[FREE Sample Inside] The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Investing In Bitcoin & Crypto's
Davids22 2 years ago

[FREE Sample Inside] The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Investing In Bitcoin & Crypto's

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If You Think You Missed The Bitcoin Train. It's Not Too Late. We're Just At The Beginning Of The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth In History!

Sure, you missed the chance of having invested in Bitcoin in 2010... where $1,000 invested would be worth over $1 BILLION DOLLARS at the time of this writing.

$1,000 and 8 years of patience would have made you a friggen Billionare. With a B.

*Feel free to do the math yourself:
BTC worth "less than $0.01" May 2010 and worth $10k on Jan 31, 2018


There's a problem with that thinking though.

If you had known about bitcoin that early, you probably would have sold after that $1k was worth $10k, or $100k, or even $1 million.

What about $10 million?

Unfortunately we can't go back in time, and as a great saying goes:
"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

Let me teach you how to invest in the "next Bitcoin", before it goes up, 10, 20, or even 30x it's current value.

There's 1,000s of Altcoins out there. Most are basically duds and will eventually go to $0.

And some are golden gems that will be the next Bitcoin, Amazon, Facebook...

But how do you find them?

There're already some that have gone up by up to 1014x in the last 12 MONTHS alone (ex: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/neo/ - All Time). *$1,000 would be $1,000,000.

Let me show you how and where to find the next ones,
or at least to ride the Cryptocurrency wave, safer.

Bitcoin & Crypto Trading, From A - Z, and How to Find The Next Big Coins

This ultimate beginners guide on Cryptocurrencies & investing, has all the information you need to start investing today, and how to find the next coins that will do huge jumps in the coming year(s).

So, what DO you get?
38 pages broken down into:

- How and where to buy Bitcoin
- "The next bitcoin" (Altcoins)
- How And Where to Buy/Trade Altcoins
- Where & How To Store Crypto's (Hack proof)
- The "Conservative" Crypto to Buy
- The website I use for real Techincal Analysis
- Tools For Research, Portfolio Tracking, etc.
- Best Practices for Investing
- When To Buy: Avoiding Losses
- How To Lose: FOMO & FUD
- Portfolio Strategy Examples

"OK, and who are you?"

I have a long history in internet marketing (as you can tell from my account age), but haven't been on WF for a while. I'm not much of a public sharer, so, if you'd like to learn my history, feel free to PM me.

I jumped on the Crypto wagon about 6 months ago and just put my head down and researched the hell out of Crypto: the technical side, as well as following and listening to some very successful crypto investors.

The reason I made this course is that friends have been asking me how to buy crypto's, or sometimes I read things that scare me - like people investing (and losing) their life savings with Bitconnect, a recently closed ponzi scheme coin.

I want to help you get smart about what some call "the greatest transfer of wealth in history", because we're really just at the beginning.

This new economy works better if we work together, instead of against each other. It is also a dangerous road, and you need to be careful if you want to embark on it.

I am not here to promise you the world, or say "make millions trading crypto", because every person is different, and guarantees can't be made. But it has happened over the last few years. At the same time, many have lost their life savings by making uncalculated decisions.

However, if you're patient, and do this right, huge returns are relatively common.

You want proof?

Sorry, I don't do screenshots. However, I will say that I'm currently trading 5 figures. Started at mid 3 figures to get my feet wet. Slowly building up.

There's a free sample attached to this WSO, just open that up, give it a read and decide for yourself if I'm full of it, or not.

The Guarantee:

I've changed my mind on this one. You get a free sample, so you get to decide if you want to buy it beforehand.

However, if this guide doesn't help you AT ALL, and you can't even draw a single nugget of gold out of it, PM me, and I'll refund you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The big question.

Look, what's inside this e-book is a lot of my research, tech knowledge, trade ideas, and strategy (it's to investing in cryptocurrencies (based on successful crypto traders), including a lot of the tools I use.

However, I also want almost anyone to have access to it.

So instead of the $49.99 I was originally going for, or the $19.99 I had it for before, I'm dropping it to $10 for a limited time.

