⚠ The step-by-step, proven system for making money online (That actually works)
Leonhart 10 weeks ago

⚠ The step-by-step, proven system for making money online (That actually works)

The step-by-step, proven system for making money online

From the desk of: Emir Gulderen

Re: Affiliate Marketing is DEAD simple!

Dear Frustrated Warrior,

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest, and probably THE FASTEST way to generate your first $1,000 online.

You don't need a product.

You don't need a COMPLICATED sales funnel.

And you don't need a huge advertising budget to get started...

In fact, if you read this page all the way through the end...

I'll show you how to literally DOMINATE any niche you tap into as an affiliate using a completely unique strategy that I found out about a year ago.

This secret system has allowed me to create ONE-PAGE commission machines...

That in most cases, starts flooding my account with cold-hard commissions in HOURS!

These Little "Empires" Take Less Than 30 Minutes To Create, But They Generate Passive Income 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week...

100% on autopilot.

But wait, it gets even better...

After testing this system with dozens of students of mine...

I now know for a fact that you can generate your first commission using this system very quickly.
  • Even if you're just getting started with affiliate marketing.
  • Even if you don't have a lot of money to invest in traffic.
  • And even if every single affiliate campaign you've launched in the past failed miserably...

I kid you not.

This system is newbie friendly, so it doesn't really matter for how long you've been trying to make money online.

If you can take massive action, and follow my step-by-step instructions for 60 minutes, you can have your own "Commission Machines" out there making you money in minutes from now.

I know it sounds like one of those hyped up "get rich quick" schemes, but as you'll see in just a moment, this system is so easy to get started with because...

This New Affiliate Sales Funnel Does The Selling FOR YOU.

Hi, my name is Emir Gulderen.

And unfortunately, most of the "expert" advice about affiliate marketing I've seen out there is simply terrible.

In fact, these so-called "experts" over-complicate a very simple process...

They try to make it look difficult to justify their over-priced courses...

But the reality of it is...

You don't need a $997 course to become a super affiliate...

All you need to crush it as an affiliate is:

  1. A hot-selling product to promote
  2. One page that takes less than 30 minutes to setup
  3. And a proven system to automate the process

Seriously, that's ALL YOU NEED.

I don't care what those fancy pants "gurus" say...

If you want to listen to THEM, you can close this page right now, go ahead, do it.

But if you want to listen to someone who has been in the trenches...

Someone who has been through the trial & error...

Someone who has created over 250 failed affiliate campaigns to learn this simple principle...

Keep It S-I-M-P-L-E!

Here're the results I got from doing so...

What you see on your screen right now is the result of the very first campaign I've launched using this brain-dead simple system...

This campaign took less than 50 minutes to setup.

I barely knew what I was doing as I was just starting with this system...

Yet, after less than 24 hours, a $17.95 commission landed into my account.

Thinking it happened completely by accident...

After all, I don't consider myself as a genius or something...

I Decided To Start All Over Again From Scratch!

I chose a new product to promote from the marketplace

Quickly built my ONE PAGE website...

Plugged the essentials of this system back in place...

And headed to work...

I couldn't stop thinking about this all day...

When I got back home, I quickly fired up my old laptop, eagerly waiting to see the results...

My hands were shaking; I was sweating like a sinner in church.

Here's what I saw when I logged into my account...

$127.85 commission has been loaded into my account, and I wasn't even there!

At that point, I knew I was on to something BIG.

But I still couldn't believe I finally found something that actually works.

So I Went Through The Entire Process All over Again!

New product, new one-page website, the same quick setup...

This time the product was in a niche I have no clue about...

And sure enough, after 4 hours the first commission came in.

This time it was only a $5.95 commission, but what happened in the next 24 hours knocked my socks off...

$253.65 have been loaded into my account, on complete autopilot!

At that point, I knew I have something that most people would donate a kidney to have in their hands, so...

I Turned My Screen Recording Software On And Started Documenting The Entire Process

  • How I choose winning products to promote
  • How I create my ONE-PAGE money machine
  • How I setup the entire sales funnel to automate the entire process

It's all in there!

And now... For the very first time... And for a limited time only...

I release this entire "watch over my shoulder" video series to the public.


Affilister Blueprint

If you've been struggling to make money online...

Doesn't matter if it's for 3 years... 3 months... Or even 3 days...

Affilister is going to make your life so much easier! Because in this brand new video course I show you step-by-step how to setup your very own "commission machines" in less than 60 minutes from now even if you're a complete beginner!

