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[Info Marketing] Create Your First Information Product In 7 Days! 100% Guaranteed. BONUS COACHING!
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7 Days To Create Profit Producing Info Report's

Create Your First Info Product In The Next 7 Days And Finally Start To Make Money Online. Follow This Simple Step By Step Blueprint And Create Your Profit Producing Info Report In The Next 7 Days Guaranteed!

FROM: The Desk of Rod Moore

Dear Freedom Seeker,

Are you sick and tired of not making serious money online?

Every day you dream about finding a money making system or method that you can start making money from instantly with little to no effort.

You job sucks and you are searching for a way to make money online so you can sack the boss and finally escape the rat race, right?

So you keep coming back to the Warrior Forum in search of something ... anything that could be the key to your success online. And your not even sure what the answer is you are searching for. So you jump from one shiny object to the next. Each one promising you will make thousands without lifting a finger.

Chances are good you already know that all those WSO's you have invested in are B.S. yet you keep coming back for more.

But the whole experience though leaves you frustrated, disappointed and in a worse situation than before.

Sound familiar?

Pssst ... I'm talking to YOU!

I know, I know you have made a few bucks here and there online from some of the WSO's you have ... but ... you still haven't built a reliable steady income stream so that you can sack your boss and break FREE!!!

It's Time To Build A Real Business That Gives You A Regular Monthly Boss Sacking Income Stream

It's time to stop everything you have been doing in the past that hasn't been working and start to build a real business online.

It's time to stop chasing the quick easy fast dollar ... and start building a business that adds value and changes peoples lives.

It's time to finally stop expecting money for nothing and finally start to put in the effort you need to build a real business. And when you do it can become the financial vehicle that sets you free. That enables you to sack the boss and escape the rat race.

So if you are ready to build a real business then the obvious question is where do you start?

What sort of business should you be in online?

Hands down the best business you can start from scratch and build into thousands of dollars a month with very little investment, skills, knowledge and connections is the Information Products Marketing business.

Information Marketing Online Is Still The Number One Business Opportunity Of Our Lifetimes & YOU Can Become The Next Success Story When You Follow My 7 Day Step By Step Blueprint

Yep ... Information products are still the best way to build a business online that brings you in thousands of dollars a month.

Now I know you have heard before that in order to be successful online you need your own product right?

And maybe you have tried to create some products of your own in the past, or purchased and tried to sell some PLR products with little success. If so forget all of that. Let me show you the fastest way to get started with the Information Marketing business and the quickest way to get to profits.

When you get my 7 day step by step blueprint I will show you just how easy it can be for YOU to start creating profit producing information products starting today.

So what sort of Information Product should you start with?

Great question ... here is a thought that can change your life like it has mine.

You should start with a simple 10 - 15 page Information Report!

Yes yes I know you are probably thinking that you are no good at writing and so on. But park that thought for a moment while I share with you how one simple Info Report can change the course of your life and success in business.

Fifteen years ago I was stuck in a job I hated. One day I sat down and wrote out some goals. While doing so I created some goal setting templates for myself. In a little report which I called Goals Magic.

Started giving it away online.

That little information report, which was just a booklet of templates to write your goals in, helped me build a business that led me to escape the rat race. From that one little information report I attracted tens of thousands of people onto my list, created a range of audio products, developed coaching programs, ran seminars and certified other coaches to use my products and seminars (licensing).

YOU could do something similar and the starting point is to get my 7 day step by step blueprint that walks you through exactly what to do.

Sure you might be thinking I just got lucky with that first report.

Well a short time later I wrote another information report titled 'Escape The Rat Race'.

Started giving it away. Eighteen months later this little report led to a downline of 4,800 + people in 23 countries in an MLM business (Don't worry this is not about MLM). This created $1.6 million in sales in 18 months.

And it gets even better ...

Based on what I learnt from that MLM business about marketing I created a large Marketing Coaching business which I ran for eight years that changed the lives of hundreds of business owners.

That marketing consultancy was built of a simple information report and high ticket back end products such as The Attraction Marketing System and others. Business owners would pay me between $5k - $20k to work with them directly and coach them on how to build their business with information marketing.

