not defined by your Path thread.
-When a thread is inactive.
Posting 2X a week may not always be possible - no posts in a month may result in thread closed.
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