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Unread 7th Sep 2017, 05:37 AM   #1
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How To Create Your First Information Product
From Scratch
...even if you are not an expert

Dear struggling warrior,

when I started online, I truly believed that there must be a shortcut, some sort of a cheat code to make money online.

That misconception made me buy products after products, just to figure that there is no magic system, nor a code to make money online.

The biggest myth online is that you can build a sustainable, and profitable online business over night without putting in any work.

Do Not Believe Them!

The day I decide to try this online game out was the day I decided to make a huge change in my life.

I wanted to quit my boring 9-5 job.

Instead I wanted to do each day what I like.

You know stuff like:

Hanging out with friends and family. a life full of Location Freedom, Time and Money Freedom!

And yes, I wanted to have the time, and the money to travel whenever I want to every place in the world.

I tried all sorts of strategies, methods and loopholes.


- Most of them did not seem to work
- Some were simply too complicated!
- And of course, there were some methods that I must admit did work, but they either took a ton of my time, my money or both.

That is NOT why I got into this online marketing game.

If I wanted to keep working 10 hours or more per day, I would just go back to my prior job.

After 2 Years Full Of Struggles I Finally Cracked The Code To Make Money Online

It was actually completely by accident.

I stumbled upon an interesting article that taught newbies about how affiliate marketing works.

There was a short sentence that changed my whole thinking about online marketing.

In a nutshell I figured through this article that it could be a very wise decision to create products so you can become successful with affiliate marketing.

Now you wondering, What??? Why should I learn how to create products when I want to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Well, of course you do not really need to learn product creation to make a few affiliate sales here and there.

But I am talking about making more sales than your competitors, standing out of the crowd

You can make more sales than all of your competitors if you know how to offer your email subscribers something they cannot get from anyone else.

And here is where your unique created bonus comes into place.

Think about it, if you know how to create a product, you can create a bonus too, it is the same concept.

If you offer a unique bonus to your subscribers, something they want, something they cannot get from anyone else, chances are they will buy from your affiliate link, right?

That made completely sense to me.

But not only that, here are a few other big big benefits that comes with product creation:
  • You can literally print money on demand
  • Every product you create can become a money machine
  • Every product will build you an email list - an email list of buyers
  • Also does every product you create position yourself as an expert in your field

Creating Products Is Easy Because

  • You do not need any special tech skills
  • You do not need a list or a website
  • You even do not need to be an expert
  • You do not have to spend tons of money on traffic
  • You can start where you are at the moment
  • You do not need to learn more new things to get started

Product Creation Madness

Inside of Product Creation Madness I am going to teach you:

  • About The ULTIMATE NEWBIE Product Creation Framework That Guarantees Your Success
  • How To Come Up With A Product Idea That Will Ensure Your Products Sells Well (even if it is your first product)
  • A Very Simple Way Of Validating Your Product Idea So That EVERY PRODUCT You Create Sells Fast
  • The FASTEST Way To Create A Product Within 1 Hour Or Less
  • And much more.

You can literally buy Product Creation Madness today, and start building your sustainable and profitable online business.

This product is not a quick rich thing.

If you are looking for something like, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

It will give you an actionable and powerful way so that you can start creating your first product today!

If you act today, I am going to throw in the following Action Taker Bonuses on top:

BONUS #1 - 24/7/365 Unlimited Support [Value $497]
(Join My "Exclusive Members Only" Facebook Group)

BONUS #2 - Private 20 Minutes 1-on-1 Call
[Value $997]

(No Strings Attached Call Where I Help You Get Started Asap!)

Because I know that this product will change your life, I am going to make this a total no-brainer

"30 Days "No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Create Your First Product Within 30 Days Or Get Your Money Back.

I do nott want anything to hold you back from getting your hands on Product Creation Madness today, so I am giving you a full 30 days to create your first product.

Let Me Recap Everything What Is Included


  • Product Creation Madness [Value $297]
  • Bonus #1: 24/7/365 Unlimited Support [Value $497]
  • Bonus #2: Private 20 Minutes 1-on-1 Call[Value $997]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start creating information products even if I just start out?
Yes absolutely! The thing is, even if you just start out and you have absolutely no idea what knowledge you could sell, but I bet there is at least one thing or more you are passionate about - as long as it is something you can teach others through informational products, go for it

Can I use Product Creation Madness for any niche?
It depends, because Product Creation Madness will teach you how to sell your knowledge through a digital product. Based on that, yes you can tab into niches like weight loss, beauty, gaming, if you are unsure if this product can help you get started, check out clickbank, if your niche is listed there, you can use Product Creation Madness.

Is this for real? Can I really make money by selling my own products?
Yes. What I am going to teach you inside of Product Creation Madness will work for you, except you put in some work and you sell informations. It is not a quick rich, it takes some work and the commitment to get started. If you are looking for a loophole or any shortcut, this is not for you

Do you teach how to drive traffic?
No. This product teaches you ONLY how to create your first digital product. If you want to stick with the Internet Marketing niche you could use the warriorforum to start your first product. If you want to create your product in any other niche, you can join similar forums in that niche too

How much can I make per product?
This is something I cannot clearly say. It is up to the niche you choose, if the product idea sells, if you validated your product idea the right way, and of course, if you have created a good product that teaches people something helpful they can put into action

How do I get started right now?
Click The Button Below Now For No Risk Access To Get Started Today!

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Unread 7th Sep 2017, 06:36 AM   #2
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Re: Product Creation Madness FE
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