[Free Trial Available] Start Increase And Drive Organic Website Traffic To Your Business Site Today
xeniux 1 year ago

[Free Trial Available] Start Increase And Drive Organic Website Traffic To Your Business Site Today

Premium Organic Website Traffic Provider ~ As Featured in : The Next Web, Engadget, Make Use Of, and many more...

Reserved for FAQs :

1. Is there any website that you don't allow ?
We don't accept Adult/Porn/Pharma/Illegal websites, Any video or streaming link, Any shortened link, Any survey website.

2. How do you generate traffic?
We had a big network collaboration of incentives and traffic exchange sites that paid visitors to do the visit from the sources that we direct them to, all are real visits not bot.

3. Would the visitors buy or purchase or click my products / services ?
Yes, these visitors are interested in your niche, but we could not guarantee any sales, conversions, leads or any actions.
Same as if they walked in a mall looking to find shoes or clothes, but they might not find the right one that suit their style or budget, you might need to have a good store and offer a great deal in order to make sales or increase conversion.

4. Is these traffic good to generate revenue from Ads Networks? Is it safe?
Yes, our traffic could help you generate revenue from any ads networks, lots of our recurring clients using our traffic to maximize their revenues.

But please note that we will in no way be held responsible for any banned accounts. Although our visitors coming from Search Engines, it is still an incentivize/paid traffic. Furthermore lots of unreliable Ads network banning accounts to avoid paying their clients. So if you could not risk your Ads account, our suggestion is do not use any paid traffic.

So you might need to do some research to mix the traffic sources, add a good reliable ads network, add a good reputation website (good amount of backlinks, alexa rank, eyecatching website look and feel, etc) in order to generate revenue from Ads network with our traffic.

5. Is there any refund in case the traffic does not meet your expectation?
We give you a chance to test our traffic with 2 days trial (1K/day), then after 2 days if you don't cancel the subscription, it is considered that you had satisfied with the quality of the traffic and no refund could be claimed, all sales are final after the trial periods end.

6. How do i know that Organic Visit is reliable?
By ordering and testing our traffic , we had been in traffic business for quite some time, we also featured in The Next Web deals and Engadget deals.
You might pm us so that we could send you the link to those deals if you are looking for a special offer to buy 10K visitors/day.

7. What if the traffic that you got is less than you had ordered?
Simply set our GA email as a user in your GA (would pm or email when you claim) so that we could monitor and examine it, free compensation would be given until you got the amount that you had ordered.

8. What is the requirement before order?
Please ensure that you had set/implemented a right Google Analytics (GA) tracking code to monitor our traffic in realtime.
We only accept the claim of loss traffic based on GA Data, we don't accept any data from other traffic monitoring tools.

9. Do you have any Terms of Services (ToS) ?
Yes, you could examine our Terms of Services, we highly recommend you to read the ToS before submitting an order.

If you got any other questions, simply ask in the thread or by pm.

Thank you very much.

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    "Please ensure that you had set/implemented a right Google Analytics"
    I tried this with a website I used to own and just could get it to work. Do you offer assistance with this process?
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    giving it a test drive, if it works, i would upgrade
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    GOOD. Very good result. love this service! already be an affiliate
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    Just applied for Affiliate, hope you'll approve it soon. I would like to get your service soon. In the mean time I need to do some work for my website.
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    Can you drive really Targeted Traffic for my ecom site to bring some sales ?
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    • Profile picture of the author xeniux

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Unfortunately, We could not guarantee any sales or conversion or leads.
      We think no platform could ever guarantee such thing, not even Google / Youtube / Facebook Ads. (kindly see FAQ no.3)

      However we give you free trial 1K/day for 2 days for free so that you could test our traffic.

      If you see that the traffic is suit for your offer you could still subscribe, if not then you could cancel under 2 days and you would not charged a cent.

      Kindly let us know if we could be more help

      Kind regards,

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    TheNextWeb & Engadget featured our offer on their website.

    We had a Limited Time Promo up to 71% off for 10K Visitors/day , check it out here :



    If you had any other questions , we remain at your disposal.


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    For any Publisher or Agency that interested earning money with our Affiliate Program we give great commision start from 15% for earning equal to or under $1.5K

    $1.5-2K : 20%
    $2K-3K : 30%
    $3K-4K : 40%
    $5K above : 50%

    Payment Net30 via Paypal only.

    Sign up for Affiliate here and start earning money now :
    (You could find all the creatives / banner if you had signup and approved)

    If you had any other questions , we remain at your disposal.


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