[DAY 120: 15% Completion] Youtube Monetization Journey to $100/day Marketing Channel

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My name is Leon Tran, I've been a warrior for quite some time now and have had successes in some areas (Clickbank top affiliate, ebay powerseller, and currently top 10 most followed seller at WarriorPlus, email list of 20,000 subs).

I like to try different things to make money online.

Currently, my Internet Marketing channel (2750 subs) & finally got monetized back in May 23, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/user/HowToWebmasterCom/

New video update on progress at Day 150:

My channel consists of me providing tutorials on all things relating to internet marketing.

Goals for this journey
#1 Get to 10,000 Subs
#2 Make $100/day Youtube Adsense
#3 *BONUS GOAL. Make another $100/day from Affiliate reviews

How to accomplish these goals?
Post videos *almost everyday. Keep promoting channel wherever and whenever possible. I don't have a timeframe to complete these goals. But for sure, posting videos consistently is the KEY to SUCCESS!

Subscribe and follow my youtube journey as I post earning results on video about my progress and other ways to make money online.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Thanks for viewing

----PROGRESS UPDATES----------
Progress Update: Day 20 (June 10, 2019)
Goal completion of $100/day: 7%
At the moment daily income is $7/day and still getting around 600 views/day. Max income was $12 for 1 day!

Progress Update: Day 37 (June 30, 2019)
Goal completion of $100/day: 8%
Currently, I'm making about $240/month.
Stats for last 30 days are pretty steady, no growth in views.
I've been posting almost everyday, missed some days here and there.
*Key to focus for next 30 days is to post more videos about how to make money online, since those get the most views.

Progress Update: Day 60 (July 22, 2019)
Goal completion of $100/day: 8.22% - 9%
Currently, I'm making about $247/month.
Subscribers #: 1967
==> See my channel for update videos!
Stats for last 30 days are pretty steady, slowly increasing views, subscribers (1967 subs as of today), and watchtime. I'll be posting more journeys and make money online case studies with affiliate marketing. Stay tuned!

Progress Update: Day 90 (August 23, 2019)
Goal completion of $100/day: 12% - 15%
Currently, I'm making about $364/month which is $12/day average
Subscribers #: 2202
==> See my channel for update videos!
WOW! It's been 90 days already on my youtube monetization journey. Currently, I'm 12% - 15% of reaching my goal of $100/day with youtube. Last 30 days, I've made about $12/day average with the highest day reaching almost $20! I've been uploading 1 video every single day (I missed a couple of days) for past 30 days.

Progress Update: Day 120 (September 22, 2019)
Goal completion of $100/day: 15% - 20%
Currently, I'm making about $15/day with some days $20.
Subscribers #: 2400
Notes: I was suspended by youtube for 7 days! The suspension was for a video violation (harmful and dangerous content). It was a video I posted that showed people how to download youtube videos. I got suspended for this! Anyhow, this demotivated me big time! I was going to post about 2 videos per day, but now I'm back to just 1 a day. While suspended, I thought about doing additional journeys (building a niche blogging empire) coming soon!

Progress Update: Day 150 (October 22, 2019)
Goal completion of $100/day: 15% - 20%
Currently, I'm making about $15/day with some days $20.
Subscribers #: 2750
Notes: This months revenue results is slightly higher than the previous month. The biggest jump was in subscribers, 350 new subs! Next 30 days goal: I will be testing out a new strategy of uploading 3-5 videos a day. Let's see what happens!
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