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Unread 16th Aug 2009, 03:08 PM   #1
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****Let Me Find The BEST Keyword Phrases In Your Niche(s)!! 350+ Warriors Served - New Low Price!!
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[Check Out My New Low Prices]

Hey Guys,

We all know the importance of proper keyword research. And while it is a critical step in developing and/or expanding your blog/website, it can be rather tedious and dull. That's where I come in. Let me use my experience completing over 500 keyword lists for fellow Warriors to create a keyword list in the niche(s) of your choosing.

This WSO is simply for those who do not want to do keyword research themselves. They'd rather make better use of their time than sitting in front of a computer screen, going over tons and tons of possible keyword phrases.

So for this WSO (and for a limited amount of Warriors), I will be offering up the service of custom keyword list creation.

I won't waste your time telling you how good I am at my keyword list creation services. It's best to read what a few satisfied Warriors said about me.

Positive Feedback Received From Fellow Warriors Who Used My Services:

I am a very happy customer!..I have purchased several packages from Kate and she has over delivered each time!...I gave her some really tough niches to work from too!..she didnt promise me a lot but she gave me plenty of high traffic low competition phrases to work with and some really great keywords in there that gave me some good ideas..and I am so satisfied that I coming back again for more!..sending a PM now Kate! Thanks!

Oh and did I mention she is pleasant to work with too? speedy with answering questions and concerns and pretty quick on the lists...take advantage now before she books up!..once warriors find out how good she ..I dont think she will be taking new clients anymore!

Mike Linley
Kate all I have I have to say is, thank you, soooooo much... The keyword list you provided me was more than expected.

Honestly, I've spent a ton of money on learning, 'niche' research, but I've never been confident doing it on my own.

From reading a lot of e-book's I know that the proper keywords or "key phrases" can make you, or break you, when trying to break into a new niche.

That's when I stumbled upon your WSO's and I decided to give it a go ...

I'm so thankful that I did because you've provided me more than I could ask for ...

I put the list you provided to the test by running every single keyword through what I've learned in different WSO's and I'm very impressed with the results.

I will definitely do business with you in the future and wont think twice about it.

Good Work Kate!

Devin Santos
Hey Fellow Warriors,

I have been pushed for time because of several new memberships I'm working on. I just did not have the free time to do a good keyword search for my present memberships and the new ones.

I ordered 5 custom keyword list for my memberships and Kate did her research and pulled them together in an extremely timely fashion. Her ability to pick the right keywords is reflected in her narrowed down list she sent to me. Each keyword selected has an excellent opportunity of grabbing traffic for my article membership members.

I'm telling you guys she knows her stuff and her price for doing customized keyword list can't be beat. Just so you folks, know I shopped around and she had the best prices on the block.

Ken Leatherman
The Old Geezer
Guys - KateD is the real deal. Why take the risk starting off with the wrong keywords? The research done by her netted some phrases I wasn't even considering that seem like great options - and she will work with you every step of the way to make sure you're happy. I had her work on 3 niches simultaneously and am quite happy with the results!

- BH
I ordered my research yesterday at around 3:30pm PST. I got my *awesome* list of 400+ keywords about an hour later. I couldn't believe it.

I had doubts of the quality because of the fast turn around. I did some checking and her numbers on the keywords were completely accurate!

Unbelievable service. Will definitely be purchasing from again!

I just wanted to let eveyone know that Kate does very good work, and delivers it at warp speed. She just recently did a couple of Finance related keyword lists for me, both have VERY attractive long tailed keywords and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for some good keyword lists for an affordable price.

Thanks Kate

Just thought I'd post that Kate was reccomended to me by another warrior after he bought one of her lists for a new niche he is promoting after he was really impressed by her turnaround time and suggestions. I ordered one list last night and Kate has already offered some very good suggestions and I am eager to see what she finds for me.

Edit: I placed my order last night and she just emailed an excellent list of key words a little while ago. Some very nice low hanging fruit! I reccomend her to anyone who needs keyword research done!

Thanks Kate! Next week I'll Pm for the other item you suggested!

Joshua Vadney
Thanks Kate!

I am impressed with the keyword list you prepared for me. You definately found me some low hanging fruit. Excellent quality and less than 24 hour turnaround!

Warriors, if you want to outsource this tedious task, I recommend you give Kate a try. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks again,
Hey Thanks,

The work was done amazingly fast, and I'm a little surprised to find out those keywords actually. I must say a great job done. I'd be looking forward to benefit from those now.


Hi Kate

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the KW phrase lists. There are some great ones I intend to target that I would never have come up with myself, definitely some 'low hanging fruit'.

Really appreciated.

OK have just looked through my keywords and they are fantastic. Thanks so much Kate, you saved me SO much time and effort. I am going to get writing right now. Would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone, at that price it's an absolute STEAL.

You will definately hear from me again!

Hi Kate,

I am really impressed! Not only did you get the job done fast, you also did a really great job!

