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Unread 19th Jul 2017, 11:33 PM   #1
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How to begin building your list of subscribers and bank your first $100
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How to begin building your list of subscribers and bank your first $100

From the Desk Of: Birdi

So I decided to share something with you guys, how I made my first $100 online.

I am not going to lie to you but man I would work endless hours in front of the laptop trying to figure out this whole internet marketing game. I would lock myself in my little office and would not even go out any where until I learnt something.

I soon realized I was going around in circles and it hit me when my brother mentioned to me that I am going mad because I'm sitting in four walls and not even getting a breath of fresh air. That's how addicted I got.

So I took his advice and took a break and decided this time around let me get back to it, but find someone or a course where it can help me get to my goal of making my first $100.

Time To Take It Up A Notch!

So I came across this link in a forum that took me to a course that was being sold by a marketer who had already made 7 figures in his business through the same business model.

But what attracted me was the price he was selling at was a bargain in my eyes, usually he would charge a lot more and to what he mentioned was he wanted to genuinely help people. So I jumped on it and went through the entire course.

It took me about a week to go through it and by the end of it I knew I could apply what I've learnt and see if I do get some kind of result.

Find A Niche With A Problem

So I decided that the internet marketing niche would be good for myself as I had already been playing around with different business models in that niche and had a good idea about the market.

The first thing I did was jumped into forums and tried to find problems that people were having in the internet marketing niche.

I found one common problem a lot of people weren't sure how to build a list of customers, thankfully I knew about this market because when I first got into this industry I was doing exactly that Creating my own landing pages using Photoshop and Dreamweaver back then ;)

Since then Software to create Landing Pages are available on the market that do such a better job now. So I simply gathered the information and put together an irresistible offer for my potential target audience.

Generate Your Buyers List With Your Offer

Because I was part of this forum and was a member I decided to rather then create a landing page which is what I did before, I decided to create a sales page and offer the irresistible offer for $1.

Now there is a little strategy behind why I offered it for 1 dollar. See I wanted a list of subscribers who were serious about building a business online.

So having what they call a buyers list, it would mean the subscribers are serious and are ready to buy from you once they get to know you more.

But I also knew that what I head written up was just as good and it was a strategy that was currently working for me, so I knew it was worth something.

So to have this in place I created a simple sales page offering this strategy for that price.

A Blog Is What Creates Your Trust And Credibility

I knew how to put together a blog aswell, so I decided in order to continue helping my subscribers I would put together a blog and help them with posts that I would put up so they can access at any given time to help them out.

It took me about 1 day to put up the blog with about 5 posts that I wrote myself from my own experience.

Related Products That Help Your Customers Build Their List

I then took some time out and thought to myself what kind of products am I going to promote or create to help my subscribers.

That's when I looked back at products that I had brought and that helped me get some results even if they were small results of making $1 or even $5, I saw it as the skill that I learnt.

The main thing the products related to building a list because that’s what the problem was that people were having.

Focus On Building Your Relationship With Your Customers

Once I had the products in place I then moved onto setting up an autoresponder with a series of 14 emails where I would be communicating with my subscribers on a daily basis.

This took me about 1 day to do aswell, since writing emails is not as straight forward as most people think.

I decided to place in a strategy with my emails aswell, I would promote my blog posts and promote content that would again help my subscribers and through these emails I would also promote those very same products that I used to help me make my first dollar online.

Once this was all set up, I then just had to pay $20 for my sales page to be advertised in the forum for potential subscribers to see and if they were interested they would buy the irresistible offer.

The Results Came In

Low and behold I eventually built a list of 59 subscribers and made $158. But my main concern was that people that bought the product were enjoying it and applying the strategy which they were.

So, you're questioning how can you begin to build your own list of subscribers and get similar results yourself.

Well, here's is a simple breakdown in the following steps for you:

1. Pick a niche where there are a lot of problems, internet marketing is one of those niches that has constant problems. The sub-niche to the internet marketing niche I chose was list building, and there are others such as WordPress, traffic etc. are more.

2. Jump in a forum (warrior forum) where people that want to learn about IM (internet marketing) and begin to build your reputation by helping people with problems they have.

3. Create an irresistible offer that can help solve the audience's problem.

4. Create a sales page that compliments and sells the offer for $1. This will create yourself a buyers list which is more important then freebie seekers.

5. Create a blog where you can further help your subscribers and build your credibility with your list.

6. Find products that will help your subscribers get from A to B much easier, and then promote those products to your subscribers.

7. Setup an autoresponder series of emails. I suggest about 14 days to build your relationship and trust with your subscribers. Then provide quality content that will help your subscribers and promote relevant products aswell.

8. Pay the $20 in the warrior forum to begin to get traffic coming to your sales page, you should soon begin to see your list build and eventually you will have those subscribers buy products from you. Just keep building that relationship with them and look after them and you can see more and better results.

So, now that you know the steps to make your first $100 from list building, here is what you can do next. If you'd like to me to personally help you implement the steps you read on this thread and start building your own successful list, then here is what you need to do.

Click the button below and sign up for a consultation call with me (only $1). We will schedule a time and day to speak and I will help you implement the steps above and show you how simple it is to start banking $100 a day or more with list building.

P.S. I have now taken these skills that I have learnt and I am working on a project on helping people achieve similar results if not more on my own and with other joint ventures.

P.P.S. If you're interested click the buy now button below and you will be able to speak with me or my business partner on skype and we will help you put the strategy above into action for only $1.00

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Re: How to begin building your list of subscribers and bank your first $100
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