  • How to find HIGH-QUALITY products to promote - This is the key. Most people choose products that 1000's of other affiliates are promoting in the same niche, and this is a crucial mistake that sets you up for failure before you've even started. You see, when other affiliates ZIG, you need to ZAG. I'll show you a fool-proof process for choosing high converting products to promote in 10 minutes or less.

  • The One Page Commission Generating Cash Machine - Watch as I create & setup a lead sucking ONE PAGE website that acts as my personal sales-person, and does the selling for me all day long. I'll also show you the designs that have been converting well for me, but don't get too excited because it seems that UGLY designs that an 8-year old kid can do work best in almost any niche.

  • The copy & paste formula for promoting affiliate products - Discover the secret resource that enables you to use pre-made content for your affiliate funnel on the fly, and absolutely free. It won't cost you a dime to use it, yet it would help you create your first "Commission Machine" in minutes, even if you've never launched an affiliate campaign before landing on this page.

  • Secret Ninja Automation Tools Used By Super Affiliates - Let me show you the tools I'm using in my business to completely automate every single campaign I launch, and turn your one-page website into a commission-getting cash machine that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on complete autopilot. These tools will allow you to truly enjoy the internet lifestyle you're craving for very quickly!

  • The Highly Profitable Evergreen Commission System - Amateur affiliate only think about the initial sale, but they don't think long-term. I'll show you how to quickly crank an evergreen sales system that'll keep generating commissions for months and years ahead. This is a unique angle that I've been perfecting for over three months, and NOBODY else talks about this in the affiliate marketing industry as far as I know.

  • Plus Much, Much more!

We haven't even scratched the surface yet, because Affilister is full of golden nuggets you can't find anywhere else, 100% GUARANTEED.

And as you can see, I walk you through the entire process over my shoulder in a simple, easy to digest "do this, then do that..." approach.

Take a look inside our members area...

To get a feel for the incredible amount of value that we give away inside Affilister!


It Really Is Point & Click Easy!

So all you have to do is copy what you see on your screen

Follow my crystal clear instructions

And build your "Commission Machine" along with me...

It doesn't get easier than that!

And listen, I know that there are HUNDREDS of courses out there that promise to teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

But let's face it...

Most of these courses are over-priced for no logic reason.

And those who do offer a reasonable price...

Will walk you through 100's of videos that are full of "theory" stuff...

Or outdated & rehashed information you can easily find on Google for free.

So let's make a deal...

14-Day Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Listen, take your credit card out right now...

Click the button below, and enter your details in the secure order form you'll see on the following page...

Create your "Affilister" account as soon as you complete the payment.

And start watching the training videos inside the member's area.

Take massive action, start building your first "Commission Machine" along with me.

And if you don't see your first commission using my system...

Simply let me know using the contact form you can find inside the member's area

And I'll send you a full refund almost immediately...

But you actually have to use the training, you have to take action and create the system.

Otherwise it wouldn't be fair, right?

And if it doesn't work for you, you get every single penny back.

That's right.

But before you join...

Check out what other warriors had to say about Affilister and the stuff that I teach inside this training program...

Originally Posted by Katie Lendel

One of my TOP recommendations for becoming an expert in affiliate marketing is the Affilister Blueprint.

Emir did an amazing job teaching the concepts of a successful internet marketing campaign and how to start on the right track if you are a newbie.

But if you have already had some experience before, this course will definitely take your business to a whole new level! I'd suggest to grab it now, while you still can!

Originally Posted by theDarkKnightMarketer View Post

leon I owe you this my friend,

had to blur some parts to comply with the WF rules.

this wso produces results..

that's all there's to it!

Originally Posted by marieel View Post

Wow!! I was actually very skeptical but nevertheless I put together my first campaing and to my surprise i made $25.14 selling an affiliate offer from clickbank marketplace! This is such a great course and emir teaching makes it very easy to follow along and implement this as a newbie..

By the way you can talk to emir on skype and he is very friendly and very helpful

the $0.07 is my earning for a trial offer that will pay me 50% recurring income of $67 per month after the trial period ends

Originally Posted by Ella Klassen

One of the best courses I've ever seen online, especially when it comes to learning the basics of online marketing.

If you are someone who is just starting out and feeling overwhelmed and confused - Emir's course will clear it up for you and you'll walk away with a plan of action!

Thank you Emir for creating this course, I know for a fact, this course will change people's lives and create breakthroughs for many!

