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Unread 19th Jul 2017, 04:24 PM   #1
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(Idea–Lines) These 2 Simple Words Double Your Sales Instantly...?
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Do you know the TWO SIMPLE WORDS that... when used... will double your sales instantly?

Neither do I... because they probably don't exist.

BUT ... there IS a genuine secret to doubling or tripling your sales, almost overnight. Listen up.

It doesn't start with the words.

As a marketer, product creator and copywriter for nearly 20 years now, I've discovered that

People first of all "buy into" IDEAS before they buy your product or service.

This is the Big Secret used instinctively by the world's best (and therefore richest) marketers and sellers.

They don't "sell products." THEY FIRST "SELL" IDEAS.

Want proof? OK
... take a look at the wording of an ad I saw this January...

Death Of
British Pound

Next Attack Is 31st March 2017.
It's D-Day For The Pound.
Survival Guide Here

They sell an IDEA first... "D-Day For The Pound"... before they even begin to sell their "Survival Guide."

(And in case you're wondering if they know what they're doing...

The ad was by Agora Financial, a company founded in 1979 by one guy, and now part of The Agora, with revenue of over FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS... and their main activity is selling info-products!)

I could give you tons more examples... BUT... instead, take a look at what happens when you don't Sell Ideas First:
  • Article writers (and even many copywriters) promising "high quality" and "great value" writing. BIG DEAL! So do 99% of the competition... even the crap writers! You need a Big Idea that makes you actually stand out from the crowd. I'll show you how to find it.
  • Product creators. So you hit upon a great new product or feature... but they're not buying it in droves? Chances are... you didn't help prospects "buy into" the idea first. Or if you're selling a "Me Too" product, with nothing to make it stand out from the crowd, you'll struggle to sell and attract affiliates. It's time to change that NOW. I'll show you how.
  • ClickBank sellers. Why do so many products on ClickBank have close to zero "gravity"? They don't have many affiliates, or affiliates are struggling to sell. But when you master the process I'm about to reveal... your affiliates can become your ATM machine, and they'll love you for it... because they'll be making money too.
  • Affiliate marketers: 80% of affiliates make close to ZERO commission. After doing what everyone else does (a.k.a. "product reviews", cheap articles spinning etc) they're out of ideas. How do you stand out from the rest, so you can bank REAL commission checks and build a serious income stream? Read on to find out.

But listen... finding the right ideas is just half the story. The other half is...

Getting prospects to "buy into" those ideas... in a way that NATURALLY leads them to want your product.

Bottom line is... if you want your product or service to SELL BIG, you need to...

(1) Find the Big Idea that makes your product or service stand out from the crowd, and that gives your prospects A Big Reason To Buy From You.

(2) Figure out the right Sequence Of Ideas they need to "buy into" first, before they'll buy your product.

(3) Convert that sequence of ideas into Lines That Sell. (What we copywriters call "copy.")

When you can do this successfully... ka-ching!

Now, the good news is... it's a lot easier than it sounds... when you have MY help!

So now is probably the perfect time to introduce you to...

The "Idea-Line System" 7 Day E-Workshop...

"How To Find The Killer Concept, The Sequence Of Ideas, And The Lines Of Copy... That Could Help You Double Or Triple Your Sales In As Little As 24 Hours."

Listen... this isn't just another "info-product."

I call it an "e-workshop" because you'll take part, and get REAL feedback
... all without leaving the house!

It's split up into 7 sessions over 7 days, that each include about 1 hour of videos and about 1 hour of assignments
... which I call "Missions"... to make 'em sound more fun.

When you send me back a completed Mission, I send you the next session's videos (no more than one session a day). In other words

This product is not for information hoarders. It's for people who are willing to take part.

Ideally, you'll complete the 7 sessions within 7 days... that's one a day (and about 14 hours in total.) But I'm flexible, so if it takes longer... that's fine.

Take A Sneak Peek At What You'll Learn
Over These 7 Sessions...
  • Discover the 40+ reasons why people buy stuff... from the obvious ones such as "makes them money," to the unspoken ones such as "helps them to show off" or "feel more in control of their own destiny." (Know the REAL reasons they're buying, and you can really cash in!)
  • Uncover the BIG MISTAKE made by most affiliate marketers, and why they make $0 in commission. Fix this mistake, to start banking checks again. (This is also critical to know if you're a product creator who wants an army of happy, well-paid affiliates.)
  • I'll reveal the (2nd) most powerful SECRET COPYWRITING AND SELLING SKILL that nobody talks about... until now. Get good at this... (and you'll be practicing it with me!)... and creating awesome lines of red-hot Copy That Sells will become almost second nature.
  • The One Key Element that all the hottest-selling products have. If you want yours to fly off the shelf, it must have this element. (I'll show you what it is, and how to have it.)
  • How to write headlines like an A-List Copywriter. Plus, I'll show you a clever technique, so you can get all the practice you could ever want.
  • A super-simple technique to create Google AdWords ads that really stand out from all the other links on a search page.
  • How to turn boring, generic services like "article writing," "copywriting" and "web hosting" into almost entirely UNIQUE services... where people will practically queue up to hire you!
  • A powerful tool to create create ads and emails in super-fast time. Could this be THE tool for building your fortune?
  • I'll give you my exclusive Idea Machine. Use this to generate Big Ideas that can make your product stand out from the crowd, and sell more.
  • A ridiculously simple technique to turn any piece of useful information from an info-product, into a bullet point that makes readers think, "Wow... I MUST get this NOW!" (Works great with product features, too.)
  • How to find the right Sequence Of Ideas that lead people... naturally... to want to buy from you. Your affiliates can also use this for "under the radar" selling!
  • How to write cash-attracting emails like Frank Kern, the millionaire marketer and creator of "Mass Control." (By the way, do you think there's a Big Idea hidden really deeply in that product name?!)