NOTE - I'm not telling you this to impress you. Far from it. I'm telling you to impress upon you the power of one little information report that you write and circulate in the market.

All of my success in business has come about because of little information report's. The type I am going to help you create when you follow my 7 day step by step blueprint for creating information reports.

Now am I saying that you will get results like these?

No not necessarily ... I don't even know you so I can't promise you anything. For all I know you might be too lazy to get of the couch to do anything positive with your life. So I can't promise you that you will get similar results.

What I do know is this ... if you never start and try then you definitely will not get the results.

However if you get a copy of my new report, study my 7 day blueprint, follow the steps each day and put some effort in you at least put yourself in a position to achieve success. You put yourself in the position to start building the foundation for a successful Information Marketing business.

Let me make one thing clear ... YOU can do this!

Follow the blueprint now available to you and in just 7 days time you will have your own product. Your own Information Report. An Information Report that when you leverage it correctly (something my private coaching clients love to learn about) can build the foundation of a five or six figure business.

The question is ... how badly do you want it?

How badly do you want to build a business that puts money in your bank account every month. Enough money to walk into your bosses office on a Friday afternoon sack his ass and never go back.

How badly do you want to create a extra income stream so you no longer have to struggle with the bills each month?

How badly do you want to have more money than you need each month so you no longer have to deny yourself those little luxuries in life, that new car, a nicer home, or an overseas trip?

Do you want it badly enough? Are you prepared to get this now and put some effort in over the next seven days?

If not then stop reading now. Building a real Information Marketing business that sets you free may not be for you.

But if you are like me ... A FREEDOM SEEKER, someone who is prepared to put the work in now to be free in the future then listen up. This is for you and you should get started creating your Information Report right now.

Introducing The 7 Day Step By Step Blueprint To Creating Your Profitable Information Report

When you download my new report you will be able to get started immediately following the blueprint.

In it you will discover the same 7 day plan that I use to write powerful profit attracting reports, the same 7 day plan I have taught to my personal high end coaching clients.

Here is what you will learn in the new report:

* Why every Info Report you write becomes an ASSET in your business to be leveraged
* The true key to success in business that most struggling marketers miss online
* The incredible power to change your business that each little information report has
* 26 ways to PROFIT from your Info Report
* How to choose the right NICHE for you to get started in that will give you the best chance of making money
* How to RESEARCH ideas for your Info Report
* Developing an OUTLINE for your Info Report to make writing it really easy
* Ideas for naming your report to ATTRACT people to it making you MAGNETIC to the MARKET
* Learn the SECRET strategy to make your Info Report a STEP TO GREATER PROFIT
* Creating a BIG PROMISE in your report that hooks people to want to read to the end and then TAKE ACTION
* How to control your ENVIRONMENT to make writing your FIRST DRAFT much easier
* My little know SECRET TOOL that doubles my productivity and creativity making writing easy
* Learn the Number ONE and Number TWO things that hold people back from writing and how to fix them

* Reviewing and editing your Info Report to get it ready to launch
* PLUS ... I share with you the most important aspect of creating an Information Report (Think Leverage!)

And the best part is I break it all down into daily steps to make it easy as possible for you.

Just follow each of the daily steps, about 1 to 2 hours a day, and in seven days you will have created your first Information Report. And every one you create becomes an ASSET in your business that can be LEVERAGED FOR PROFIT. After all, that's how a real business works ... leveraging its assets for greater profit.

Even better is I give you the templates you need to brainstorm ideas for your niche and outline your report. This will make it so much easier for you when you come to write the report because you will have already done the research and prepared your ideas first.

So how much do you need to invest in this report to get started today?

Well as I have said before clients used to pay me between $5,000 to $20,000 to coach them on how to do this for their business ... but you are not going to pay that today.

Realistically this report could be worth thousands of dollars to you.

So an investment of say $247 would make sense.

BONUS - Coaching Audio Included (Valued at $97)

I have decided to include a recording from one of my closed door coaching sessions where I share with my private clients how to apply the idea of LEVERAGE to a simple $7 info report and turn it into a $1,000 plus a month income stream. In fact in the audio I share two different strategies to do this.

