We will Build You a Custom Online Business For only $7.99 in Exchange for Honest Reviews. $297 value
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We will Build You a Custom Online Business For only $7.99 in Exchange for Honest Reviews. $297 value

Finally! A Website Business that just Plain Works... (Reopened for a limited time with 2 new Products)

Local Online Business Directories and
Online Job Portals can be huge ONLINE Money Makers!!

This letter isn't long or fancy but if you read it and take action..
... it you can make some SERIOUS CASH!!

Ive had a lot of success running online website businesses.
Recenlty I expanded into business directories and online job portals.

Operating them is very easy and can be extremely profiable.

The concept is simple and straight to the point.
Businesses pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee to
list their business on your directory or portal and your job is to
simply drive traffic to your site.

The last several years have seen a growing shift of advertising dollars
leaving the more traditional mediums of print media and moving to
various areas online.

Within this realm it can still be a challenge for
advertisers to sift through the expanses of the internet and find the
best places to spend their money online.

This is where online directories and portals
have been able to gain a solid foothold in the market.

Most modern advertisers see these directories websites and job portals as an
attractive option, the two main reasons for this are fairly simple: highly targeted
audiences and easily measurable ROI.

Highly Targeted Audiences

With common uses including local search sites, product directories,
membership guides, and yellow page sites online directories by nature are
highly focused sites.

They typically have a common focus by geographical location,
industry, subject matteror all of the above.

This format tends to bring people together, typically
very like-minded groups of people who share
the same interests and habits.

This provides the ideal landscape for potential marketers
and advertisers who are looking to reach a very specific type
of audience to get their ads in front of.

Think Niche

Many niche businesses and industries have
benefited through the use of online directories and portals.

They have made it easy to build sites with focused subject matter
and relevant listings and pair them with a blog or set of articles
and social media posts that are all related to a very specific industry or niche.

No longer would you need to read a national golf publication to
find the best local courses and instructors in your area, instead you
could a find local site and be able to quickly find golf course and instructors right in your local area.

This level of targeting is beneficial for both the user and for potential advertisers.

Let's explore an example:

There is an online directory site for Los Angeles area salons.

Right off the bat, advertisers would already know that these
site visitors are from or near the Los Angeles area and that
they are interested in things that a salon can offer, such as
beauty products, hair styling, make up, manicures, pedicures and more.

Taking it one step further, the directory site owner
can share with potential advertisers that the most frequently
searched term on their site is "gel manicures".

This can provide a perfect opportunity for a local Los Angeles based salon to post
ads related to their gel manicure pricing options and upcoming specials.

Plus they could pay for a Premium listing on this directory and make sure
they include "gel manicures" as primary keywords in the settings for their listing,
ensuring they would show up during searches of this term.

These are key factors for marketers and
advertisers to be able to gauge their success and determine
whether they find their spending to be worthwhile and something
they will continue to invest in.

A lack of such data can be nerve-wracking
at best for an advertiser and lead to rash, uninformed decisions being made.

This information will provide a directory site owner with
valuable selling points that can be shared with potential advertisers
to portray the potential for success and gaining a favorable return on investment (ROI) from their ad.

How many people see the ads? How many people clicked on them?
Of those people, how many people visited the ad's website?

The ways to break down and dissect the numbers into cost per lead, cost
per conversion, cost per click—they're all limitless.

As a directory site owner, one can use these
metrics to not only learn from the data and improve their site but also
to gain insight on their site users and gather information that can be
shared to help sway potential advertisers and sponsors to become
involved with the site.

We provide materials to show you how to easily drive traffic
to your directory and we also provide materials to help you to
easily get new customers.

What I have found that works best is to operate a
local/city directory, a national niche directory OR
a local niche directory.

Let me explain what each of those 3 are:

An example of a local/city directory would be one that
serves all types of businesses in a certain city or region.

An example of a national niche directory would be one that
covers the entire nation, but focuses on one type of industry such as plumbers.

A local niche directoy is where it focuses on a specific area
such as Houston and a specific niche such as plumbers.

What we are offering here today is to build you your own
Custom business directory that will allow you to have
unlimited businesses signing up to pay to be listed in your directory.

What you get:
  • Custom business directory website or job portal
  • Installation
  • Hosting
  • Support
    [*One-on-One Skype session (first few buyers only)

The Review Copy Price is only $7.99 based on an annual plan for the first few customers. All I ask is that you come back and leave an honest review of the service.
Sign up HERE.

Add me to skype to discuss these special review copies, other payment options, or to see a demo.
My skype is justbusiness247

Don't need hosting, installation and support? You can buy the website for a one time fee of only $59 for the first few customers and then it will go to $149. BUY NOW
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  • Profile picture of the author ebusiness
    I am very interested in this WSO but need some pre-sale questions answered.

    1.) What are the additional fees to get this developed other than the hosting and domainname which i don't need?

    In other words is this just a wordpress or html template we are given and then just left to our own to try and configure ourselves - or - do you offer continual SUPPORT and development ASSISTANCE to us throughout our business relationship with you?

    2) Are there any UPGRADES or OTO's to this WSO?

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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    Hello and thank you for your interest.
    To answer your inquiries:

    1. There are no other expenses to get started. Yes it is based on Wordpress and we can help you in any way that we can. It's not difficult to operate.

    2. No, there are no upgrades or OTOs

    Hope that helps,
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  • Profile picture of the author ebusiness
    More Due Diligence Questions before purchase.

