Offline Marketers: Establish Expert Status With Your Own Full-Length Book! White-Label, Print Ready!
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Offline Marketers: Establish Expert Status With Your Own Full-Length Book! White-Label, Print Ready!

Hey y'all,
I'm going to skip the cheesy sales-letter formatting and graphics since everyone here is a marketer and we've all seen it a thousand times or more.

My name is Ryan and I'm a freelance writer and content creator. I run a company called White Label Press ( where we create promotional content for marketers looking to impress or satiate their prospects and clients with premium-quality carrots. I've decided to offer up our first book here as well -- at a hefty WSO-worthy discount of course.

Now that we're all acquainted, I'll get to the point.

What's being offered?

Available here is a book, entitled Website Basics for SMBs*, designed to be given away to prospects (or existing clients) to accomplish any of the following:

- Establish expert status
- Establish trust
- Move prospects through the sales process
- Educate prospects to a level that makes them easier to sell
- Entice prospects or previous customers to sign up for an offer or list
- Any other goal that can be accomplished with a professional-quality giveaway

*That's the title I've given it for this offer. You can call it whatever you'd like.

When I say this is a book, I mean it's a book. It's not a bunch of articles thrown together. It's not a tiny report being called a book. It's an actual book - professionally written, well-researched, cited, properly formatted, with permissions from rights holders for all images used. It even comes with a ready-for-print cover design.

The book, as the current title may suggest, is a primer for business owners. It's a 101-level guide designed to educate them on the basics of everything to do with doing business online. Its purpose -- aside from making you look good -- is to ease the fear of the unknown that keeps so many business owners from fixing their web presences or getting online in the first place.

Here are some vitals on the book:

- It's 168 pages long (or 24,100 words for you word-counters).
- It's formatted for print in 5"x8" paperback format on Createspace. It's also been successfully print tested on
- It comes with a professionally designed, print-ready cover design which you're welcome to use if you'd like - just slap your name or company on the front.
- The images within have all been OK'd by the respective rightsholders, either through their published standing policies (like WordPress), or through written permission (like Brussels Airlines).
- It's written with American grammar and spelling.
- It's written by yours truly - a Canadian with a university education who has written hundreds of thousands of words of content in all formats. Heck, I even got a perfect score on the critical writing portion of the GMAT!
- It's a damn good book.

I said earlier that this book is designed to provide education on the basics. That's important, because, in the end, the goal of this book is to help you sell yourself. We're not looking to create a bunch of expert web marketers because then they wouldn't need you.

Instead, the book provides a basic level of information on a broad range of topics. It even takes a soft approach to pushing readers towards hiring a consultant or firm. The subtlety subsides a bit at the end, as the last chapter before the glossary is all about hiring a consultant (that's you!)

All of this assumes the people you give the book to are going to read it, which is not a given, but also doesn't matter. Even if your prospects never turn a page, the very act of handing them (or emailing them if you so choose) a copy of a book with your name listed as the primary author is incredibly powerful. It says, "this person is legit. This person knows what they're doing."

It also feels really cool to be able to hold a book with your name on it. That alone is worth the price of admission.

So what is the price of admission?

We sell this book on for $699, but this is the Warrior Forum and a hefty discount is expected, if not required. So we're offering it up here at a 65% discount. So the price for Warriors is $247. At least at first! (See what I did there? Of course you did, you're a marketer.)

"$247?!?! For a WSO?" *steam shoots from ears as head begins shaking and eventually explodes in a puff of smoke like a muppet*

Yep, $247. And that's cheap. Hell, for our normal target market, the original price is cheap. But at $247, you're paying a penny a word. The newest, greenest, non-English speaking content writers charge a penny a word.

So for this, $247 is actually an insane price. You're not getting unique rights to it, of course. But you are getting the same license that is available on the website for $699.

There's another very important factor at play here, too. If we sold this for cheaper, we might sell more, but our goal is to put this book into the hands of people who are serious. This is a tool designed to lend credibility and establish expert status and trust. Pricing it where we have helps us price out a lot of people that might use it for evil rather than good.

Click here to preview the book in full - note: formatting and quality in preview does not match print formatting.

Back to the book!

Here are some pictures of it. This is from an early print-test from a shorter version. The book you're buying here is about 60% thicker than this one, which still looks great as-is. The cover can be changed as you wish, this is just the one that comes with it.

Pretty cool, eh?

