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Paul Hooper-Kelly 31st October 2017 09:38 AM

Step up to become a SUPER affiliate - without hardly lifting a finger!

If you want to start email marketing the RIGHT WAY, then THIS is for YOU
Here Is How You Can Easily Deploy The Multi Millionaire Secret To Send Your Email AND Affiliate Profits Through The Roof
While YOU Hardly Lift A Finger

Howdy Fellow Warrior. As a smart operator you know email is THE medium to make sales.

But there is a problem

And it is a pretty big one.

Because email is a victim of its own success.

That is why your email inbox is crammed with ever more emails every single day, most of which you will probably never open unless they deploy a particularly eye catching subject line.

And it is the same for the members of YOUR list, which is why YOUR open rates and YOUR sales are never what you hope they will be and why you suffer a continuous struggle to come up with ever more clever subject lines just to get your emails opened.

You are not alone

Because, these days, even high powered email marketers, who are household names and send two or three emails a DAY, can only manage a return of 50 cents per name per month.

And yet, a few years ago, that was DOUBLE

Yes, the average profit per name per month USED to be one dollar.

So imagine turning back the clock to the good old days and getting one dollar (or even $1.50) per name per month.

That is like instantly TRIPLING the size of your mailing list.

What is more you can forget:

Burning the midnight oil to come up with ever more riveting subject lines just to get your email opened.

Agonizing over if you have sent enough pure content emails before you dare risk sending out a promo.

Wasting precious hours staring at a blank screen, cuz you have writers block.

You see, there are a few elite marketers (including at least two multi millionaires) who still enjoy a profit of one dollar, per name per month (even as high as $1.50).

Here is their secret

They simply send their subscribers a regular tips newsletter.

And here is why that is a very smart move

We are all hard-wired to want news it is part of our Stone Age survival mechanism.

We all love tips bite size snippets of actionable information that make our lives easier.

Tips newsletters are not perceived as advertising, so your reader drops their guard and you get your promo in front of them under the radar. As Dan Kennedy says: People are conditioned to be less resistant to reading information (such as articles) than advertising.

Tips newsletters build goodwill while generating healthy profits for you because they are the perfect mix of content AND promos.

YOUR email will be the one that ALWAYS gets opened first because your subscribers will be eager to see what tips and free tools you have for them this time.

You will quickly build a fine reputation as the knowledgeable Go To guy or gal in your niche.

Tips newsletters enjoy a far longer shelf life than ordinary emails, with folks often keeping them to refer back to again and again, because of the valuable information they contain.

Tips newsletters are often passed on to friends, increasing your reach dramatically and attracting new subscribers with zero effort on your part, because tips newsletters are such a rich source of valuable information.

As Rod Tidwell said to Jerry Maguire
Show me the money

As well as being content rich, every tips newsletter should promote a product, which will pay you a handsome affiliate commission.

And, because you have already provided plenty of good, actionable information right before you introduce your promo, the Law of Reciprocity will kick in making your readers well disposed to watch your video review of the product and actually buy what you recommend in far greater numbers than simply sending the same old tired promotional emails most affiliates use.

And, because the review will highlight some minor shortfall in the product (no product is perfect), it will add great credibility and increase sales, compared with the usual affiliate reviews that heap praise on the product, never mentioning any shortcomings.

And you can further increase sales by offering a bonus that will overcome this problem, making the combination of product and this must have bonus irresistible.

That means it is ALMOST INEVITABLE that, if your reader DOES buy the product, it most likely be through YOUR affiliate link so they can be certain of getting that vital bonus.

And providing a highly relevant custom-built bonus is far, far more effective than what most affiliates settle for, which is to simply use some tired old PLR material.

You can then enjoy a further increase in sales by following up with a series of emails which get more urgent as the deadline you set for withdrawing the must have bonus looms, dramatically increasing last minute purchases.

Tests prove that going the extra mile like this pays off handsomely because affiliates with relatively modest lists have achieved conversions as high as 44.2 per cent (compared with the average conversions of 5 to 10 pr cent) and ending up high up on the leader boards for the most affiliate sales, even trouncing the top guns with far bigger lists, but who do not bother to go the extra mile with their promos.

You might possibly be thinking this

You are shrewd enough to realize that publishing your own tips newsletter complete with a proper in depth promotion is one of the smartest ways to dramatically increase your email profits (after all you will be copying at least two multi millionaire marketers) BUT

You already frantically busy, so you simply do not have all the time needed to produce a regular newsletter.

You simply do not have a clue what to write about.

And as for creating a regular full product review video and perhaps a second video demonstrating how to use a free tool forget it.

There simply MUST be a better way.

