[Namler] New domain brainstorming & discovery workspace 77% Off
rchase 1 year ago

[Namler] New domain brainstorming & discovery workspace 77% Off

Your domain discovery workhorse.

The most powerful domain discovery software ever released is available now.

Do you have trouble naming things? Never again!

Stop wasting precious time and find the best and most valuable available domain names in seconds!

Here's just some of the amazing benefits available to you:
  • High-performance domain discovery engine!
  • Instant available single-word domains.
  • Get daily/weekly available domain reports.
  • Full background checks (domains, social, trademarks & company results).
  • Dropped domain discovery reports! (4 character, 5 character domains and more!)
  • Never miss your perfect domain again, with real-time sync and notifications on all your devices.
  • Find the most valuable available domains NOW!

We're offering everyone at Warrior Forum
77% off the launch price

This is huge - Pro access is normally priced at $30 a month, this will make it $7 a month. You can also get a further 2 months off for only $5.83 a month by paying annually.
Monthly ($7/mo) - https://namler.com/offer/warrior
Annual ($5.83/mo) - https://namler.com/offer/warrior-annual

(PayPal and Stripe payment options available).


Domain discovery engine
Brainstorm & discover all the best domains still available.

Custom reporting
Never miss your perfect domain by scheduling reports to be emailed to you with single word domains, or available domains containing specific words.

Get instant background checks
Instant checks of domains, trademarks, social media and USA/UK company checks to help protect you from lost time and money.

Cloud-sync between all your devices
Don't settle for a mediocre name (and never forget any you found) with secure cloud-sync between all your devices.

Totally private
Your names are completely private to you and secured by SSL encryption and managed firewalls.

CSV downloads
Download all your names as CSV so you can import into other apps.

Dropped domain discovery (& much more)
Featuring a dropped domain discovery engine that gives you highly accurate data on names dropping soon, or have already dropped.
This includes instantly available 4 character and 5 character domains, and daily/weekly summary alerts (if you want them).

All these reasons why to join:

https://namler.com/offer/warrior (only $7 a month)
https://namler.com/offer/warrior-annual (only $5.83 a month)

Get in at this rock bottom price now - don't miss out on the most advanced tool on the market that can pay for itself many times over.

Supercharge your domain discovery & never miss the perfect domain again!

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  • Profile picture of the author Dave d
    I understand the price point to get in is cheap but I would like to see this in action first, do you have some sort of video demo showing what this can do.

    Also I would like to see some domains you have recently discovered with this tool and their value if possible.

    Finally is this your software ? Can you provide more background info on this.

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    • Profile picture of the author rchase

      Thanks for your comments Yes I'm happy to answer any questions.

      I'm the author of the software. Naming is hard and I used to struggle to find great domain names for my projects. I've tried many tools in my life and some of them are great, but none came close to what I was hoping for. I needed things like turbo checking speeds and realtime cloud sync. So if you are searching on your phone domains you find are instantly synced to your PC when you get back. Also instant and ongoing reports so the app can keep on working when you are asleep.

      In addition, Namler has a multi-tenanted, geo-location based checking infrastructure allowing a traditionally slow process checking lots of domains to be fast, wherever you are in the World.

      The overview looks like this: When you click "Launch Workspace" on the homepage, Namler starts with a simple search and it asks first if you will allow it to use your location. If you agree, it will direct you to the closest region to you for the fastest speeds. (if you don't allow, it works fine, but your results might come from a different continent, so is in your best interest to say yes).

      The algorithm is continuously checking which workers in the pool are responding the fastest and weighing it to serve you the fastest results.

      On videos, we are making them now. There is an app tour which shows you just how easy it is the find amazing domain names - so head on over now and get started:

      You can try out the basic feature set free with a personal account to try it right away (but I would recommend to sign up for a free 7-day trial of a full account to give you full access to more advanced features like where it will keep working while you are asleep).

      There is a LOT going on at Namler and it has quickly become the most advanced domain name discovery tool ever released - new features are added regularly allowing you to find the best domains for yourself or your business.

      While there are a lot of simple name generators out there, there is nothing like this. With over 15 years of experience in domain discovery my team is making this problem a thing of the past - helping connect you to the best available domains you don't want others to find first!

      Lastly, to answer your question on domains it has found. If you look at Namler marketplace almost all the domains were discovered with the Namler - https://namler.com/market

      Namler also has the cheapest domain market in the industry - so if all the features above were not enough as an AMAZING way to make money (for anyone with a pro account) selling is completely free! That means you can not only discover amazing domains still available for your own projects but you can sell any you don't need for free - With no market listing or success fee's for pro and business members - the cheapest place to sell on the Internet!

      Namler is the people's market and the best value place in the industry to sell any of your domains allowing you to keep all the profit!

      So get in now cheaper than everyone else with this Warrior Forum Special Pre-Launch Offer.

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