If anyone is considering using Kate's services, jump on it now while you can. It's really an awesome resource.

~Mike Cowles.
Just want to recommend Kate.

Ordered two lists, which were delivered fast.

Lists themeselves are comprehensive and saved me a load of time.




I threw you a ringer with my niche I'm sure, but the list you provided is great!

Kirk Ward

Hi Kate,
Thanks Kate for the great keyword list; and advice on a plan for my keyword implementation. Your service has saved me a lot of time, and pointed me in the right marketing direction.

Have a great weekend.

Paul in Calgary
The Child Development Guy

Hey Kate - you are awesome! Thanks - I gave your WSO a 'tweet' too as there seemed to be some interest in 'who do I outsource' your keyword research to...cheers, maria gudelis

This WSO is not for everyone. Most people do their keyword research on their own and that's great.

But some Warriors don't have the time, patience, or desire to do the tedious task of coming up with profitable keyword phrases.

What do I mean by profitable?

To me, profitable keyword phrases are those that have a decent amount of daily searches, but also have a lower amount of competition.

short rant on proper keyword phrase selection
Choosing effective keyword phrases is one of the most important decisions you can make when doing most IM related activities. It's great to narrow down onto a niche, but even within the niche, certain keyword phrases are much more likely to result in success than others.

Makes sense, right? Keyword Phrase A gets searches for 30 times a day and has 2,150,000 resulting pages on Google (inside of quotes). Keyword Phrase B gets searches for 450 times a day and has 128 results on Google.

Which would keyword phrase would you base your article/blog post/content page on? Keyword Phrase B of course! But why exactly is Keyword Phrase B the better choice?

Well, it's better on two fronts. It's much easier to get to the first page of Google results when you are only competing against 128 pages (especially if you have basic SEO knowledge). Going up against over 2 million other competing pages? It's going to be tough.

Along with being able to rank higher in the search engine results, Keyword Phrase B is getting ten times the amount of daily searches. If you are only able to get 20% of the people searching to click on the listing for your article/post/page, Keyword Phrase A will average you 6 visitors a day. Keyword Phrase B will get you 90. Enough said.
--end of rant

Here's a sample of my most recent project:

NOTE: I just started including KEI and Ratio data in the completed keyword lists. I just haven't updated this image yet.

Specifics of this WSO:

For a limited amount of Warriors (it does take some time to do the proper research), I will be offering up my keyword research services.

I can usually come up with 50-150 profitable long tail keyword phrases for each niche I work on.

I can't guarantee that I'll get 150 in the niche you choose, but you definitely get at least 50 (but trust me, I am going to do my best to get as many keyword phrases as I can find).

-->BONUS: Every order gets a bonus download consisting of 1,500 PLR articles in a variety of niches including: Credit Cards, Fishing, Adsense, Dogs, Blogging, Health Care, Gardening, Health, Self Improvement, Affiliate Marketing, Healthy Eating, and many, many more.

What's My New Updated Price??

I used to charge $15 per keyword project. But I am going to knock $5 off of that.

I am just charging a flat $10 for each keyword project.

So one project is $10. Five projects is $50. Pretty straightforward.

To Order A Project(s), Send The Appropriate Paypal Payment to

Be sure to include your Warrior ID and niche(s) you'd like me to work on. I'll send you a confirmation email with the download link to the bonus PLR articles.

Special Deals!

- All 5 Project Orders Will Get Bonus Project
(6 projects for $50)

- All 10 Project Orders Will Get 2 Bonus Projects
(12 projects for $100)

And if you don't have all of your niches ready just yet, that's fine.

Actually, most Warriors who order my larger package deal rarely have all of their desired niches ready when they purchase. They'll give me a few to start with, and the rest as they come up with them.

And I am pretty good at keeping track of your projects. I have done over 450 keyword research projects for Warriors without any problems.

*Special Note: I do reserve the right to end this offer at any time. (Just in case my work calendar gets totally booked).

PM me if you have any payment processing issues.

Don't have enough posts to PM me?
My email address:

I will work on a first come, first serve basis.



P.S. If you don't have an idea for a niche and would like one, here's what I suggest:

- Choose a mega niche (like credit cards, bad debt, diets, etc).

- Because these mega niches have so much more search volume, there will be a decent amount of long tail keyword phrases.

- An interesting thing happens with these list for the mega niches: you start to see similar keyword phrases that you can place into groups. So if the keyword list was in the Diet niche, you might get related phrases that can be together (ie. top ten fad diets, dangers of fad diets, do fad diet works, etc).

- These groups can be turned into very profitable subniches.

Again, that's if you have no idea for a niche. If you already have one in mind, please send it right over.

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Unread 17th Aug 2009, 03:13 AM   #2
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Re: ****Let Me Find The BEST Keyword Phrases In Your Niche(s)!! 350+ Warriors Served - New Low Price
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Hi Kate,

pm sent
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