Learn How An Info Marketing Failure Went From Crying In Wifes Arms To Being Featured In Inc Magazine
Jouvan Johnson 3 years ago

Learn How An Info Marketing Failure Went From Crying In Wifes Arms To Being Featured In Inc Magazine

Hi Jouvan Johnson here...

Are you sick and tired of NOT getting the results you want online?

Do you feel like no matter what you do you just cannot get this internet marketing puzzle to work?

And are you sick of never being shown the full picture?

I know how you feel, I felt the exact same way until I discovered what I'm about to share with you today

But first Let me tell you a quick story...

Not long ago I was in the exact same position you're in right now until I met my first mentor.

I was a broke college student searching on Google "how to make money online" and luckily for me I quickly stumbled across a guy named Alex Jeffrey's.

He had countless positive testimonials online and even the bad feedback seemed like it came from people who were just too lazy to do the actual work.

So I decided to do a little more investigating

I downloaded his free report (called Guru's Nightmare) in exchange for my email address, I read it in one sitting and instantly a whole new world had opened up to me.

Making money online was actually possible and this guy was doing it.

The best part was that he showed me exactly how in his free report.

He revealed more than I had ever seen anyone willing to share for free and my mind was blown. I was hooked and needed to know what else he had to offer.

I saw he had a group coaching program that was selling for $997 so I took my rent money to pay for the course.

(I don't recommend you follow my lead on this I was reckless and almost made myself homeless)

But it was probably...

The Best Decision Of My Life

The lessons in that coaching program took me on a path that I've never looked back from.

It turns out that what had just happened to me was not a fluke or accident.

It was a cleverly executed campaign that had worked on thousands of people before me and will continue to work until the end of time.

Every time Alex gave away one of his free reports it was worth at least $250,000 to him.

I was just a participant in a masterclass of online marketing by one of the worlds best.

But I wasn't complaining I had just been exposed to the secrets and there was no going back.

He built his list by giving away something free, I joined that list and very quickly I happily parted way with almost a thousand bucks.

We constantly hear that the money is in the list and to build your list you need to give away a free gift then email your subscribers offers right?

Well that is true but only to a point.

Why can you only make a couple bucks here and there if any at all, while someone like Alex makes multi-millions every single year?

He used to always say to me...

"Jouvan, you don't know what you don't know"

And that statement couldn't be any more true but today I want you to have the opportunity to get the full picture once and for all with nothing held back.

Right now I'm giving you the chance to listen in on a private hour coaching session I had with Alex at the start of my career.

I recently found this recording on my younger brothers laptop I thought I had lost it forever.

What you're about to get your hands on has already forced me to change my strategy for 2018 because I was about to make some fatal mistakes.

I cannot believe I had forgotten the lessons.

This is why I felt compelled to share this with you so you know what you NEED to do to finally crack this internet marketing code.

Nothing is left out.


My Millionaire Mentor - The Lost Tape

Inside you'll discover...
  • How Alex went from desperate dirty construction worker to multi-millionaire in record time so you can short cut your results by copying his proven blueprint

  • How his "F" grade English, horrible spelling and poor grammar didn't stop him writing free reports that made him at least $250k each

  • The one sentence that when he heard it he changed everything and to this day has never looked back. He would not be where he is today if it wasn't for this simple 25 word sentence

  • The exact difficulties that had a strong Welsh man crying into the arms of his wife and what he did to turn things around, he admits that if it hadn't have been for her he would have quit

  • Why it's actually only one thing that is holding you back from the results you want and if you eliminate this one thing then the sky's the limit

  • The budweiser beer that resulted in a free $32,000 lesson... (You don't want to miss this)

  • Why you need to stop everything you're doing right now and only focus on this one thing and it's not what you think

  • How Alex built a list of 10,000 subscribers in one week for FREE...

Alex then flipped the script on me and made me reveal how I made my first ever sales online.

You get the behind the scenes look as he quizzed me, put me on the spot and told me how to quadruple my results the coming week.

You get the unscripted no holds barred answers and reaction so that you can duplicate exactly what I did if you want to.

He also reveals...

  • How his very first product made him $88k in his first successful year online

  • Then how he soon ramped things up to doing his first $100k day

  • Why success is just around the corner for you no matter what you think, and how to unlock your potential

  • Alex's philosophy on why he never has to chase money and how it just constantly flows to him.

  • How some of his friends are the most unethical marketers that do not care about the customer and how you can avoid being taken for a ride by them

  • What you should do anytime you hit a roadblock or have a set back to make sure it never happens again

  • The very first thing any newbie should do straight after they listen to this recording

  • Discover how he quickly lost quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) after making it and why he couldn't help it

  • The 2 best reports he has ever read on the subject of online marketing

  • And so so much more...

Imagine how your life would be different when you finally understand how to build a real online info marketing business that could someday be featured in Inc Magazine

Here's the thing, I could easily price this at $97, and I may well do that on my regular site in the future, but for pre-launch, I'm running it at wso - pricing which means 2 things:
  1. Price starts low
  2. Price goes up after EACH sale

So . . . .if you want to discover the insider secrets to building a successful internet marketing business from a long time multi 7 figure earner then invest in your future by getting your hands on "My Millionaire Mentor - The Lost Tape" by clicking on the button below to get it now at WSO pricing:

Is there a guarantee I here you ask?

Of course...

If you're not happy for any reason at all I do not want your money just send me an email at jouvan[@]MarketingWithJouvan.com and I will refund you every penny.

No questions asked and no hoops to jump through.

I will even let you keep access to the recording as an apology for wasting your time.

Now My Millionaire Mentor - The Lost Tape is on a dime sale so that means the price is going up on EVERY single purchase so the longer you wait the more you pay.

Also I reserve the right to pull this down at any time which I will be doing in the very near future when I decide to sell this to the general public on my main site so to avoid disappointment make sure you get your copy now.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside

Jouvan Johnson


PS - If you're looking for some get rich quick re-hashed garbage then you're in wrong place.

But if on the other hand you understand that building a real internet business is going to take maximum effort and you just need to know what the right things to focus on are then this is exactly what you need.

Alex was my first mentor and he has many millionaire mentee's (I hope to join that ranks soon) so he knows exactly what he's talking about and he shares all in this very unique recording.

Click the order button below now to get instant access.

Income Disclaimer: This product is for entertainment purposes only I do not claim that you will make any money at all after going through it. In fact most people make no money what so ever because they do not take action on the things they learn.

With that said, this 1 hour recording has changed my life and I hope it does the same for you too.