...and so much more. But look...

Here's The Bottom Line.

In "The Idea-Line System" E-Workshop, you'll learn how to
... .
  • Find the Killer Ideas that make products and services stand out from the crowd, and naturally attract a flood of prospects or clients.
  • Figure out the exact Sequence Of Ideas your prospects will need to "buy into" before buying the product.
  • Create Lines That Sell... so you can easily create SHORT ADS... such as emails, Google AdWords ads, squeeze pages, and 1-page print ads.
  • Help your affiliates sell a lot more.

Best of all, in this e-workshop you'll get personal training and feedback at the end of each Session, so you can work on your own product or service... at the same time as practicing these skills!

(If you don't have one right now
... don't worry... you can practice using other people's products.)

NOTE: We don't cover LONG sales letters
... BUT this program will give you a solid grounding for if and when you want to become a professional copywriter. (Having said that, here's a...


It's a special video on How To Create Awesome Cash-Generating WSOs In Super-Fast Time... Using My Idea-Line System!

I'll probably turn this into an upsell a little later... but right now, I'll give it to you for FREE after you've completed Session 7, if you're one of the first 7 students to sign up.

Who Is This E-Workshop Designed For?

- Product creators.

- Affiliate marketers.

- Article writers, copywriters and aspiring copywriters.

- Anyone who wants to sell more in print or on the Internet.

What's Your Investment
In This Training Program?

This isn't just another info-product... it's a personal training program, with videos.

It's your KEY to finding awesome ideas, and great lines of copy that sell.

Now, when I launch this to the general public in a few weeks, the price will be at least $349.

Will it be worth it?

... put it like this. There's at least three bonus ideas in this program that I've labeled "$1000 Ideas"... because they can quickly put $1000+ in your pocket when you apply them. And those are just the BONUS ideas!

Apply the MAIN ideas and techniques in The Idea-Line System
... and I'm convinced you'll be able to build and grow a real, cash-producing business FAST... whether you're a product creator, affiliate marketer, article writer or an aspiring copywriter.

I want to give Warriors a head-start with this System
... so if you sign up now, you can get in to this training program for just $159... a 54% discount!

Also, since this program is Brand New
... Hot Off The Press... I'd love a testimonial from you when you're done!

For obvious reasons, I can only train a handful of people at a time. So I'm limiting the First Class to just 7 students. Frankly, I'm not sure if I'll be opening it up to Warriors at this low price again
... so secure your spot right now.

Here's My Guarantee...
Try It Out For The First 3 Sessions!

This isn't just another info-product
... it's a personal training program, with videos.

Training and feedback takes up my valuable time
... and watching the videos and completing the missions takes up yours too.

So to be fair to both of us, here's my guarantee:

If the Class is still available
... sign up right now. Give the first 3 Sessions a try. If you don't think it's for you... just let me know before I send you Session 4. No hard feelings... and I'll happily refund 100% of your money.

Naturally, I've saved some of the juiciest stuff for the later Sessions
... because if you decide to continue past Session 3, I know you're SERIOUS about learning and applying this system.

But if you don't want to continue past Session 3
... you'll still get to keep all the videos you received up until that point, along with all the personal feedback and training you received.

Sound fair? If so
... then let's get started!

Click on the button below to receive Session 1...

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Unread 21st Jul 2017, 11:17 AM   #2
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Re: (Idea–Lines) These 2 Simple Words Double Your Sales Instantly...?
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Hi Paul,
Great to see you producing another course! I purchased your Presell Mastery a few years ago, and it is my top reference guide for writing pre-sell content, including landing pages and articles. It is absolutely top notch, and I imagine this new course is as well.

I hope to buy this soon!

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Unread 23rd Jul 2017, 09:39 AM   #3
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Re: (Idea–Lines) These 2 Simple Words Double Your Sales Instantly...?
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Hey bluebay

Thanks for the kind words! I look forward to training you.
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