    1.) Do you or your company run sites like you are selling that generate revenue?

    2.) Do you have a marketing plan for the buyers of your WSO that shows how to sell these sites - or - emails that i can send to potential customers so i can get started right away - or - example of package prices i can see as an example of what to charge?

    3.) Are potential customer reluctant to buy a spot on my site when i don't have any other customers listed ?

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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    1. Yes I actually am a partner in a business similar to this one

    2. There are other mainline real estate classified website businesses both national and local that you could use for helping to determine pricing. For this price it does not include marketing plans, etc at this time.

    3. You could start by offering free/discount listings for a short period of time to attract initial customers and to populate initial listings.

    Hope that helps
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  • Profile picture of the author ebusiness
    Listen, i really appreciate your time but without a marketing plan and just a template site i would be a little lost to get this going with any degree of efficiency that would drive revenue to my site and it's unfortunate because i had a great domain that i was going to use, Hope your WSO goes over great with the members here.

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    • Profile picture of the author AlexCN
      Originally Posted by ebusiness View Post

      Listen, i really appreciate your time but without a marketing plan and just a template site i would be a little lost to get this going with any degree of efficiency that would drive revenue to my site and it's unfortunate because i had a great domain that i was going to use, Hope your WSO goes over great with the members here.

      Marketing Plan:

      1. Populate site with 200 local homes for sale by agents, 100 local rentals,
      and a few FSBO's.

      2. Start driving traffic to your site with a variety of methods; offline ads in local papers,
      'Bandit' signs, + targeted paid traffic campaigns

      ---> Make sure your ads have some kind of special HOOK otherwise no one will visit

      3. Start contacting FSBO sellers on Craiglist, and let them know, for a limited time, you
      will cut them a fantastic deal (ie 90% your normal listing fee) if they list their home with
      you. Have a REASON for the deal... ie you are trying to gain traction with your new business in the local market...

      4. Once you get a few actual clients, do your best to promote the crap out of their listings, and help them get it sold. I'm talking about personal one on one interaction with them for your absurdly low listing fee... go ALL out for them.

      5. Keep in touch with your new clients, and ask them what else you can do for them etc...
      Once their home sells (maybe because of all your help), ask them for a testimonial, and if they have any potential referrals. Call those referrals, explain your business model, and cut them an equally great deal.

      Word of your 'over-delivering' and ability to sell homes spreads quickly in your local market.

      6. Start repeating these same steps with local agents in your market... keep raising your prices until you are getting fairly compensated.

      7. Keep reinvesting profits in more paid traffic, more offline advertising, and bring on a writer to start building out content for your site to generate organic traffic.
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  • Nice post Alex.

    I'm so surprised at how this forum used to be so amazing, but now everyone is just looking for a handout. You can't even get a nice real estate platform these days for $39, and now he/she wants free 1 on 1 coaching, marketing plans and who else knows what. All money isn't good money and if I were the OP I wouldn't even take his/her order as they will almost certainly be a pain in the backside, I've had to deal with customers like that in the past and trust me it its not worth it.

    Nice looking offer by the way!
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  • Profile picture of the author James Mos
    Nice Demo it looks great.

    Does the Real Estate theme purchase include everything (plugins, graphics, slider) that the demo has?
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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    Hi James,

    I'm glad you like it.
    Yes, you will receive an exact duplicate of the demo.

    Thank you
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    • Profile picture of the author James Mos
      Since this theme is responsive what modifications can be made to the slider height size to make it more mobile user friendly?

      Is the property map easily connected to Google maps?

      Is the theme licensed for one site or several?
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  • Profile picture of the author Biphoo Media
    I have come up with a good news that a big startup company from the USA is going to invest USD $100 million for business listing and I am sure they are going to upbeat the market trends.
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  • Profile picture of the author UAEW
    Agents and home sellers when come to pay me to list in my site, they have to confirmed my website has good amount of visits for searchers and demanded other wise there are many companies offering listing with good result, mnay of them are free listings
    So will this wso explain how to get traffic?
    if yes is it SEO, which is dead between this amount of competition ?
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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    This is is an Internet Marketing Forum and there's literally thousands of posts that can teach you how to drive traffic to a website. The purpose of this WSO is to provide an infrastructure to get started right away. But like any business it requires work. Just reach out to people and agents selling homes and offer them an opportunity to list theirs on your site as well. Many of them have advertising budgets and are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.
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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    Ok we will be pulling the $39 and going back up to $69 soon. Get your orders in.

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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    Wordpress labor is extremely inexpensive so If you need special modifications a freelancer can get you sorted quite cheap.
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  • Profile picture of the author James Mos
    I purchased the theme, installed it and it works great.

    I had to learn my way around the theme and then started to make some changes.

    Once I complete it I will be contacting some realtors to populate the site.

    Thanks Instructor
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  • Profile picture of the author informative1
    I know this is an older post but is this offer still available? I have some questions if so.
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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor

    Yes its still available.

    I will message you.

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    • Profile picture of the author informative1
      Thank you for your pm. I followed up with you with some additional questions. I already own a rental property so this may be a nice complement. I just want to make sure that the functionality is there for me to do what I would like with it.
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  • Profile picture of the author layers of fear
    so how can this be business in a box where we still have to do things like marketing, driving traffic, etc?

    will you help us with driving traffic?
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  • Profile picture of the author Instructor
    Sure, we can assist in driving traffic. In fact, we are releasing facebook marketing software that will help you do just that.
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