[SECRET RANKING METHOD] Learn How To Rank Your Affiliate Offers For Free With Chrome Extensions
Steven Roberts 2 weeks ago

[SECRET RANKING METHOD] Learn How To Rank Your Affiliate Offers For Free With Chrome Extensions

Rank Your Offers In Google
Using Chrome Extensions


And here's a nice unsolicited review:

Not Sure If This Is For You?

Head Over To Gojacker.com And See For Yourself - it's free!

Need more information on how to use it?
Then this WSO will explain all:

  • .pdf Volume 1: how to set up a Chrome developer account and use the GoJacker site to make Chrome extensions in minutes, then rank them!
  • .pdf Volume 2: how to make more complex Chrome extensions using the included template and icon set, and then just watch them rank!

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    What is this all about?
    GoJacker is about making Chrome extensions and apps, and then ranking them on Google

    Why bother?
    Because Chrome extensions enjoy authority from Google. So they're easier to rank on page 1.

    What are you selling?
    I am selling two reports, along with a template and icons. The first report shows how to get set up on the Chrome webstore, and how to use the GoJacker FREE WEBSITE to make Chrome extensions. The second report explains how to make more functional extensions.

    Do I need to buy the reports?
    Not if you already know all this, and you're welcome to use GoJacker.com as many times as you wish to make quick extensions and apps.

    Are there any upsells, OTOs etc?
    No - this is dead simple. The website is free to use by anyone. (And no email registration is needed either)

    How well do extensions rank?
    Generally, extensions rank highly for easy to moderate keywords after a day or two. Despite what anyone else may tell you, ranking on Google is a competition, so if someone has better ranking factors than you, then they will rank higher. That's why it is impossible to guarantee ranking capability. But Chrome extensions and apps come with inbuilt authority so they are easier to rank. And they can be tuned. And the Chrome webstore has its own search engine with millions of visitors so you can drive traffic in several ways.

    Do you offer a guarantee?
    If you have tried to make this work and just can't, then let me help. If you're continuing to struggle, then I will refund you.

    Are there any review copies?
    Sorry, no. But if you have questions, ping me a PM.
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    PM sent.

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    In the second report where you explain how to make more functional extensions, is there an investment needed to to create those extensions?
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    Thanks and no - no additional investment required at all.
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    Can this work for any website? What about youtube videos?
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    Yes- it can work with any offer, and also good for YT vids because the Chrome Webstore Extension landing page (where you go when you install an extension) can have a video as the main element on the page. This could be the video you want to promote.
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    1. Do we need a domain name for this ?
    2. Is this good for launch jacking only ?
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    1) No. The landing page itself in the Chrome webstore can host a YT video which could be your offer. To get the extension or app to point to another page, Google needs that page registered on Webmaster Tools (aka Search Console). This can be via your own domain, but it can also be a Blogger or Google Sites page. You can use that page as a landing page. If you want to redirect somewhere else (like a third party offer page) then you use HTML meta refresh - a single line of code. Or, if it's your own domain, use a PrettyLink or other redirect.
    2) It certainly works for launch jacking, but I've also ranked Amazon products (for affiliate sales) and established digital products (not launch jacked). I've also used it for generic terms targeting specific sports.

    It's so easy to test the method: make an extension with a few clicks, upload to the Chrome webstore, and then wait a bit for it to be indexed. Why not give it go? You don't need to buy the WSO to try it out!
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    If we have some php applications hosted on website, can we convert those applications into chrome apps by connecting with the php hosted app in the background using your tools?
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Roberts
    Hmmm - thank you - that's a really interesting question...
    I will say straight off that I haven't tried this, so I do not know for sure. But I believe the answer is yes, you should be able to invoke php remotely from the app but that may depend on what the script is, because Google has cracked down on rogue apps that have employed viruses and mining scripts.
    This is outside the scope of my WSO although I show a simple way to use HTML in a chrome extension popup in volume 2.
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    Just experimented it for free, man, this thing is awesome. Already ranking one on the second page for a semi-competitive popular product on Amazon.

    Steven's support is amazing. I've not even bought the product, and he's helped me so much.

    I'm buying the report tomorrow. It'd be foolish not to, to see how to fully utilize this thing to the max.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Roberts
    Thanks mate - glad you're having a go.
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    Yesterday I pulled an NFL-based CPA offer from Peerfly and made a simple extension using the Gojacker website and threw it up on the Chrome Webstore. And because you can select which countries the extension is made available for, I just chose the USA - so I don't get useless traffic.

    24 hours later it's ranking on page 1 for that keyword - simple!

    Go on and try it - you don't even need to buy the WSO because the website is free to use.
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    I hope I'm not the only one taking advantage of this. This thing is awesome. Been spending the entire week making these extensions. Seeing them ranked already is fun.

    Already got 9 in so far. They take a few days to get indexed. But when so, they do rank high.

    Of course you got to know a little about SEO to make this work. There's no free lunch.

    Given it's harder and harder these days to rank well on Google. This is one of the best things one can use right now.

    By far the best Warrior offer I've seen on this forum. The potential is endless.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Roberts
    Wow- thank you so much for such a nice review!
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