So just 5 information reports could give you a $5,000 + income stream when you apply these strategies.

At $247 this would be a bargain.

However your opportunity is better than that today.

You see ... the way I look at it is if you are serious about building a solid profitable income stream from an Information Marketing business then I know I can help you to achieve great success as I have done with other clients in the past.

However right now you and I don't know each other.

So when you get '7 Days To Create Your Profit Producing Report' and BONUS Coaching Audio right now for just $7 it is my way of helping you get started and helping you on the path to success.

You can take the ideas in the report and create your first information report starting today.

In just 7 days you could have your first Info Report which will be the start of your Information Marketing business and empire. It has to start someone right? So you may as well start at step one.

Click the order link and grab your copy of this report now:

You will know if this is the right thing for you to invest in.

You will know if you are ready to finally start building a business and stop chasing pipe dreams of fast money that never seems to come.

You will know if you are serious about getting the help you need to start creating your first Information Product. A product that you created, own and control and can now leverage into many different profit streams.

If you know that this is for you then go ahead and click the order link above and get started now for just $7.

When you think about $7 is what you probably spend on a coffee and muffin at Starbucks, or on a packet of cigarettes ... its nothing. It's $1 a day over the seven days as you follow my blueprint.

Seriously if you haven't said yes to this right now and clicked on the order button above then you may as well close this page down and do something else with your life. Look ... what you will learn in this report is a blueprint for creating your first information product. That puts you in the game. It gives an advantage over everyone else who are still spinning their wheels but have no product of their own to sell.

I'm so confident that you will create your first info report when you follow this blueprint that I even guarantee it!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Follow my system for seven days. Do the steps and if you do not end up with a great info report you can leverage for profits then just let me know and I will refund your $7 no problems.

Why am I so confident this will work for you?

Two reasons ... first reason is I have broken it down into an easy to follow step by step system that YOU can follow. As long as you have the desire to do the work then you will create an Information Report that you can leverage to greater profit.

And the second reason is I have coached hundreds of people in the past (many of them paying me as much as $5k - $20k to work directly with them) and I have helped clients create information marketing businesses that has led them to doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

You can do it too!

And I can show you the way when you click the order button above.

Go ahead and order it now and I will see you on the other side.

Good luck with creating your own profit producing reports.

Let me know how you go with it.

Rod Moore
Info Products Biz

Info Products Biz

(C) Copyright 2015 - 2017 Info Products Biz
All Rights Reserved.

While every attempt has been made to verify the information on this web site and the product being sold, neither the product owners, distributors, agents or publishers assume any responsibility for any error, inaccuracies, and or omissions or assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials. Any slight on people, organisations, companies or products are unintentional. The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individuals success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, effort and motivation to work and follow the program. There is no guarantee or duplicate results stated here. You recognise any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.

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Re: [Newbies] Create Your First Profit Producing Info Report In 7 Days! 100% Guaranteed.
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Re: [Start Here] Create Your Profit Producing Info Report In 7 Days! 100% Guaranteed. BONUS COACHING
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Hey Rod,
This looks pretty cool. Are the modules in PDF or video? Also, can we complete in a shorter time? Is this about launching a WSO? Is there a OTO? What other costs are involved? Can you possibly PM me some sort of income proof?
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Re: [Start Here] Create Your Profit Producing Info Report In 7 Days! 100% Guaranteed. BONUS COACHING
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Originally Posted by Norkali View Post

Hey Rod,
This looks pretty cool. Are the modules in PDF or video? Also, can we complete in a shorter time? Is this about launching a WSO? Is there a OTO? What other costs are involved? Can you possibly PM me some sort of income proof?
This WSO is for the PDF report. It explains how to create Info Reports in 7 days. Yes you can do it quicker if you like but its designed to do in 1 - 2 hours a day for 7 days.

Its not specifically about launching a WSO but the info reports can be used as a WSO as I am doing in this WSO.

There are 2 OTO's:

* Audio recordings that go with the PDF - $27
* Resell Rights $37

There are no other costs involved in writing an info report
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