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Hi, I'm Stephen, and it's true. You can have a custom Internet business delivered to you in about 35 days or less. So here's the story.

I very recently completed Phase 1 of a part-time Internet marketing project named Project SpiderWeb. The question this project sought to answer is whether or not enough cash could be shoveled off the Internet to cover the lease payment for a sleek FIAT Spider 124.

By any objective measure, Phase I has been a phenomenal success because this part-time Internet marketing project has produced over $4,000 in gross revenue and over $3,400 in net income. You can see the details of how everything unfolded by visiting bit.ly/projectspiderweb.

The question I keep getting asked by some of my past and present coaching clients is whether I can do something like this for them. The thing is that up until now, my answer was always NO because my schedule has just been way too busy.

But today I'm extremely excited to announce that I've created an amazing Internet money generator that's basically a DONE FOR YOU Internet business in a box that I'll personally customize just for you - IF you qualify.

Here's the deal... I'm not got going to bust my ass for someone who's not willing to take massive action with the Internet business I'm going to be giving them. But we'll talk more about whether or not you qualify for what I'm offering you in a moment.

Right now, what I think we both realize is that the fastest way to give yourself the freedom to quit your soul sucking day job and escape the depressing 9-to-5 rat race is to have a low-risk Internet business that quietly runs in the cloud and quickly pours buckets of cash into your bank acct.

Now, I know that might sound like a load of bullshit if you've never made a dollar on the Internet or if you've had some success here and there, but have never been able to put it all together to make anything work long-term.

Now the thing is, an Internet business can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

But when you really think about it, at its core, all we're really talking about is a lead sucking landing page, a series of profit pulling e-mail messages, a high converting sales page, a high-value/low-refund info product, a profit maximizing product delivery system, and a source of traffic. That's it.

Stop and think about something for a moment. The #1 reason why you're probably not making money on the Internet is because you're not actually selling anything on the Internet.

And that's precisely the reason why you need an Internet business.

The problem is that creating your own Internet business can be extremely time consuming. Between work, life, friends, and family you probably don't have the time to launch an Internet business that actually delivers the kind of massive value that has the potential to generates windfall profits in marketplace.

And let's keep it real -- you're probably overwhelmed, and frustrated, and confused, and just downright desperate for a legitimate way to start making an extra $50 to $100 dollars a day on the Internet. And of course even more as your Internet business grows and evolves.

Here's the solution... I'm presenting you with a rare, limited time opportunity to have your own brandable Internet business that I'll personally customize just for you and that'll be ready to hit the market in 35 days or less.

Just imagine having an Internet business whose entire operation you can oversee in your spare time.

Your Internet business works for YOU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It sets you up to be the recipient of long-term, passive income that practically runs on autopilot.

You don't need any previous experience, you don't need to be some Internet marketing genius, and you definitely don't need to be some technology expert.

So by now you're probably wondering about the cost.

After all, you're getting an entire Internet business in a box that includes the following...


First, you're getting a lead sucking landing page. I will personally customize a compelling landing page that practically forces someone to give you their e-mail address. Your landing page will be quick loading, efficient, mobile friendly, and be 100% compatible with every major e-mail service provider in the market. I'll even hook the landing page up to your autoresponder so you don't have to worry about any of the technical stuff! Your lead sucking landing page has a $500 real world value.

Second, you're getting 20 separate e-mail follow-up messages that go inside your autoresponder. These profit pulling customized messages are designed to be drip fed to your leads over the span of 60 days. These e-mail follow-up messages not only deliver tremendous value, but they also promote the primary product that your Internet business is selling. This practically guarantees that qualified prospects will convert into buyers. It's really that powerful, and this profit pulling 20 e-mail follow-up sequence has a $1,000 real world value.

Third, you're getting a customized sales page that's going to essentially hypnotize your prospective customer and make them take out their wallet and enter their payment information. Your high converting sales page will be fast loading, efficient, mobile friendly, and be 100% compatible with every major payment platform. I'll even hook the sales page up to your payment platform of choice so you don't have to worry about any of the technical stuff! Your customized sales page will be ready to fill your bank account with cold-hard cash all day long on complete autopilot. Your high converting sales page has a $2,000 real world value.

Fourth, you're getting what I like to call a "condensed knowledge" product. This is an information product that's designed to be extremely valuable for your customer. This means your refund rate will be practically non-existent. The goal is to fit as much useful and relevant information into the smallest amount of space possible. People are paying for knowledge that's well researched, well organized, and that's brief. Your condensed knowledge product will be printable, quick loading, efficient, mobile friendly, and be 100% compatible with every major computer system, tablet, and cellphone on the market today. Your high value low refund info product has a $1,000 real world value.

Fifth, you're not just getting a download page. You're getting entire profit maximizing product delivery system that makes it extremely easy for your customers to access the condensed knowledge product they purchased from you. Your product delivery system will load quickly, be hyper efficient, mobile friendly, and be 100% compatible with every major web browser. In addition, your profit maximizing product delivery system will also give your new customers an opportunity to gain exclusive access to more offers that are complimentary and that can turbocharge your profits. Remember, it's easier to sell something to an existing customer than it is to go out and find a new one. Your profit maximizing product delivery system has a $1,500 real world value.

So, in summary, you're getting 5 things. You're getting, first and foremost, a lead sucking landing page, then you're getting 20 profit pulling e-mail follow-ups, then you're going to get a high converting sales page, then I'm going to provide you with a high value low refund info product, and finally, I'm going to give you a custom profit maximizing product delivery system that's not only going to add a lot of value to the offer you're making, but it's also going to turbocharge your profits. So the total real-world value of the custom Internet business I'm offering you today is $6,000 dollars.

