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Unread 16th Jun 2015, 12:47 AM   #1
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Would you consider?

A Gentler Less Frustrating Approach To Weight-Loss If I Told You.

Once It's Off It Stays Off!

And gave you two awesome tips that you can start using to losing weight today completely FREE.

cover copyAre you fed-up? With the seemingly endless struggle to lose weight only to have the pounds come piling back on, I know how frustrating it can be to lose the same pounds over and over. Maybe you can't stick to a diet at all.

"The Final Solution Diet" is a very gentle incredibly easy to follow diet, and it's also surprising effective because it works with nature, not against it, in a healthy holistic way.

The problem with a lot of diets is they're so harsh restrictive and unnatural that it practically impossible to keep them up for more than a few weeks. Soon or later you must return to a more normal regime. And, all the weight that's been loss (if any) just comes back.

"The final solution diet" is different it's far less restrictive than most diets which means you don't have to "come off the diet" - Once all the weight has gone you just relax a little and let the diet morph into a natural healthy eating routine.

The final solution diet maybe a little slower than some diets (one or two pounds a week) But the real issue is not how fast you lose weight, but whether or not it comes back and of course how easy the diet is to stick to. Now I think it's time for my first free weight-loss tip.

Think Like A Tortoise.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you must change your approach and change your entire mindset and here's one way to do this Think like a tortoise - that's my first free tip. I know it sounds crazy don't be too hasty this is super powerful and I won't want you to miss out on something that could change everything.

Besides I'm not just talking about any old tortoise - heck no, some of those ordinary tortoises are just plain fools. I am talking about Aesop's wise tortoise - he of the famous race.

You see a lot of people struggle to lose weight or keep it off because they have entirely the wrong approach. Too many dieters just want to lose weight as quickly possible and dash off at top speed looking for miracles and shortcuts that just don't exist.

I want you to download a copy of "the tortoise and the hare" and read it. I know you have read it before, but I want you to it again. Right now from the perspective of a struggling dieter ah! I can almost see you nodding as you it dawns on you.

Now you have got it. The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is to lose weight steady and surely like Aesop's wise old tortoise, just keep plodding on, sure in the knowledge that once it's gone it's gone for good.

When you start practising the tortoise meditation and visualization techniques in earnest you will develop a whole new perspective towards weight loss. Isn't that a lot better than following every harebrained scheme and fad diet.

That are impossible to stick to long-term and watching every pound come back. More about all the neat psychological stuff later now I think you're ready for tip number two.

Love Your Liver.

Does Your Body Simply Refuse To Burn Fat

Have you tried dieting with and experienced almost no positive result. Perhaps you cut out the chocolate and savoury snacks and stopped piling your plate sky with junk food. But, despite creating a calorie deficiency your body just refused to burn that ugly fat you're desperate to get rid of.

The only results you experienced were lack of energy, extreme frustration hunger and of course bewilderment. If you're cutting down you expect to lose weight well you won't if your liver is sick. A sick liver finds it very difficult to burn fat and the sicker it become the more inefficient it gets.

Nearly overweight people have some degree of liver dysfunction.

So here's my second awesome tip Learn to Love your liver and do just three things

Make a list of everything that your liver loves everything that good for it. Then, make a second list of everything that's bad for your liver.
Focus on the first list, and try to get the bulk of your calories from all the good stuff on it, and try to minimize everything on the second list.
Stick to it.
How does this work? Your liver is the main fat burning organ in the body and as your liver get healthier you will start burning fat faster and faster. Until your metabolism is just like a naturally thin person's.

Also the foods that your liver loves are the ready same any nutritionist worth his salt would recommend for losing weight. You will have to eat fewer calories, but this will come naturally because most of the foods your liver thrives on are low in calories and nutrient dense.

The whole purpose of cutting down on your calorific intake is to force your body to burn body fat as an alternative, that's dieting 101. If your liver can't burn fat effectively you will just feel tired and awful all the time until you're forced to eat more.

And then something else about the body few people are aware of. The liver is the biggest and most important detoxifying organ in your body - OK everyone knows that bit, but did you know any toxins your body can't eliminate are stored in your fat cells.

If your liver is dysfunctional or overwhelmed your body our will have a lot of toxic fat cells. And, your body will be very reluctant to burn that fat and release yet more toxins into an overburdened system.

That's why detoxifying and restoring the liver is one of the cornerstones of our system. Follow the simple foolproof principles built into the final solution diet and your liver will start to burn fat more efficiently every day.

If you do just these two simple things think like a tortoise and love your liver consistently you will lose weight and it will stay off. Consistency is the key that's why the third part of the book is about:

Sticking To It.

The Power Of Decisions.

The final solution diet is one of the most gentlest and easiest diet ever, but many people will fail without the third and most important part of formula.

Losing weight is really quite simple you just have consistency make more good decisions and less bad ones.

