[$1 SPECIAL REPORT] Discover the Formula that Generated 8,850 Email Subscribers in Less Than 30 Days
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[$1 SPECIAL REPORT] Discover the Formula that Generated 8,850 Email Subscribers in Less Than 30 Days

This is case study report about how I was able to generate 8,850 email subscribers in less than 30 days using a viral loop!


Discover the 5 Key Components to Creating a Viral Loop that Generated 8,850 Email Subscribers and in Less Than 30 Days

Listen, I was just like you...

I would struggle to get traffic to my site and offers.

I overlooked something so simple, yet so powerful just because I got caught up in the rat race with traditional traffic methods and not thinking outside the box.

It wasn't until I started getting into Growth Hacking that I had an "ah-ha" moment and everything just clicked.

At that point I knew exactly what was missing in my business.

A Viral Loop!

And I'm not talking about being lucky enough to "go viral" either...you know the perfect image or video where people continuously share it over and over again.

You see it with some of the products or services you use everyday...when you use Skype you're a part of a viral loop. If you use DropBox you're a part of their viral loop equation too.

The viral loop I'm talking about is completely different.

It revolves around the idea of devising a systematic approach to getting your audience to market your product or service for you.

A viral loop is best applied when it's built into the product itself in some form or fashion.

If you think you can't benefit from a viral loop in your business, think again!

You're wrong...DEAD WRONG!

It's a fact...

Running any sort of business without a viral loop just doesn't cut it!

Without it, every time you reach a new prospective customer and they don't share your business with their friends you're essentially throwing money away.


You have a customer who absolutely loves your product or service, but doesn't have the platform to announce it to the world and miss a golden opportunity only to never get their friends to know about it...

That feeling sinks into the pit of your stomach as you feel lost as to where to turn next...

And it feels like you're in some sort of Groundhog's Day and that no matter what you try... or how hard...

Nothing is going to change.

Dear Digital Marketers,

Kerry Knoll here and I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

I've been there... recently.

Early last year I was still struggling to get more sales in my business.

Yep... I just couldn't get enough business...

And no clue what to do differently.

So I tried all sorts of different tools and techniques... and I actually did get some results with them... at first... but I felt like I was a hamster running on a hamster wheel... and everyday it was the same story... and I wasn't able to get the sales I needed and the costing me more and more to acquire new customers.

After all of that... I realized that those prospecting tools were NOT the problem, NOR were they the complete solution.

So over the past year I've implemented what I'm about to share with you so that anyone could start using this right away and possibly get more customers into their sales funnel before the day is over.

Growth Hack Mindset: Viral Loop Formula

As you can see... this isn't some report that I started putting together yesterday. These are the exact same steps and strategies I use everyday to build up my customer base on autopilot and get the best possible results.

But... I wanted to give you more.

You see... I'm the rare breed of marketer that truly does care if you make it or not... and I love to reward people who take action.

Here's What You Get:

So you're probably wondering...

Kerry...how much man?

Well before we get to that...

Why Am I Revealing This Viral Loop Formula?

Since I learned everything I now know from previous products from the WarriorForum... I wanted to give back.

Now I could have put this on sale for $49.95.

And to be quite honest... with the amount of revenue possible from this system... that's a complete steal.

But since, I want to help out my fellow Warriors, so you won't be paying anywhere near $49.95 for this.

And since you're part of this amazing community I'm going to make sure the price can't possibly stand in your way. So you won't even be paying $29.95 for this today.

For today ONLY I am going to allow you to gain access to this system for just...

Why Not Design The Viral Loop Formula Yourself?

Sure, I figured most of this out on my own, and you probably could too, but it took me months of time, testing, and even more in other ideas that just never converted. Believe me, it's much easier and faster to just read through my report which takes all the guess work out of it. You're starting with a mindmap that I know works. Plain and simple!

Why Is Viral Loop Formula So Powerful?

For starters, it doesn't come of "salesy". There's no pressure to buy anything or for your customers to feel that there's an ulterior motive. This allows you to slip in under the radar and gain their trust by providing them with a tremendous offer they simply cannot refuse.

A Good Viral Loop Formula

It can make all the difference in the world for your business. I'm not going to sugar coat anything here...sure it takes a little work to implement, but once you set it up it pretty much runs on autopilot.

All you have to do is get customer into your loop through any one of the various methods discussed within this guide.

What Makes The Viral Loop Formula Different?

In short, you're selling without overselling. The action you ask them to take is on a more personal level that doesn't feel like you're trying to sell them or come off pushy.

How Do I Know This Method Works?

Mainly because I use this method myself and I've had a lot of success over a long period of time and in many different niches.

The Correct Viral Loop Formula Actually Builds Rapport Between The Customer and Your Business.

It's true! Think of it this way...You have an irresistible offer that your customers just can't wait to share with their friends. They're more than happy to vouch for your business, product, service or offer and are more apt to take action because you've provided them with a tremendous amount of value so they feel like you're looking out for their best interests and not trying to take advantage of them.

This Is Perfect For You If...

- You reach for the vomit bag at the thought of having to pay to acquire new customers day-in and day-out.
- You need to generate some good leads for someone else to follow up.
- You need to stand out from all the advertising directed at your customers.
- You want to outfox your competitors without working too hard.
- You can't afford to spend big dollars for other lead generation methods.
- You're getting ready to quit, unless you make something more happen.
- Your spouse wants to know where all the money is going.
- You have the knowledge and tools but feel 'frozen' in place.
- You're getting some business but need more customers to have a real business.

Caution: Who Is This Not For?

The kind of Digital Marketer who isn't an action taker. Or are content with the amount of customers or clients you currently have.

Anyone who thinks that you need need to be a rocket scientist to make this work. If any of that sounds like you, please skip this.

Trust your gut on this one. This is one of the best products out there available, and you know that you need to get the best products to stay ahead. And staying ahead give you the best chance at a happy and fulfilling business. You have the drive, and this is the chance to make it all happen.

After all, this really does just make sense. Never again will you find a product of this level where you can get such a high quality product if implemented correctly can literally print money.

And to make this choice very simple there is also a...

The point is... this works.

Click The Buy Button Below To Invest:

To your success,

Kerry Knoll

P.S. REMEMBER, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the report and can try it out with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK for 30 days! What is better than that? The price is going to skyrocket shortly...

P.P.S. I will be here to completely and fully support you and help with any questions you may have! There's nothing for you to fear, your business will love you for this! Click below on the Buy Now button and get your copy of Viral Loop Formula right now, before the PRICE GOES UP!

P.P.P.S. If you don't pick this up then what's going to happen? You're not going to have the best product or training, you'l still keep spinning your wheels, and you'll still wake up every morning... with that same feeling you were meant for something better in your gut. The choice is yours.

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