Originally Posted by alaskassama82

Hello brother Emir! Thank you so much for the mentoring.

I was so stuck online for years without knowing how to setup auto responders or create any landing pages and promote stuff online. But since I met you and started implementing your methods, I made my first $500 within a week. Thank you so much!

Originally Posted by Vanesa Govori View Post

I'm one of those who paid $97 for Affilister when Emir sold this course via email.

So when I say this course is currently a bargain at $17, I really mean it!

The course itself is as step-by-step as it gets and will get any newbie on the right track to making money online with affiliate marketing. Emir teaches you the basic principles that you must follow if you want to be profitable online. He will show you where to locate good products and how to create promotions that will make you money.

I personally vouch for it because I have made my first sale with this program and it's all thanks to Emir and Affilister!

Originally Posted by Latoon Technologies

I was searching for a course which could clear my basic concepts and give me a push in the affiliate marketing by step by step guidance and luckily I got this course. I have gone through the whole course and I am feeling more confident then ever before that I can earn a decent amount of money following the method of Emir.

This course is really awesome for beginners and intermediate and I am sure you will feel more confident and informed after going through the whole course.

Thank you Emir for the great work!!!

Originally Posted by Mahara Adhe

The course is great! I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of the Affilister Blueprint. This is a very good tool for beginners to get started with affiliate marketing as it covers everything from start to finish.

Also, veterans can find some golden nugget tips and tricks that aren't covered in other places!

The Affilister Blueprint covers:
  • The best resources for finding offers that are in demand.
  • The best tools and practices for creating landing pages.
  • Where and how to source buyer traffic. (There are a few fresh methods that veterans will enjoy)
  • How to capture leads.
  • How to track and optimize conversions.

What stuck out to me is how many traffic generation strategies you're given. A lot of courses will stick to one or two methods, but this one covers at least 10 different very solid methods. I have used many of these traffic generation methods in the past and can vouch that they work on a consistent basis. That's what I love to see in a course, something that is grounded in real results. You can buy full and tested funnels if you wanted to, but knowing how to create quality traffic from multiple sources can be a pain without the proper instruction.

There is a community for ongoing Q & A and, based on your membership level, the option for a coaching call. The membership site is clean and easy to navigate. You can choose to go step by step or jump right into the strategies and/or steps that you're the most interested in. The videos are done in a casual tone and are live which is refreshing and curbs some of the boredom that can come with watching informative videos.

It's obvious that Emir has put a lot of time and effort into this course, and I would definitely recommend it!


Originally Posted by torrehardy

I was lucky enough to receive advance access to Emir's new coaching programme Affilister and was blown away by the sheer size and detail provided on the site.

There are 14 step by step videos alone on the 'system' from finding an offer, domains, hosting right through to live hangouts.

They have also got traffic covered in fine detail with another 14 videos with some real beauties here.
All in all a brilliant coaching program, well worth far more than the asking price!

all the best


Originally Posted by parg

Hello Emir

At first I want to thank you Emir to give the privilege to review his WSO.

First of all I want to tell that the videos are excellent and worth watching. Emir teaches what he practices.

After you have logged into the system go to the 'The system' menu where he had described in details from where to buy a domain, how to add name servers etc. A perfect place for the newcomers in IM. There are all together 14 parts and each part is described in details. He also added a section on 'Google hangouts' which would help you to pose yourself as an authority in that particular field.

What I liked most is the 'Traffic' section. It consists of 14 sections starting from 'Banner ads' to 'Viral Content traffic'. All these traffic methods are clearly explained and depending on the offer one can choose the traffic source. I recommend this course for both the new and experienced (the traffic portion) Internet Marketers.

I would request Emir to share his experience on keyword analysis in his course. I could no find any video related to keyword research. Last but not the least he also is available for 1 to 1 Skype coaching.

I which Emir all success in his IM journey.

Originally Posted by millionairesandie

Affilister is a 36-page PDF that walks you through how to set up success to build a list in 90 days or less.

You will learn from the beginning to the end on how to create a successful list.

This is accompanied by a series of videos that will walk you through each step of the process.

The videos are broken down into bite sized pieces so you can easily digest them & go back over later if you need to review.

You'll learn the three basic components of any business & why the first sale is magic.

After you learn the basics of his program & understand what he will be teaching, you'll get into the system. You'll learn how to create giveaways & your own products.

You'll learn how to located products, getting your website set up & how to create your landing page. You'll also learn how to set up your autoresponder & get people to your site - both free & paid.

