Unlimited Mobile IPs - Remote/Sock5 Access. True Android Mobile Devices - VIPNLines.com Portal*
antzman1414 2 years ago

Unlimited Mobile IPs - Remote/Sock5 Access. True Android Mobile Devices - VIPNLines.com Portal*

Mobile IP solutions with unlimited IP addresses and bandwidth! IP change takes about 30 seconds, SOCK5 and Remote TV available, NOT SHARED**

Remote Mobile IP Solutions. Presenting VIPNLines.com and ToolSpan.com ***SUPER-MARKETER/AFFILIATE IP SOLUTIONS EXPOSED***

Hello fellow Warriors. Today i'd like to present you with something fresh and unique; that thing that will have you thinking... WOW, I not only want this, I NEED this. For those of us who understand marketing and using 'outside the box' tactics, we know the TOOLS we use are critical to our success. We cater to the lead generation and PVA industry for over 10 years now, with vast amount of experience and knowledge in greyhat marketing. I am confident that you will find our services and products to truly be one of a kind. Without further ado, I introduce the creators of VIPN.

What is VIPN? - you ask?

VIPN stands for Verizon IP Network. VIPN is a remote server that can be logged into via Team Viewer/AnyDesk. Utilizing mobile networks in your marketing efforts ensures your own success and the ultimate resource to maximize your campaigns. We offer an all in one solution for clients to remotely login and instantly access Verizon's wireless network and the ability to obtain UNLIMITED IP addresses with the click of a button.

Why do I need this? - you ask?

Today, many people have become comfortable using out-dated technology and methods in order to maximize or scale their ad campaigns and creation processes. We beleive in staying ahead of the curve and blending in with the crowds especially when it comes to the vast internet. With mobile IPs surpassing the traditional and local "ISPs", NOW is the time to start thinking.. Do you really want to risk falling behind?

What do you mean? How am I falling behind?... Maybe your just crazy...
Well.. You are falling behind if you are using anything other than mobile IPs out of the simple fact that you are not keeping up with "the times". Technology will change, we must change with it. If you don't ADAPT to your surronding you will always find struggle and repeition of the past. With digital foot-printing you want to be sure ALL of your bases are covered, your IP and PC being used is MOST important pieces of your marketing success. Call us crazy, maybe we are.. BUT we do have ALL our bases covered and we like to extend this way of thinking to our clients, it's what got us where we are today.

Ok ok.. I'm listening.. kind of.. - You say?

No need to judge a book by its cover. Since this is the Warrior Forum and we have a lot of respect for the members and marketplace here, we are going to give a 100% FREE offering to everyone as a thanks for reading as far as you did

Proxies, RDSL, HMA and countless other IP address suppliers ARE OUTDATED! - Literally.

Presenting the fresh and new VIPN Service:
- One IP covers works Nation-wide.
- 3G/4G is faster than RDSL
- One button click to change IP (Takes about 20-30 seconds)
- Never have to logout of Team View to change IP.
- 3G offers wider coverage not geo dependent like RDSL, VPN.
- Dedicated line, unlimited Verizon IP's and a dedicated computer, NO PROXIES
- Unlimited HUGE IP Pools.
- UNLIMITED Data, NO Cap or Throttling!

*REAL Remote Android Mobile Devices now available, limited availability*
Example Video Here
Support Center and Frequently asked Questions Here

To collect your 100% FREE TRIAL just signup at our site below and request a trial from within your account - mention the WF Trial in the note to claim this offer!
Expand your thinking, take your marketing to the next level utilizing UNLIMITED mobile IPs. We also offer other tools, such as Mobile phone numbers, Email IDs, PVAs, SMS services feel free to contact us.

*Take Action Today*

dd us to Skype ID:

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  • Profile picture of the author Jeff Usher
    Went to look at more details for this.

    Noticed your site is not secure i.e. no SSL certificate. Therefore I'm not going to sign up for anything over an open connection.

    Also, any selection results in:

    "At the moment, Shopify VIPN products are unavailable. Please contact our Support if you looking to purchase the line.Thank you"

    You may want to address these important issues.

    Also what does the $15 cover? Is it monthly, yearly, weekly? and what plan is the $15 for?


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    • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
      Hello Jeff, thanks for your feedback. We will check into enhancing our site with SSL for better security. Rest assured that shopify is fully compliant and secure with all shopping cart/payment standards. The link should direct you to: https://vipnlines.myshopify.com/coll...-network-lines

      Are you seeing an error when clicking the buy now button? Could have been a temporary issue as WF moderators were pending some edits. $15 is for a 24 hour access to a dedicated remote mobile connection. WF members also qualify for a free trial, if you'd like one can feel free to send me a PM and I'll manually process it for you. You can also feel free to check back as I'll have development install SSL for better future security!
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  • Profile picture of the author AuNCow
    nice concept to share, What copyright issues with Verizon?
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    • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
      Thank you for your feedback, we are just creating mobile IP service and resell services remotely. We are authorized corporate users of Verizon for years and have no copyright issues.
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  • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
    Please feel free to PM or reply directly in this thread to request a free trial on any of our services listed above. We also offer unlimited mobile number solutions with api access and ability to number change within about 2 minutes and greatly complements our IP services and solutions!

    We are looking for WF members that would like our full package solutions for 100% free trial exclusive to warriorforum, please PM if interested and willing tonoeave honest feedback here on this thread.
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  • Profile picture of the author seedjose
    Hello friend, I am very interested in getting a trial of this service. already add you to skype.
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  • Profile picture of the author David Brunt
    I think I'm interested but don't really understand the WSO?
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    • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
      Hey, David. We will be more than happy to help clarify the WSO and look forward to your business.

      Feel free to contact us on Skype at AnthonyPolito14
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  • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
    Feel free to reach out with any additional questions, currently our rentals on some locations and device types are at capacity but always looking to build new business relationships.
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  • Profile picture of the author mikec2010
    Are all IP addresses detected as mobile carrier by geolocation database such as IP2Location?
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    • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
      Hey mike, yes all is 100% mobile/wireless IP types. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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  • Profile picture of the author Atif Rana
    Dont buy anything from www.VIPNLines.com . they are fraud and scammers.
    I had purchase line after payment they had banned me from their website.
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    • Profile picture of the author antzman1414
      Hello, sorry to hear this but not sure how you could have been banned from our website? Sounds like some sort of confusion, please contact me on Skype at ID apolitoleads@mail.com and we will resolve any issues you experienced with your order. Sorry about the inconvenience.
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