But don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to pay $6,000 dollars, even though it would be worth every single dollar.

For a limited time, you can claim your custom Internet business at a 70 percent DISCOUNT from its total real world value. So when you do then math, it means that your total investment today is just $1477. But I've only set aside the time to directly work with up to 3 individuals at any one time, and not everybody who wants this will qualify.

Please don't signup if you can't invest at least 30 to 60 minutes of your time on a regular basis on lead generation and traffic-getting activities.

I'll reveal various sources of low cost and free traffic that you can just plug into directly, but you have to be an action taker. You've got to be the kind of person who is able to follow easy step-by-step directions and who will actually follow through.

Now, at the risk of sounding a bit harsh...

  • If you can't follow simple instructions, this isn't for you.
  • If you're irresponsible, if you're lazy, this isn't for you.
  • If you're strapped for cash, this definitely isn't for you.
  • I'm a really nice guy and I hate to say this, but if you're difficult to work with, then this really isn't for you. Please don't signup.
  • And if you're not planning to take action, this isn't for you.

My goal is to genuinely help you, as long as you're the kind of person who is going to really take some serious action.

So if I'm describing someone that sounds like you, I'd like to hear from you right now. But please don't wait, claim your Internet business in a box right now for the one-time discounted price of $1477.

Remember, a lot of my past and current coaching clients are going to be getting this exact same offer, so needless to say, they know that I deliver, and I expect all 3 of these current spots to fill up very quickly. So don't wait, claim your Internet business-in-a-box right now for the one-time discounted price of just $1477.

It's not prohibitively expensive, but it's enough to keep the freebie seekers and time wasters away. And for the right person, this custom Internet business-in-a-box should ultimately pay YOU. After all, that's what a REAL Internet business does, right? It generates money for the business owner, which in this case, is you!

Don't you think that if you actually deployed this custom Internet business you'd get a positive return on that investment?

If you're like most people the answer would be a resounding yes! And here's something interesting about the "cost" of the custom Internet business I'm offering you. If you do the math, it's just $4.04 per day when you spread out the cost over a year. And as we both know, that's not a whole lot of money. In fact, I did a search on Google for what you can buy for $4.04 and the most interesting thing I found was a box of cookies from some local grocery store. Here's the box, I actually went out and bought them!!

So which would you rather have, a box of cookies or a ready-to-go Internet money generator that sells an in-demand product and that pours buckets of cash into your bank account on complete autopilot? Hey I love cookies, but I think I'd rather have the ready-to-go Internet business, wouldn't you?!

Let's face it... $4.04 isn't going to change your life.

As a matter of fact if you woke up tomorrow and didn't have $4.04 cents in your bank account, you probably wouldn't even notice. On the other hand, a high converting Internet money generator has the potential to change your Internet marketing results forever. And I want you to know that you're protected by 5 rock-solid guarantees.


First, you're protected by a timely delivery guarantee. If you don't have your ready-to-go Internet business delivered to you within 35 days as promised, you get an fully automatic refund.

Second, you're protected by a high conversion guarantee. If you don't see at least a 3% average conversion rate within the first 90 days of taking delivery of your Internet business, I'll work with you for as long as it takes to reach that goal.

Third, you're protected by a low refund guarantee. My feeling is what's the point of making a bunch of sales if your refund rate is going to be through the roof, right?! So if you experience a refund rate that's greater than 2% over a 90 day period of time, I'll personally make adjustments to your Internet business to get the refund rate down to 2% or less.

Fourth, you're protected by what I like to call "you'll have a mailing list within 90 days" guarantee. Your Internet business is designed to generate revenue, but it's also designed to build a list. If for some reason still don't have a mailing list after 90 days of owning your new Internet business, I'll work with you to fix the problem and get your list growing on autopilot.

Finally, you're protected by an unheard of positive return on investment guarantee. Look, I don't sell junk, okay? So if you've taken massive action, driven traffic, followed all my instructions, allowed me to personally help you, and still haven't made back your investment after 6 months, I'll buy back your Internet business and even give you an extra $500 to compensate you for your time.

Now, needless to say the reason I can make all these guarantees and stand behind them with 100% certainty and 100% integrity is because I know that the custom Internet business I'm offering you is trusted, proven, and really does work. Remember, I proved this with Project Spiderweb! Checkout the link: bit.ly/projectspiderweb

So if you're tired of chasing after all these stupid little cheap money making products that promise to make you a gazillionaire overnight and are ready to get serious with a REAL Internet business, I want to hear from you right now.

You can contact me directly by e-mail (the fastest response): stephen AT clickmonkey DOT com
You can add me on Skype (the second fastest response): stephen_6525
You can also send a Warrior Forum private message to: okStephen

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    Where the heck do you buy your cookies?
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    $1477 is not the price of a box of cookies.

    why are you deceiving us?
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      I was thinking less than $10. At least the cookies I buy. The offer sounds good, and maybe worth the price, but getting the full truth will help a lot.
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        Hi Makayla, a short PM reply was just sent your way. ^Stephen
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    • Profile picture of the author okStephen
      Taken out of the context of the entire offer, the headline can be weirdly confusing because no box of cookies that I'm aware of has a price tag of $1477. I am, however, aware of a half price baseball jacket that Lanvin is unloading for just $1498! :-)
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      I was just coming in here to same the same thing... wow they must be silver or gold cookies
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      • Profile picture of the author okStephen
        Silver and gold are yesterday's news. These cookies are made out of cryptocurrency! :-) Just to let anyone else who is on the fence know, there's only 1 spot left as of the time I'm posting this. As anticipated, two of my existing coaching clients signed up within days of the offer being made available to them.
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