Being new, you'll need to come up with ideas & Emir shows you how to locate inspiration. How to turn those ideas into your own.

You will learn how to connect with your audience so your list can continue to grow.

Emir has done a great job & his teaching style is very easy to follow.

Originally Posted by parklands

I was given the opportunity to review Emir's coaching program, and this is the most comprehensive course I have seen on the subject of Affiliate marketing, it consists of step by step videos of everything you would possibly want to know to start your own affiliate business.

It is broken down into several parts.

Getting Started

The System




And a whole lot more, each section is packed with great explanations and knowledge of
How to go about the particular task you are currently in, getting started and the system sections,
have 14 videos in each, covering everything you need to know to move your
business in the right direction, you can contact Emir on skype and discuss anything as
you move through his coaching,

There is so much more in this coaching and Emir is very good at explaining everything to get you to where you want to be, Yes you have to work at it, but with Emir's help and guidance you will have a great opportunity to

Some of you are wondering about the price, thinking it's going to cost you a fortune...

And it probably should, right?

After all... you're getting the path I took to make millions, step by step, click by click.

It's priceless.

But I actually tried to put a number on it.

I sat...and counted up everything you're getting and how much it would cost you to get it all from anywhere else.

Even though this doesn't take into account the value of my help, these estimates should just give you a little idea of what we're dealing with here.

The online profit training: would easily sell for $2,000.

I've had many people offer me way more than that to learn these tactics I'm using.

The turnkey online business:

Has a minimum value of $497.

Plus the amazing coaching I'm giving away is easily worth $1,000 if you were to go and have them bought separately.

If you go build it all on your own...

You're going to spend THOUSANDS for what you're getting here.

But it's going to cost you a lot more than that...because odds are it won't work.

Putting this all together by yourself is like doing surgery on yourself.

Not smart.

There will be no expert to oversee you.

No mentor to help you.

It's just not a good use of your money or your time.

So that's why my first thought would be to charge $997.00 for the program.

Because that's what logically makes sense.

But I reminded myself that...

The reason why I'm doing this, is to help people out who are still struggling.

And to gain some inspiration.

And there's no way someone who needs help could actually afford $997.00 - no matter how much my training and coaching would help them.

So I've bought the price down...

And here's what I decided...

I decided to basically charge NOTHING for the program.

That's right. Just enough to cover our costs. And we also decided we want to reward fast movers...

So we chose to offer the entire Affilister program at just $17 - specifically for Warrior Forum members.

Quick reminder: We are currently running a special promo, where you can join Affilister for only $1.

This will be available for the next 48 hours only, after that the price goes back to it's original $17.

Act now and you get the entire program for a measly...

Remember, you're getting everything for just a dollar *$1*.

Do you know what it's called when you pass up a deal like that?

It's called insanity.

And now I'm going to give you another reason why it's insane to turn down this offer.

You're losing money every moment that you're not doing this.

Lots of money that you can make EASILY setting up the "Commission Machines"...

You're also missing out on something more than that.

You're missing out on life.

See...if you do nothing today and go back to the way things used to be...you'll never know all the wonderful things in life that you'd be missing out on.

You'll never know... what it's like to have your bankers treating you like a king, offering you whatever you want...begging you not to leave...

You'll never know what it's like to not have to worry about money.

You'll never know what it would be like to never have to answer to anyone but yourself.

And to buy whatever you want on a whim.

I've done it all for you.

All you need to do is say "YES" and let this money into your life.

It's that easy.

This program will make you money. And it's risk free. That means money is basically waiting for you on a silver platter on the other side of this page...

Go get it now.

To your success,

Still got questions?

  • Emir, your WSO looks amazing. Are There Any OTOs?

At the moment there are no other upsells or OTOs. We might include some in the future to make the main product even better and more valuable.

  • What Niche Does This Training Focus On?

This training can work for any niche where there is money to be made. More on this inside the course.

  • How is the training delivered?

This is a members only site where you'll be able to log in after you create your account with Affilister. The training is delivered in both step-by-step videos and downloadable PDFs. There are also live webinars reserved for our members that we do each week.

  • Do I have to pay for traffic?

I show you a unique method that's built-into this system. There's no paying for clicks here. This FREE traffic method is EASY, fast and will get you quality leads. But there are also proven and tested paid traffic strategies covered inside Affilister. So you get the best of both worlds.

  • Is there any support?

Yes. You will get 1 month email support with Affilister.

  • Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

You can get a refund within 14 days of the date of your purchase if you meet our refund policy. You can find more details about this at the bottom of this post.

  • I have a few other questions. How can I contact you?

You can send me a PM here on Warrior Forum. Drop a comment below or contact me on my Facebook profile here.


P.S. Some of the reviews and testimonials below are from my first WSO which was "The First Sale Project" released in 2015 and they may or may not be in reference to Affilister. Don't confuse the below reviews which were for an ebook (PDF) to the new version of Affilister (updated in 2017) which is a complete step-by-step training program.

P.P.S. The money-back guarantee only applies to those who will actually use the product and the training material(s) and create their campaign(s) promoting an affiliate offer the way it's outlined in the course. If and after you set everything up correctly, you still don't manage to see any results, you can contact us and ask for a refund. We will ask that you send us proof of your landing page(s) that you have created and the traffic sources that you have used. If you can prove that you have tried your best to make Affilister work for you but you still didn't manage to make any affiliate commission(s), you will receive an immediate refund + $50 out of my own pocket to say sorry for wasting your time.



Affilister has been featured in Top 5 WSOs Of The Week

Originally Posted by Bamm View Post

2. Emir Gulderen's Affilister (November 2017)

If you're an affiliate marketing savant and wish to learn more, look no further with this coaching program Emir offers. It's also very nice of him to even profile the level of expertise of his potential buyers upon registration - that way he can easily adjust his method of teaching. Definitely worth looking at.
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    can i have review copy.
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    No review copies available to anyone.
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    Any review copies ? If yes send it over.
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    Originally Posted by Leonhart View Post

    No review copies available to anyone.
    How did you miss the reply Steve? lol
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    FREE VIDEO: The formula for landing your first affiliate commission online

    Before you join the full course, I would like to share with you the formula that will show you how I've made my first sale online when I got started, promoting affiliate offers and how you can too.

    I believe in giving a ton of value before I ask anything in return. It will also prove to you that I know my stuff and I walk the talk myself.

    This video is from my mini-course called "The First Sale Project" and has helped hundreds of newbie affiliates make their first ever affiliate sales online.

    This is only the basic stuff and we teach more advanced strategies inside the full course of Afflister.


    (If you have any questions, shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.)


    Get Full, Unlimited Access!

    Full version of Affilister includes:
    • Step-by-step, over the shoulder training videos that will show you how to set-up simple affiliate campaigns that generate real profits online
    • Exclusive traffic generating videos and tutorials
    • Live webinars
    • Case studies
    • Amazing bonuses that are not mentioned on the sales page
    • Community access
    • Podcasts
    • Done-for-you funnels
    • And the ability to contact me one-on-one via Skype

    All of this, and more is included with your membership in Affilister.

    If you're not a part of this amazing program, feel free to sign up below and I'm looking forward to welcome you to our members area.

    Make 2017 your most profitable year ever. Join Affilister today for a low, one-time investment of just:

    ONE-TIME Investment Of Just $17!

    This offer may be closed at any time without warning.

    This training is selling for $97 outside the Warrior Forum and I can give you links and receipts of past customers who bought this for $97 if you send me a PM. This training is offered for such a low price only at the Warrior Forum as a special offer.

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    How much time do you think someone have to invest to make a significant amount per week following your method.
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      Originally Posted by faisalmaximus View Post

      How much time do you think someone have to invest to make a significant amount per week following your method.
      Honestly, it depends.

      There's no such thing as passive income, setting up something once and never working at it again. You always make small tweaks, change headlines, change offers etc.

      Nowadays, because I have the tools and expertise that I got throughout the years, I only work two to three hours per day in my business. But there have been occasions where I worked more than a few hours per day.

      But the most important thing is to have discipline and focus on what's really important. Wasting time on Facebook newsfeed or Instagram is not really work that will get you any significant results, or creating fancy graphics and making your website pretty.

      If your job isn't getting traffic and converting people to become buyers, it's just waste of time.

      So when you have this mindset, you can work a few hours per day and focus on the important stuff that will get you closer to your end goal.

      So to answer your question, there really isn't a 100% accurate answer to this. Maybe you have great work ethic and can do a lot more in a hour than most people can do in weeks. It all depends on you. But I personally work each day, approximately about two to three hours per day (and more if necessary).

      But that's just me!

