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Paul Hancox 9th August 2017 12:09 PM

[From $1] The ONE THING You’re Missing To Sell Like A Marketing Guru. For Sellers & Affiliates...
Discover The One Simple Element
The Marketing "Gurus" Use To
Outsell Everybody Else.

Now It's Time To Turn The Tables
On Them, By Applying This
Simple Strategy To Your Marketing.

Want to know how the "gurus" are able to sell a ton of their stuff... while 98% of marketers are left fighting over the scraps?

It boils down to something stupidly simple:

They know how to build an audience ready to buy their stuff, by giving them free information designed to steer them to their product.

OK... that's not everything they do... but that's the heart of it, right?

After all, they don't give away those free reports or webinars out of the kindness of their hearts!

But here's what's fascinating.

Tons of marketers try and copy what they do... but don't get anywhere near the same results.

That's because, when it comes to pre-selling, the gurus also include ONE SIMPLE ELEMENT... that most marketers miss out.

And here's what's clever.

Because of the way they design this ONE SIMPLE ELEMENT... they make it hard for anyone to copy them!

Now, the great news is... you can also build this ONE ELEMENT into your marketing campaigns, and pre-sell material.

BUT... you can't just "copy" this element. You need to make it unique to you.

For example, think about the concept of the USP, or "unique selling proposition." If it's not unique to your business, people can buy off your competitors.

The concept I'm about to share with you... the ONE SIMPLE ELEMENT that is the real secret behind the guru's successful campaigns... works a bit like a USP, but it's something that surprisingly few marketers use.

Look. I'm not claiming "guru" status. But I did write the book ("Presell Mastery") on pre-selling.

And I discovered this ONE SIMPLE ELEMENT... the same element the gurus are using... while creating Presell Reports for my clients.

I know it works, because I've used it to make a decent chunk of money for myself and my clients.

And once you know what it is... you'll realize, as I did, that it's the "secret ingredient" the marketing gurus use in all of their marketing campaigns.

You'll see it being used by the top marketers and product creators, and it will seem obvious – but only in hindsight.

I share what it is in my 22 page report, "The Missing Marketing Element That Could Transform Your Sales".

If you're giving away any information, in order to "presell" your product or service... you NEED to be using THE ONE IDEA that I reveal in this report.

And that's true whether you're selling you're own product, or if you're an affiliate marketer.

The great news is...

Right now, I'm selling this report at a ridiculously low cost, so it's literally a no-brainer... and so there's no excuse not to learn what I'm about to share with you. But...


This ridiculously low price comes at a risk... to me!

The risk is that you might massively undervalue the idea I'm about to share with you.

Personally, I believe this is ONE of the most important reports you'll ever read in your marketing career.

But right now, the price of this product has NO RELATION to the massive value this technique will bring to you.

So then... why such a low price?

It's simple.

Right now, it's ONLY available on the Warrior Forum.

I want to eventually turn this into a full-priced product, by including more examples and case studies... and other related ways to improve the ONE SIMPLE ELEMENT that you're probably missing right now.

But I don't know how long that will take... and if you have to wait until then, you'd be missing out on using this crucial element RIGHT NOW.

So I decided to put it out there. At the same time, this is an evolving product, which means I'll be updating it over time. Meanwhile, I want to build feedback, testimonials, a buzz and so on.

And if you're on my customer list for this product, you'll have access to all updates labelled 1.xx FREE OF CHARGE.


Hey listen... give yourself a full 30 days to absorb what I'm telling you in this report.

If you don't feel that what I'm sharing with you is worth many, many times the price of the report, then... you're crazy!

But that's OK... in that case, just email me within 30 days of purchase to let me know, and I'll happily refund your money and remove you from the customer list.


Important: The price will increase after each purchase, so it's in your interest to buy this right now, rather than wait.

Hit up that "Buy Now" button below right now... and discover the ONE SIMPLE ELEMENT the gurus are using to give themselves a massive advantage.

It's time to finally level the playing field. Just make sure you apply what you're about to learn!

Click the button below:


Paul Hancox 9th August 2017 01:26 PM

Re: [From $1] The ONE THING You’re Missing To Sell Like A Marketing Guru. For Sellers & Affiliates..
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