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Unread 17th Oct 2014, 01:15 PM   #1
Michael Baptiste
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The #1 Best Coaching To Make $1,000's Online! This Is What You Need To Know . . .
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Thousands Of Future
Entrepreneurs Will Read
Hundreds of WSOs Today In
An Attempt To Make Money.
Very Few Will Succeed.

What Does That Have To Do With Anything?
If You Want To Be Successful You Have To:
Have The Right Ideas
Have The Right Strategy

Dear Warrior,

There's a reason why you are here...

There's a reason why you are reading this...

It's because you know that you can find everything you need to make a reasonable income on these forums.

All the information you need to:

- Create Your Own Product

- Develop A Successful Sales Funnel

- Write Your Own High-Converting Copy

- Master A Product Launch For Maximum Impact

- Target Traffic (FREE And PAID) That's Begging To Buy

- Bolster Your Income With Affiliate Marketing

- Set Your Business On Autopilot With Outsourcing


Everything that you need to know to make a STEADY INCOME? Not to mention the researches, tools, support, and advice you need to make it happen...

It's right here in front of you...somewhere buried deep inside the pages and pages of advice from veteran product creators and business coaches begging for another client.

My Question For You:
You're Here To Make Money.
So Why Aren't You Making REAL Money Yet?

It's frustrating. Exhausting. Sometimes you know that no matter how many offers, products, techniques, methods, strategies, mastermind sessions, (WHATEVER IT IS) that you look into - you're always going to fail.

Do you ever think about how success is born, where it comes from, or if there is some sort of specific advantage that successful people have? Maybe as you watch product launches or read about the latest coaching product that the "big boy" marketing gurus are putting out and begging to get you to buy...

You read stories about internet marketers all the time - EVERYONE tells their story on a page like this - and I've got to ask:

Do The STORIES ON PAGES LIKE THIS EVER MAKE YOU THINK ABOUT the ADVANTAGE that masters of passive income and millionaire markers have that you don't?

When I read those stories, I think...

If You Want To Read A Story, Read A Book.
If You Want To Earn An Income Online?

Yes - I'm a business coach. No. I'm not going to get on my knees and "beg" at you with some cocked-up story about the type of adversity that you can overcome just like me. I've got a story like that. Everyone has a story like that.

Want to hear my story? Send me a PM. Ask a question below. We can spend all day talking about it if you want to. Instead of going on and on about my drug-addicted past, my fall to the bottom, my rise to sobriety, and my successful online ventures...

Instead of talking about all of that now, let's focus on what matters here: YOU.

You've Got To Make Calculated Decisions That Pay Off.
And You're Not Going To Be Able To Do That Until...

You understand what's actually going to pay off.

Newbie internet marketers have a big problem.

They see all of these WSOs promising the next big MILLION DOLLAR idea or system. They get caught up in techniques, methods, discussions, and ideas that they don't understand. They jump from project to project with a short attention span, rarely taking the time to sit down and focus on following a single idea from start to finish...

Call it whatever you want - the point is that you're going to waste THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS running from this WSO to the next until you are broke.

It's not even a matter of finding an idea that "works."

Lots of the ideas you find out there? They are going to work.

The reality is that....

Until You Have The Guidance To Pick A Successful Strategy, Stick To It, And Wait For The Payoff, You're Just Going To Aimlessly Ramble Around Until You've Wasted All Of Your Money.

It's the truth.

Since 2013 I have successfully:

- Developed Successful Products And Become An Expert At Launching Products

- Earned A Six-Figure Income, And Thousands Each Month

- Worked And Found My Own Powerful Social Media Traffic Generation Techniques

- And Helped Private Coaching Clients Succeed Online

Again - if you want to hear more about my story, let me know. I don't think this is the space to waste time talking about it.

This offer is about you.

I want to give you the opportunity to work with me and join the list of clients that I've helped master the world of product creation and online launch.

With the One-On-One Mastermind And Coaching Program That I'm About To Introduce, you'll get complete access to my product creation & product launching strategies, a network to support your success, personalized feedback and Q & A, as well as a host of innovative custom resources that you won't find anywhere else.

Right now is the time to stop aimlessly searching for what works.

You're About To Eliminate The Learning Curve And Master Online Product Creation And Marketing

The Program That Pays For Itself In A Short Amount Of Time
Build A 5-Figure Per Month Business In Just Days.

In a short amount of time you can go from nothing to a completely profitable 5-figure business.

With this exclusive Mastermind Coaching program (limited to ONLY 10 people per month), you will learn...

- How To Discover The Perfect Niche Filled With Eager Buyers

- A Proven Product Creation Technique And Launch System

- Automation Strategies That Put The Work On Autopilot

- Sales Funnel Development Strategies That Sell

- Secret High Conversion Copywriting Tactics That Close Deals

- Affiliate Income Strategies To Bolster Your Income

- The Easy Way To Outsource 90% Of The Work For Success

You'll learn all of this through private coaching, webinars and group learning experiences.
Additionally, you're going to get access to:

- A Private Facebook Networking Group

- Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Download Pages, And More!

- Launch Page Plugins, Pop Up Plugins, And Various Custom Tools

- The Resources To Develop You Own Membership Site

- Mass Marketing Integration Plugins

- Your Own Offer, Your Own Sales Funnel, And Massive Profit

Save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars and years of FRUSTRATION!

By becoming one of my students, YOU will get access to the same knowledge that took me YEARS of my life and THOUSANDS OF HARD EARNED CASH to get a hold of, without having to learn all the lessons the hard way or spend a ton of money like I did!

Remember - the reason that most people FAIL to make money is that they bounce from idea to idea, participating in a steep path of learning that takes years to master.

This program streamlines that learning process.

Take a look at what my students and others have to say about my coaching.

Only 10 People Per Month Can Be A Part Of This EXCLUSIVE Mastermind And Coaching Program


I'm not going to talk about price yet.

If you don't have the money to invest in your future - this might not be for you. That's all I will say for now. What you can do, is apply and we'll talk about price later.

One of the things I like to do is match mastermind members by ability and goals. That way, everyone can learn together and participate in a constructive learning discussion as they go.

That's one of the reasons there is an application process. This is how it work...

- Apply Below (FREE) - Complete the application by clicking below on the "Apply Now" button. You don't have to pay a penny to apply.

- I Review Applications - I want to make sure that all 10 members of this mastermind will "gel" together. That's why there is an application process.

- We Discuss The Program - Once your application is selected, we'll discuss the program, cost, and you'll get a complete idea of what you will learn.

- Decide If It's For You - At that point, you'll decide if this mastermind coaching program is for you.

- We Get Started - After you've decided that this is something you want to do, we'll get started with the program.

Your Application Is FREE
Apply Today To Learn More!

I look forward to helping you create massive change in your business!

To the top,
Michael Baptiste

P.S. This offer is very limited and the doors may close at any time because I'm only taking on a handful of students each month. Don't gamble with your future, get started with your FREE Strategy session today.

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Unread 18th Oct 2014, 11:23 AM   #2
Michael Baptiste
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Join Date: 2012
Location: The Globe
Posts: 639
Thanks: 118
Thanked 329 Times in 138 Posts
The #1 Best Coaching To Make $1,000's Online! This Is What You Need To Know . . .
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Reserved for F.A.Q.
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