[Only $1] X10 Your Affiliate Results Today With These Profit Pulling Affiliate Strategies!
James Baker 3 years ago

[Only $1] X10 Your Affiliate Results Today With These Profit Pulling Affiliate Strategies!

Tired Of Watching Other Affiliates Rake In Consistent Commissions and Big Paydays While You Still Struggle To Make Anything?

"Discover The Simple, Yet Wildly Effective
Profit Pulling Strategies That X10 My Affiliate Marketing Results
And Allows Me To Bank Consistent
Affiliate Commissions DAILY"

Simply Copy These Strategies To Generate A Shocking Boost In Your Affiliate Income TODAY

From the desk of James Baker

Dear struggling warrior,

If you are still failing to make consistent money with affiliate marketing then I want you to pay close attention to every word on this page...

It's a bold promise and seems a bit lofty, I know.

Yet what I'm about to offer you presents the EXACT formulas and strategies myself and the most effective affiliate marketers on the internet use to create profit pulling affiliate campaigns.

I'm not talking about ones that create your typical poor optin rates, and 1-3% standard conversion rates.

I'm talking campaigns that I setup and seen an average of x10 the industry standards or what most are used too.

The strategies and formulas I follow allow me to see optin rates at 50-65% or higher.

Conversion rates of over 10% and higher and great epcs.

But my results where not always like this.

See, for years I followed the typical ways that most "gurus" teach. Although i saw some success, it was never consistent, usually lost money on paid traffic, solo ads and i never achieved the conversion rates I see today.

I knew other affiliates where out there crushing it but the question was how where they getting such great results, such great optin rates, conversions, successful email follow ups. What where there secrets?

All of the courses I studied didn't seem to touch or teach on any of this.

It was simply set up your funnel, setup your email swipes, get traffic and you should make money!

Its was frustrating. Setting up campaigns like this really didn't make me much money, and if I used paid traffic like solo ads? You could forget about a decent profit it seemed.

I was tired of poor performing affiliate campaigns.

low optin rates, low conversions, low email opens and sales.

It wasn't just me either. Lots of affiliates were confronted with same problems everyday.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So I went back to drawing board, learning everything about the ways I could increase my conversions, and profits with my affiliate campaigns. Starting from my landing pages through to my email marketing.

This time taking notes from some of the most successful affiliates around.

The ones you've most likely have never heard of. The ones that quietly sit back and make 6 and 7 figures from affiliate marketing without all the hype or spotlights.

The information I came out with was mind blowing to say the least.

Once I stopped following what I was taught by the so called gurus out there, and applied the proven affiliate marketing principles and tactics that the most successful affiliate marketers use, everything changed.

From Struggling To Profitable, And High Converting Daily Commissions

After a few months of testing and adapting the strategies from some of the most successful affiliates I finally had the right strategies in place to succeed and truly start creating profit-pulling affiliate campaigns the proper way.

Now it's your time to put an end to failure. To stop following what most failing affiliates are doing and start following my conversion crushing affiliate marketing strategies and see the success you deserve.

Affiliate Profits Formula
Your Formula To REAL Profit Pulling x10 Affiliate Results

Affiliate Profits formula is a simple, no fluff report showing you the exact core strategies to go from failing to successful affiliate marketer making profits daily

A Sneak Peek At What's Waiting For You Inside

Winning Affiliates Products Formula

  • You may have been taught to simply pick an offer, promote it and you make money. This is a good way to leave a lot of money on the table and end up failing. Let me show you how to pick a winning affiliate offer every time and make sure you make the most money from the offers!

Landing Page Conversion Formula
  • Most affiliates have a hard time getting there landing pages to convert. See real life examples of how I create optin crushing landing pages that run at 50%-65% and over every time by using my 3 conversion boosting secrets!

Affiliate Profit Boosting Funnels Formula
  • See behind the curtain of my 3 best converting types of affiliate funnels I use to crush the competition and create affiliate campaigns that convert at over 10%. Earning me more sales and profits than most!

Email Marketing Profit Formula
  • Email marketing is one of the hardest parts for affiliates. Let me show you the secrets to getting high open rates, follow up engagement and More!

10x Affiliate Promotion Formula
  • Learn the secrets the pros use when it comes to promoting affiliate products! I will share with you my 3 proven, high converting methods that 10x your results by simply using these affiliate promotion strategies!

You'll LOVE The strategies shared in Affiliate Profits Formula but
To make this a complete no-brainer, I'm also including the following bonuses for fast action takers:

The blueprint revealed in Affiliate Profits Formula is going to completely change how you view affiliate marketing. These are the strategies that will help you FINALLY breakthrough and see success.

I know there is a lot of garbage courses out there that make big claims but never deliver on what they promise. In Affiliate Profits Breakthrough I only teach the methods I personally use to make money with affiliate marketing every month. No theory here. Just methods that have been proven to work.

So what are you waiting for...isn't it time you had your success? Click the buy now button and get started today!

I am SO confident that if you take action on what you learn in this guide you WILL get results. Because of that I am offering you my 30 day modified refund policy. If you do the work taught in this guide for 30 days and show me what you did and still don't receive any results with my help, email me for a full 100% refund.

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    Hi James,
    Beside this cost of $1.00, what other tools that I need or other costs to pay in setting up the affiliate business? Will you teach me how to drive traffic to my site?
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    • Profile picture of the author James Baker
      Hey Bemyboss,

      This training goes into good detail about affiliate methods i've used to get excellent results. I cover my best conversion secrets for all aspects of affiliate marketing but this one is not a course on how to setup an affiliate business from a-z. I do have a course that teaches exactly that though if you are just starting. let me know i can direct you to it if needed. i cover everything including traffic.

      hope this helps
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      • Profile picture of the author bemyboss
        Hi James,

        Sorry for my late reply.
        How much does your other course cost?
        Do I need my own hosting, domain, autoresponder, sales funnel?
        If I buy your other course, do I still need this course?
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    Review to follow
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    Here's a little feedback for you. When I land on a WSO that's displayed in the new, "modern" format, my tendency is to close the window without reading anything. And it's very likely that I am not the only one who does that. Anyway, I hope my feedback is helpful...

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    So you also get included the 30 day email formula?
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      Included in the bonuses is a 30 day email swipe file containing 30 emails you can use in your email marketing campaigns.
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      I have asked a question
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