[DFY SYSTEM]How Would You Like An Autopilot, Profit-Producing Ecom & Or Affiliate Marketing Business
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[DFY SYSTEM]How Would You Like An Autopilot, Profit-Producing Ecom & Or Affiliate Marketing Business

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Dear Intelligent Entrepreneur,

Are you making the kind of money that you want online?

Have you bought courses, software and WSOs after WSOs and still no return?

I am going to let you in on some little secrets.

1. Expecting to make money online within hours of getting set up is nearly impossible

2. You get what you pay for, majority of the low price products you have been buying will not make you any real money

This is not a WSO that will sell you dreams and not deliver.

This is a life changing and WSO.

I am not going to tell you this WSO will make you $1 million dollars a year, because I do not even earn half of that.

What I am offering in this WSO is the same very profitable online businesses I am running for myself and clients.

Profit Proof Of One Of My Ecom Store

Reviews From Past Clients & Students

Would you like to finally succeed online?

Would you like to be making lots of profit, while we do all the work for you?

Would it not be a dream come true?

Well, Your dream has finally come true!

You can now get a profitable affiliate marketing and ecom business done for you.

This is the last WSO you will ever purchase.

Affiliate Business

You find an offer, drive traffic it and make sales.

Simple, right? But not easy.

If you drive targeted traffic and not just traffic to an offer,

you may make a sale here and there, but that is not a sustainable business.

You see, consistent sales = high converting funnel + targeted traffic.

I am sure you have heard the phrase "The Money Is In The List", right?

And that is very true, but all list are not built equally.

The money is actually in your "relationship" with your list"

You need to build a trusting relationship with your subscriber.

You want them to be looking forward to your emails every single day.

This and much more is what makes a funnel a high converting funnel.

Once you create a high converting funnel next is to send targeted traffic.

Most marketers will rush to use solo ads, which is not a very bad source but brings low or hardly any profitable sales.

You want fresh subs who are not seeing hundreds or even thousands of offers a day.

This can be achieved using good old Bing ads and Adwords. Also, FB ads, 50onred and much more.

Essentially, all this is simple, but not easy.

There are a lot of variables and A LOT can go wrong along the way,

and it takes a lot of money(thousands) and time to master different traffic sources.

So, why not let someone else who makes $277,400+ a year after taxes with affiliate marketing avoid those mistakes and YOU reap the benefits?

Here Is What You Will Get

1. Good offers and products to promote.

2. Custom SEO Optimized Site With content

3. High Converting Funnel.

4. Targeted, Quality Leads To Your Funnel: we will create and manage your FBAds, Bing Ads, Adwords, Native ads and PPV ads for 60 days

5. Coaching Sessions To Help You Continue The Business On Your Own

Funnel Includes

1. High-End Custom Lead Magnet (monetized with CPA offers)

2. High-Converting Unique Squeeze And Thank You Page

3. Unique Converting Follow Up Emails (To sell your main offer)

Ecom Business

Starting a profitable ecommerce business is hard work with many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time.

Anyone who says it is easy, is definitely a novice. The first step to building an ecommerce business is to know what products you want to sell.

This is often the most challenging part. Once you have determined what product to sell, you must now figure out where and how you are going to obtain your products.

Once you have determined where to obtain your products, the next step is to build you store. Your store must be built very SEO friendly and have a HIGH TRUST FACTOR.

Once Your store is built, it is time to market it. Most people will run to FB ADS first, but that is all wrong.

FB ADS are great but it should be done last, after you have the right demographic data.

Other sources such as bing, adwords should be use first to generate sales.

All this is simple, but not easy and that is why I am here to help.

Here Is What You Will Get

1. We will do the research and get you 25+ Good Products To Sell

2. Professional SEO Optimized Shopify Store

3. Targeted Traffic: We will create and manage your FBAds, Bing Ads, Adwords, Native ads and PPV ads for 60 days to ensure your store is in profit.

4. Coaching Sessions To Help You Continue The Business On Your Own

This Is Not For Everyone!
Unfortunately our DONE-FOR-YOU program is not for everyone.
This is only of these who are ready to take action and are willing to invest in their business success. This is for these who have tried and failed again and again, but have not given up, but are now ready to finally succeed.
We would like to work with only these people who need our help most.

Who This Offer is For
Those who have tried everything to succeed online and offline to and failed... This will be your chance to make it online.
Those who have money to invest in their success
People who are ACTION takers, people who are motivated

Who This Offer is NOT For
Time wasters who simply want to inquire into every opportunity but never take action
People who have no money to invest in the business
These who will not treat this as a business, these who treat online business as a hobby
People who are already making $100,000 a year online.

What Will This Cost You?

Good question!

I will be straight forward with you, this is not cheap... We charge $9995 for the complete package

However, for Warriors we won't charge anywhere close to that, we have INSANE OFFER, and we have 3 packages

Package 1: Affiliate & Ecom Business

Package 2: Ecom Business

Package 3: Affiliate Business

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Also Accepted

If you currently have an Ecom store or an Affiliate marketing business PM for a free consultation or email me at chuks901@gmail.com or Add me on skype: chukwudi60


1) What Other Expenses Are Involved Besides The Cost Of The WSO?
Domain name, hosting and Ad spend.

2) What Is The Average Ad Spend/day Needed For This System To Work.
The average Ad spend depends on your budget.
It is all about profit, so if we are spending $10 a day on ads, we must make more than $10 a day. I will recommend at least $30-50 a day but we start with $10 a day until it is profitable before scaling up

2) What Is The ETA
It will take 20 to 30 days

3) Why Are You Offering This Service.
First, I love helping people achieve success.
Second, I need reviews for something big I am launching in a few months.
This is the best and fastest way to ensure my clients make profit.

4) Money Back Guarantee
Yes, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If I do not make you profit in 90 days, you get your money back

5) Who Are You

Here are my previous WSO
My Site
My Facebook
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    reserved for more info
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    Sample of your $10k funnels.

    (edited by moderator)

    Sample please...
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      Originally Posted by 100k View Post

      Sample of your $10k funnels.

      Mike sells his for $5k.... and has years and dozens of reviews. What makes your worth 2x his offering?

      Sample please...
      I have lots of positive results, this comes with ad setup and management until it is profitable and also coaching. At the moment, it is less than $4k. Please send me your email so I can send you samples. Thanks
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      Originally Posted by 100k View Post

      Sample of your $10k funnels.

      Mike sells his for $5k.... and has years and dozens of reviews. What makes your worth 2x his offering?

      Sample please...
      Here are samples

      Credit Repair Funnel Example

      Credit Repair Funnel AD Setup Example

      IM Funnel Example

      IM AD Setup Example

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    Previously I bought 2 DFU ecommerce store, one shopify and another woo-commerce store in this Forum and both left me stranded with a half-baked site that I had to make a big overhaul of the site by myself and also OPs doesn't deliver and help and even one Miss--In-Action.

    So I went back to Chuk as a member of his coaching program to ask for his help in my Shopify ecommerce store,He's seem always practically active and available for 1-1 coaching. Now working with Chuk on my ecommerce shopify store and follow his step by step implementation through teamviewer LIVE. It helps me learn the exact process he used to execute his own profitable campaigns and at the same time help get my campaigns moving forward. Just starting with the shopify store promotion and hopeful for results. Chuk comes to me as approachable and desire to help his client achieve success in their IM journey,
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    Make a sale yesterday...but will keep posted,
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    Has any body tried this and gotten positive results ?
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    Price Updated
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    Please do not contact me asking for JV. Thanks
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