A series of bad choices got you where you are today and making better choices will make you into the permanently thin fit and healthy person you want to be. If it's that simple why are there are so many fat people?

Well as a wise-man once said, "Most of our lives are unconsciously decided" Most of decision aren't made on a conscious level, but are driven by a process that starts deep within ourselves.

And, by making a few tweaks at this deep level a simple bit of reprogramming for your body and mind, you can change this process and get far better results and lose weight permanently.

After making just a few simple changes, at this deep level you will start making better choices automatically and you will start losing weight. In fact, after you have applied the techniques in the book weight loss is inevitable there is no other possible outcome.

Sense And Stick-Ability.

To be perfectly honest, the final solution eating plan is very simple and it's built around common sense nutritional principles. Basically you will be eating less junk food and more of the healthy nutritious food your liver loves.

There are no hard and fast rules and definitely no list of forbidden foods, moderation is necessary in certain areas, but nothing is totally taboo. This makes the final solutions eating plan much easier to stick than most, but even with the simplest plan many people will fail. This is because overweight people are hard-wired to be fat. Their subconscious is running on a fat programme.

Your subconscious is your biggest ally in the weight lose war, but it can only follow it's programming. Fortunately, this programming can be changed , just like a microwave or washing machine if you know what buttons to push. And, that's where "The Final Diet Solution" come to the rescue it show exactly which buttons to press.

If your conscious aspirations and your subconscious setting remain incongruent you ultimately fail no other outcome is possible. Many people attempt to fight their programming with mere willpower. This is like building sandcastle against a rising tide.

"The final solution diet" will give you a tool much more powerful than willpower. You can't fight your subconscious programming, but you can tweak it or even rewrite it completely and I will show you how.

As you start to go through the process of reconditioning and building a new mindset you will start make better decisions automatically and your weight loss will be on auto-pilot. If you think like a fat person, then fat you will remain until you change your conditioning and start thinking like a thin person.

That's why "the final solution diet" (unlike nearly every other diet) has a whole host of purpose build psychological hacks to re condition your mind. Just some of the techniques and hacks you will learn

The red Indian trick, a simple revealing and powerful hack that forced my friend to burn hundreds of extra calories while saving time and money.
The amazing tortoise techniques that will refocus your efforts and transform your approach to losing weight
How to beat off hunger craving with a simple substance found in nearly every home
The super powerful whypower strategy that makes sticking to your diet a breeze without these it's very difficult to lose weight.
The power of rules and how changing should to must can transform your weight loss results overnight.
And yes there's more a lot more Now you could just take the two free tips I just give you and run with it and your chances of success are reasonably good.

A lot better in fact than with a lot of the rubbish and misleading information in the marketplace. But, if you're one of the people who need a little more to increase the chances of success and make the whole process a little smooth and faster I urge you to buy the "The Final Diet Solution" today.

The Golden Frog Module.

In anticipation of the forthcoming price rise I have recently introduced a new module "The Golden Frog"

the golden frog cover copy 2 copyIt draws on two powerful secrets the first of which has been used since ancient times by scholars athletes and warriors to supercharge their results. And a novel concept of Mark Twain's which was seized upon by one of the world top motivational experts to create an enormously powerful tool which has helped people in every field create incredible success.

In the "The Golden Frog" I have combined these two powerful ideas into the ultimate weight loss for overcoming some of the hardest challenges which face people trying to lose weight. If you lack motivation and find anything a bit more demanding that watching television a bit too challenging then "The Golden Frog" is exactly what you need to change life.

So who needs it?

Anyone who has tried to lose weight several times and failed.
Everyone who has lost weight several times only to put in all back on.
Everyone who wants to prove they have what it takes to make a real change in their lives.
Anyone who wants to feel sexy, energetic and healthy again.
To honest if you're reading this, you probably need it.
3_Satisfaction_Guaranteed_BadgesAnd when I tell you the price for the change to your life loss every surplus pound and keep it off is just $19.99 I am sure you will agree. To try and save such a paltry sum is not worth the extra effort and increases risk especially when you take into consideration my no questions asked ironclad 60 day money back guarantee.

Buy it now and start losing weight tomorrow And remember once it's off it stays off.

And when I tell you the price for the change to your life loss every surplus pound and keep it off is just $19.99 I am sure you will agree. To try and save such a paltry sum is not worth the extra effort and increases risk especially when you take into consideration my no questions asked ironclad 60 day money back guarantee.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

P.S. Results that aren't permanent are useless, worse than useless because they just frustrate and stress you out destroy your confidence and make you miserable. Isn't it time to stop chasing shortcuts and quick fixes and start a sensible diet that actually works long- term.

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Unread 3rd Dec 2015, 04:21 AM   #2
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Good advice and excellent post matey. I am in the weight loss niche too so I read because I was curious.
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