      P.S. This really isn't a method, it's more of a blueprint that outlines the process that will show you how to do affiliate marketing properly. It's nothing groundbreaking or new, but it's based on a formula that has worked for years. I'm saying this because people think this is a new loophole that will get them a gazillion visitors overnight and make them a millionaire by the end of this week. This is the opposite of that. It requires real work and discipline. But if you're ready, I'm more than willing to help you and guide you along the way.

      I'm all about truth and authenticity and willing to help people who are serious about succeeding online.

      Kind regards,
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    I bought this a few months ago.. One of the best decisions I ever made online! Affilister is not just a course, it's the most comprehensive and step-by-step membership site that covers affiliate marketing and internet marketing in great detail, you'll ever come across.

    Emir has helped me and was kind enough to assist me whenever I stumbled upon a roadblock while trying to make this work for me.

    Oh and I actually paid $97 to get access to Affilister because Emir was selling this exclusively via email only to his subscribers back then.

    And I'm more than happy that I did!

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      Originally Posted by Vanesa Govori View Post

      I bought this a few months ago.. One of the best decisions I ever made online! Affilister is not just a course, it's the most comprehensive and step-by-step membership site that covers affiliate marketing and internet marketing in great detail, you'll ever come across.

      Emir has helped me and was kind enough to assist me whenever I stumbled upon a roadblock while trying to make this work for me.

      Oh and I actually paid $97 to get access to Affilister because Emir was selling this exclusively via email only to his subscribers back then.

      And I'm more than happy that I did!

      You're an inspiration to many Vanesa.

      With hard work and determination, there isn't anything that you can't achieve - and you have proved it!

      Keep up the great work!
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    Thanks for the WSO.

    One quick question - what's the total startup
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    Hey Mr. Vampire

    I replied to your PM.
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    Hi Emir, Do you show how to get traffic to these offers?
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    Hi, What's a good realistic budget to kick this off. Thanks.
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      About $10 - $20 per day if you drive traffic via paid advertising. And elementary costs such as autoresponder and landing page creator. But once you get the system set up properly, you can brake even on your ad spend so you can scale big.
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    do you cover paid traffic as well?
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      Yes, paid traffic is covered too.
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    Hi - what skills do I need to do well with this course? For example, copywriting.
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    • Profile picture of the author Leonhart
      Elementary skills, such as putting a landing page together and setting up your email autoresponder series, etc.

      Nothing complicated.
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    Hi there
    I am based in Cape Town.
    Could I do this from here?
    Most Affiliates want traffic from the US, UK Europe ( the big buying e comm market...)
    So this is why I ask.
    Would I have to set up my pages / server in one of these countries perhaps?
    Thank you in advance ☺
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      You could do this from anywhere. It doesn't require you to be a US or UK resident.
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    There's an upsell, right?
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      At the moment, there are no other additional upsells or one-time offers.
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    Is social media involved?
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    • Profile picture of the author Leonhart
      No, social media is only covered if you want to drive traffic from there. But there are other traffic sources that you can use. So if social media isn't your thing, you don't have to do it.
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    Hi, I would be interested, but would like to see fresh reviews. I wanted to check on reviews placed in your WSO's introductory page, but all have error links, none is leading to actual review, so it is difficult to get the information about how real the review is or when it was created .


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      Looks like TO does not care about your question...
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      • The thread was first published in the War Room, so people who are not War Room members get an error when they click to go to the actual review. I have personally used this course and know that this guy is the real deal. But the thing is, in his past wso launches the user above Nora has always had something to say about the reviews not being new or her not being able to find the source. I smell a tire kicker. It's easier to just move on.
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        • Profile picture of the author beautyuno1
          Really. I am a long time war room member Eric!...., And I joined this forum long time before you did! I did not say anything wrong and I care a lot about this forum and from my experience here are placed a lot of reviews which are biased and given for free. But who are you to judge my comments!!!! in first place....
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    Hey Emir, hope you're doing great!

    I would like you to mention that you also do free coaching with your clients and you personally help them finally start generating money like you did for me! Lol!

    I haven't seen you mentioning this anywhere in the sales letter. You should let people know that they are getting transformation here, not just some lousy course.

    Respect should be given where it's due, and Affilister and Emir deserve it.

    Thank you for everything you've done for me!

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    hii can you help me to get started with your system
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    • Profile picture of the author Leonhart
      Sure. Just drop me a PM and we'll start from there!
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    Sent you a PM about this yesterday.
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    Do you need to spend money on paid traffic generation to see the result.
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    • Profile picture of the author Leonhart
      No, free traffic is covered in great detail. But if you want to move to paid traffic later on, you can. We cover both.
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