Step by Step to $5,000 p/m (from scratch) with affiliate Marketing

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So I just finished up a different journey which I deemed a success, this was my last update...

"Last month was our best month so far with our membership site. We did $7476.48 which was dope as we're well on our way to a 6 figure membership."

You can check the updates on that one by clicking here.

Even though I can't say, documenting these journies publicly is fun for me, because you have to share the failures too I think they are useful for a few reasons...
  1. It keeps me accountable
  2. It helps people just starting out on their journey and people in the midst of theirs right now
  3. Makes me write more, the more I write the better my writing becomes

This affiliate journey is a little meta. I have partnered with a super affiliate to offer free affiliate training alongside me to my growing audience.

"But Jouvan how can you help anyone become a successful affiliate when you're doing this journey?" - I can hear you ask!

Well, affiliate marketing is not new to me. I've made thousands of dollars from it in the past and it is a part of my other business we documented in the previous journey above.

Plus the majority of the training will be done by someone who has done over $1,000,000 in product sales and commissions combined.

"So if you're giving the training away for free, what is the offer?"

Well, this is where it gets good. To be a successful (long-term) affiliate, you will need a few tools. Auto-responder, page builder, funnels etc.

So the super affiliate and I work with an all-in-one marketing solution that has a 2 tier affiliate program.

Meaning, we have a vested interest in people becoming successful affiliates promoting this platform.

It's a win-win all around, the company gets new users, the affiliates get great training and done for you funnels that would typically cost $1,000's and we actually want them to succeed.

I have already created the squeeze page, opt-in bribe, and video sales letter.

It's just a case of marketing to build my list and getting results for our members.

I will document as much as possible here. I will be using free and may be paid traffic to speed things up.

Any questions let me know.

Stay rebelious,

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