The book covers a wide breadth of topics, maybe wider than the breadth of services you offer. In that case, chapters can be easily deleted. The cover is designed in such a way that it'll fit a book with a spine ranging from the current page count to one binding closer to 100 pages.

Here's the table of contents with page numbers. Primary chapters are listed in bold and sub-sections are listed below in non-bold:

Introduction - Why Businesses Need a Modern Web Presence 15
Planning - Setting Goals, Uses, and Requirements 21

Website Purpose and Goals 23
Website Users and Uses 28
Website Requirements 32
Chapter Summary: 36
Website Creation Tools - DIY Builders, CMS, Frameworks, and Custom Coding 39
Do-It-Yourself Website Builders 42
Content Management Systems 49
Frameworks and Custom Coding 57
Chapter Summary 61
Adding a Business Blog 63
Blog Integration 64
The Basics of Blogging for Business 66
Chapter Summary 69
Integrating Social Media 72
Facebook Integration 74
Twitter Integration 79
Popular Social Media Sites for Website Integration 81
Chapter Summary 83
Contact Forms, Quotation Forms, Live Chat Applications, and Email Lists 85
Contact Forms and Quotation Forms 86
Live-Chat Applications 89
Email Lists and Auto-Responders 90
Chapter Summary 93
Creating Content 95
Company Content 97
Educational Content 98
Entertainment Content 100
Thinking Like a Publisher 103
The Benefits of Regular Content Audits 105
Chapter Summary 109
Search Engine Optimization 112
The Basics of SEO 114
Creating Content for SEO 120
Utilizing SEO tools 122
Chapter Summary 127
Ecommerce Capabilities 131
Self-Hosted Ecommerce Solutions 133
Hosted Ecommerce Solutions 135
Chapter Summary 140
Website Maintenance and Security 142
Maintaining Content 144
Maintaining Design 146
Maintaining Security 147
Chapter Summary 151
Hiring a Consultant or Agency 154
Asking the Right Questions 156
Glossary of Terms 164
NOTES: 170

What rights does this purchase come with?

What's being sold here is a license to distribute this book as a giveaway, either in physical print format or in digital format, for promotional purposes only. This is not PLR. This is not MRR. The following list defines the rights that the license comes with:

CAN give away as a promotional item.
CAN print and distribute in hardcopy for promotional purposes.
CAN distribute in digital format for promotional purposes.
CAN customize the front cover.
CAN customize the content.
CANNOT sell in any form, including hardcopy, digital copy, PLR, or any other.
CANNOT resell or transfer any purchaser rights in any way to others.
CANNOT repurpose the book in full or in part to create any other product to be sold or given away.
CANNOT remove co-author name.
CANNOT distribute the source files under any circumstances.

Basically, the point of the book is to be given away. Whether it's to get a foot in a door, generate leads, or fill up someone's mailbox as a prank, I don't care. It just has to be used for promotional purposes. No selling of any kind allowed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The book is in a print-ready format that will be accepted by Createspace. However, the buyer is responsible for any and all printing or print-related issued. There is no ongoing support provided with this license. You're buying the files as is, and any editing, customizing, or additional print-formatting is beyond the scope of this license.

Click here to preview the book in full - note: formatting and quality in preview does not match print formatting.

What's the refund policy?

There will be no refunds/returns for this product. The entire book is available for preview in watermarked PDF format, so there is no reason for anyone to not know what's in it, what the quality is, or what to expect. As such, all sales are final. So, please ensure you actually want this WSO before you buy it.

Click here to preview the book in full - note: formatting and quality in preview does not match print formatting.

So, to recap, from the website:

"Website Basics for SMBs is a fully customizable, full-length book, ready to print in 5″x8″ format* or to deliver digitally as a PDF. This book is designed as a promotional item and a primer to allow business owners, marketers, and consultants to establish expert status, build trust, and prime their prospects for the sales process. The book covers a wide array of topics including planning, creation tools, connectivity and social media integration, ecommerce, content creation, SEO, and more. In each case, the content is designed to provide a basic education for the reader, priming them for further discussion. The book contains a number of demonstration images, all of which have been fully authorized by the owners of the websites and businesses pictured."

Website Product Page:

For just $247, you're getting a license to slap your name and/or company logo on this book, print it and give it away physically, or give it away in PDF format. That's as good a deal as you're going to find on something of this quality. So, buy it now! Or, if you've got any questions, feel free to list them below or shoot me a message!




No, I'm just kidding. No P.S.'s or P.P.S's, or P.P.P.S's. Again, we've all seen it a million times. This is a great deal. Jump on it.
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