[Now with WSO SplitTester] Pimp your WSOs: 30sec to Double your WSO Sales
Bryan Zazz 3 years ago

[Now with WSO SplitTester] Pimp your WSOs: 30sec to Double your WSO Sales

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    Any way please to get a discount ? thanks
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    Exciting New WSOProto Feature coming this week ...

    Hey WSO Publishers,
    did you ever dream to be able to Split-Test your WSOs?

    WSOProto 2.1 is making WSO Split Testing a reality !!
    Check out the wsoproto server update coming later this week.

    Unanounced Bonus:
    All current Earlybirds will get the WSO SplitTester for FREE!!
    so don't miss it

    Also, I am extending this FREE Bonus to all new buyers starting this week:
    Until Friday Midnight, I am giving away 77 FREE WSO SplitTester upgrades.

    How this works?
    Simple: buy a wsoproto license, and get the WSO SplitTester upgrade - already installed and ready to rumble - FREE!
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    A couple more HowTos:

    This video shows how to populate your WSO by simply dragging items from the tools

    This video shows how to manipulate the wso building blocs: the sections

    ... more advanced videos are in the works. Stay tuned
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    Just released wsoproto HowTo videos:
    in case you can't watch them inside the app for whatever reason, you can get a peak here ...

    1. a short intro on wsoproto's layout

    2. This video shows how the front buttons work in wsoproto 2.1

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    Hey guys,
    EarlyBird Promo is coming to its close.

    But I am extending the Early Bird Promo for a few more hours ... the time to shoot a few HowTo videos this afternoon.

    WSOProto is designed to crank up lots of WSO ads FAST. So it's for the serious WSO creator who is also (but not necessarily) a bit Photoshop-challenged.

    If you don't plan to launch WSOs in the next 12 months or so, then wsoproto is probably not for you. But if you do plan to enter the WSO scene and launch one or more WSOs, depending on how many WSOs you have in your pipeline, even at $97/month it's a complete bargain. So wsoproto is a tool to help you dig for WSO gold. It will only help you if you're into WSO-gold digging - i.e. you are (or plan to become) a WSO publisher.

    I'm essentially a lazy guy, so I designed WSOProto initially for myself as I have a dozen or so products in the pipeline ... and I don't want to spend my days in Photoshop - even if I am actually pretty good at it. I made WSOProto to automate many of my tasks to crank up WSOs.

    So do check out my upcoming WSOs, all "Made in WSOProto" of course.

    ... ok, now let's do some HowTo videos
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    Hi Don,

    thanks for the very warm words. I'm glad you like wsoproto. Wait till you learn how to actually unleash its power ... check out the help videos (more coming later this week)
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    Don, don't worry about it!
    That's the only way to make the buy process stronger - by testing it using different scenarios.

    Enjoy wsoproto !!
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      That is probably the problem Bryan. I did not click the "return to merchant" button.I apologize for that Bryan.
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    Morning Don,
    Just sent you a MP ...
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    Hey Bryan! I just ordered and the order process is perfect Should I have gotten some kind of log info.?
    I didn't get that but everything else is perfect!
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    Any Problems Signing-In? you can always contact us here: info@wsoproto.com

    After you made your buy on paypal, do not forget to click the "Return to Merchant" button - see arrow in image below:

    When you click this button, paypal redirects you back to wsoproto site and gives wsoproto the OK to generate your username/password credentials then emails them to you, then sends you the "ThankYou" page (which says that your account was created successfully).

    Q: How to Login?
    A: After purchase, you should see this message:

    "We have just emailed your Sign-In credentials at your email address: xx@xx"

    Once you got your username & password from that email, you login by going to wsoproto.com and moving your cursor to the upper-right corner:

    Q: How does wsoproto work?
    A: To learn how to use the app check out the help videos, which are located here (once you're inside the app):

    **Please note: more HowTo videos coming this week**

    Q: Are wsoproto and wsoprototype related?
    A: Great observation, young padawan !
    wsoprototype is the grand-father of wsoproto 2.1. It was released some years ago here
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