Fortunately, there is

Because you can now enjoy that dramatic shift
in your email and affiliate marketing
without lifting a finger

Howdy my name is Paul Hooper Kelly and if that does not ring any bells, you have still probably bought several products as a result of a sales letter, email series or video I have created for some of the top marketers, such as Ewen Chia, Simon Hodgkinson, Willie Crawford, Jeremy Gislason and even Alan Says, the founder of this Warrior Forum.

I have also created products that have been bought or praised by Ewen Chia, Dennis Becker, Lee McIntyre and Marlon Sanders.

That is because of my 50 plus years in at the coal face of direct marketing, both face to face and on line.

I've also been supplying copywriting services to Warrors for nearly TEN YEARS:

And now I am launching a completely done for you newsletter for your mailing list of subscribers in the internet marketing community.

This will be crammed with industry news, highly actionable tips plus usually a video that demonstrates a free tool in action.

And it is carefully designed to make you effort free
affiliate commissions from every edition

Because it will ALWAYS contain a PROPER promotion: not just a few snippets scraped off the sales page, but serious, in depth VIDEO walk thru review, only possible by actually buying the product.

This type of in depth video walk thru review (which includes reviewing any upsells) has been shown to provide affiliate conversion rates as high as 44.2 per cent comparing very favorably with the 5 to 10 per cent average achieved by most affiliates who simply send out a few emails.

And you can choose to bolt on a turbo charger on to your marketing with my Platinum upgrade. This comes with

A must have bonus to light a fire under your prospects, because it overcomes some vital shortcoming in the product.

A series of done for you follow up emails to increase sales even more.

Video interviews with top guns of the internet marketing world coming shortly (see below)

And here is a further exciting new development
The Platinum VIPs will soon be benefiting from

I will shortly be conducting a series of video interviews with the top guns of the internet marketing community where I will get them to spill the beans on what is working for them right now.

And I will feature the most notable of these in the Platinum version of your newsletter, further increasing the awesome value you give to your subscribers.

Who is this effort free done for you newsletter for?

Any Warrior who wants to enjoy EFFORT FREE affiliate commissions from their email list, regardless of the size of their list and their level of expertise.


If you are a green as grass rookie, wanting start off doing your email marketing the most effective way.

A seasoned operator looking to knock your affiliate sales out of the park.

Anyone who struggles to scribble a Post It note.

Anyone who cannot make videos.

Anyone still stuck on the job treadmill and therefore chronically short of time.

Then you will love the sheer simplicity of this.

And it is good news if you suffer from
that chicken and the egg problem
that bedevils rookie affiliates

Because, if you are new to affiliate marketing, you are probably finding it tough to get product owners on JV Zoo to allow you to promote their products, because unless you already have sales to your credit, they will not allow you to promote theirs.

Which means you cannot get any sales to your credit, cuz no one will allow you to promote their stuff until you’ve made sales.

Problem solved.

You see, I have a number of best selling evergreen products and several more in the pipeline, which I will feature in some of the newsletters.

So, as a valued member of my newsletter fraternity, I will guarantee accepting you to promote those products, allowing you to make sales which will then qualify you to get green lighted by other product owners to sell their stuff, too.

This is what your newsletter will look like

You will get four or five articles covering various subjects such as industry news, marketing tips, personal development and other aspects to help your subscribers create their laptop lifestyle.

I recommend you adding another occasional item about your own life, because this will make you even more of a real person to your subscribers and greatly increase their favorable response when you promote a product, because it is a well established fact that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

In addition, each edition will feature a useful free tool to make your subscribers life easier or save them a kings ransom because they do not have to buy expensive programs, such as PhotoShop. These will usually be the subject of a demonstration video, like this

And every edition will feature a different product that will pay you a nice fat affiliate commission, like this one (100 per cent FE, 100 per cent upsell 1 and 50 per cent monthly recurring on upsell 2)

This could be a proven, high converting evergreen product, like this one, or could be a brand new product scheduled to launch a few days after you publish your newsletter.

Be able to pre sell a product in advance of the launch with a full video review coupled with a must have bonus will virtually guarantee you will leave the competition choking in your dust as you zoom up the affiliate leader boards.

That is because this type of in depth video review, complete with a walk through of the product, have been proven to dramatically increase conversion rates over the usual bland text email affiliate promos by as much FOUR TIMES.

The newsletter content will be delivered to you as a word doc all ready to be pasted into your email program.

To make it brain dead simple, I will host the videos for you. All you need do is to paste in a snippet of code and the videos will appear.

And there are plenty of insider newsletter publishing and affiliate marketing tips and tricks in the no fluff Quick Start Guide you will receive with your first newsletter, which will make the whole operation CHILDS PLAY.

You might be wondering

You can probably see the enormous advantages of building a great relationship with your subscribers and easily imagine enjoying a very welcome regular affiliate income from your newsletter without doing all the heavy lifting yourself. But you are concerned that such a valuable package is bound to cost a kings ransom.

You are right.

Such a comprehensive done for you turnkey package like this SHOULD cost you an arm and a leg.

But, you are a fellow Warrior

So, while the civilians on the outside enjoy great value by investing $97.00 a month for the basic newsletter or $117.00 a month for the full-featured Platinum version, with the must have bonus and follow up emails PLUS the upcoming Top Gun Interviews, YOU, my fellow Warrior, will enjoy the very same advantages AND superb value with

A very special $70.00 WARRIOR DISCOUNT

So your investment for the Basic version shrinks just to $27/mo and to just $47/mo for the turbocharged Platinum version, with the must have bonus, the follow up emails and (shortly) interviews with the top guns.

You can cancel at any time and owe nothing.

But I doubt you will do that, because you will receive TWO newsletters a month (one every two weeks) making the Basic newsletter package a rock bottom $13.50 an edition and the supercharged Platinum version just $23.50 a time.

What is more, the product reviews follow the proven formula used by savvy affiliates who have enjoyed conversion rates as high as 44.2 per cent and appearances high up on the affiliate leader boards, so you will enjoy the warm feeling of knowing you are using the very best possible email marketing strategies.

But it is only fair to warn you

To maintain a high degree of exclusivity, I am strictly limiting the total number of lucky folks will enjoy a great new relationship with their subscribers, benefit from welcome exposure as an authority in the niche and laugh all the way to the bank thanks to this done for you newsletter with its high converting promos.

And, as I would naturally prefer to sell subscriptions at the higher civilian rate I will be closing this very special offer WITHOUT NOTICE as soon as I receive some favorable comments from Warriors for use on my full price web site.

You now have a crystal clear choice

Depending on your circumstances, you can either carry on as before, doing email marketing the old fashioned way, struggle to build your own newsletter or click away from this offer and carry on searching for the latest seven dollar get rich quick mirage.


You can get serious about your business and realize that investing a more sensible sum means you can start to build a solid, profitable business, modeled on what at least two multi millionaire marketers do, by publishing a newsletter that will build a strong bond with your readers to the extent they will buy virtually every product you care to recommend.

Then you really can start looking forward to the magic day when you finally step off that job treadmill and start to enjoy the sort of financial and time freedom that only a vibrant and highly responsive mailing list can provide.

To your success,


Paul Hooper Kelly

P.S. In her book: Five Regrets Of The Dying, Australian palliative nurse, Bonnie Ware, reports that the most common regret of the terminally ill patients she nursed was their failure to take advantage of the opportunities they were presented during their life, because they always wondered afterwards:

What if, I had had the courage to seize that opportunity. How different would my life have been

But, if you go ahead right now, then YOU will never have to wonder: What if I had taken up Pauls awesome offer

P.P.S. I reserve the right to close this offer without notice, the second I have enough favorable comments to put on my full priced web site.

P.P.P.S. Let us recap what you get in either package

The BASIC PACKAGE: Four or five articles, video demo of free tool, video promo of in-demand affiliate product.


The PLATINUM PACKAGE: Four or five articles, video demo of free tool, video promo of in demand affiliate product PLUS a must have bonus and five follow up emails PLUS (coming shortly) the TOP GUN Interviews.



Paul Hooper-Kelly 2nd November 2017 07:27 AM

Re: The Multi-Millionaire’s Way Of Taking Your Email And Affiliate Marketing To A Whole New Level …
Reserved for FAQs

Are there any OTOs?

Nope, you get everything you need up front - your choice of the Basic package or the turbocharged Platinum one.

Jim Moynihan 4th November 2017 10:26 PM

Re: The Multi-Millionaire’s Way Of Taking Your Email And Affiliate Marketing To A Whole New Level …
Is there beginner training to start a list with this product?.


Paul Hooper-Kelly 5th November 2017 11:18 AM

Re: The Multi-Millionaire’s Way Of Taking Your Email And Affiliate Marketing To A Whole New Level …
Hi Jim,

Thank you for your post.

Yes I can certainly add some list building insights for beginners.

Warmest regards,


Jim Moynihan 5th November 2017 09:03 PM

Re: The Multi-Millionaire’s Way Of Taking Your Email And Affiliate Marketing To A Whole New Level …
Thank you.

Just one more question.

For someone starting out which package is best?


Paul Hooper-Kelly 6th November 2017 01:14 AM

Re: The Multi-Millionaire’s Way Of Taking Your Email And Affiliate Marketing To A Whole New Level …
Hi JIm,

The Platimum package is the best choice for everyone - rookie or advanced operator.

That's because it increases the chances of making lots of sales because it has that 'must have' bonus AND the follow up emails.


rozzski999 30th January 2018 02:42 AM

Re: Step up to become a SUPER affiliate - without hardly lifting a finger!
Any review copies?

nagaprasadny 5th February 2018 02:45 PM

Re: Step up to become a SUPER affiliate - without hardly lifting a finger!
Dear Paul, I sent you PM.


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