100% RISK FREE. 30 Day guarantee included.

Even if you don't buy this e-book. Research the Blockchain and thank me later.

-This is not financial advice.
-I am not a financial advisor.
-Please only invest what you can afford to lose, the market can crash at any time.
-Do your own research (DYOR).

With that being said. I think we have another 1-2 years before the bubble pops, but no one really knows. It may never pop. And if someone guarantees you a future prediction, run far far away.

After it pops, it will grow again, after many years - look at the dotcom bubble. Lots of failed companies, but a few very successful ones (think Amazon).

Again, this is JUST my opinion. Do your own research.
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  • Profile picture of the author erin31
    Is this method works for Asia trader?
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    • Profile picture of the author Davids22
      Hello Erin,

      This method works no matter where you are. That's the beauty of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain, it can't be stopped, and it's truly borderless.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Bradley
    David was kind enough to let me review this WSO.

    I'm a crypto rookie and I'm committed to learning more
    about it.

    Having purchased a few products on crypto currency in recent months
    I can say with firm conviction that this one is head and shoulders above

    It's a 34 page pdf. that goes through the whole process of investing in crypto. David explains how to get signed up and verified with a Coinbase account, and then shows a few alternatives to BTC, Altcoins that you've probably not heard of.

    Pretty much everything you need to start your crypto journey is in here including security, how and where to buy coins, where and how to store them, how to do technical analysis along with research and tracking.

    There are lots of tips and tricks, do's and don'ts and smart advice for crypto newbies.

    If you're looking to get into crypto but think you've missed the boat then think again as BTC isn't the only show in town.

    Pick up this smart guide and you'll see what I mean.

    Good job well delivered David.
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  • Profile picture of the author maxgo
    Nice post, it is very true long time ago investing in bitcoin, now a billionaire!
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  • Profile picture of the author rssmith
    I received a review copy, and here's what I think...

    As someone who's been investing in Crypto Currencies since August (first purchase on 8/24/16), I can say one thing with certainty...

    This WSO neatly and concisely delivers everything you need to know to get started.

    Because of several conversations with a friend last summer - I knew enough to get started, but I wish I had this ebook instead.

    Along the way, I've spent hours online researching and learning a lot of what is presented in this WSO.

    I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get started with their crypto journey.

    The last few chapters offer great mindset directives that ANYONE can benefit from so If you're an experienced investor or trader you may find a few gems in this PDF as well.

    Good luck and happy investing!
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  • Profile picture of the author heffweizen

    Is this a guide on the fundamentals of block chain?

    Or is this a guide on learning your investment strategy?

    If it's the latter I would love to take a review...even though my post count is 42, lol.

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    • Profile picture of the author Davids22
      Hey Heffweizen,

      There are enough videos on the fundamentals of blockchain

      This is a guide on how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. Where, how, why. My strategy is indeed included in the guide though.

      I'll send you a PM in a minute.

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  • Profile picture of the author butchfx
    Hi David,
    Safely received thank you.
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    • Profile picture of the author heffweizen

      Thank you very much.

      I'm going to take a look over lunch. I'm in the EST.

      Taking a hit right now, lol...

      Pm me your Skype if you have it...to discuss the finer details haha

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      • Profile picture of the author Davids22
        PM Sent

        Taking a hit as in, your portfolio? Right now it's red almost everywhere.

        Looks like it will continue like this for a short while. IMO it's a good thing, and means the coins are cheaper to buy! I'll wait for it to bottom out, and then invest some more.

        I have no doubt that it will turn around to new ATH's in the next weeks - months though. Smarter people than me believe it too.

        Then again, people have been wrong before

        Disclaimer: this is just my opinion and not financial advice.
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  • Profile picture of the author butchfx
    HI, I don't think I have enough posts to enable me to PM you but I would like the opportunity to get a review copy. I am based in the UK and have a small investment in Bitcoins and Ether held in an Coinbase account.I am not concerned that they have gone down in value since I bought just after Christmas, but could do with some help in choosing how and when to buy more.
    I would be happy to provide an honest review which would be fact based and hope you may be able to give me a go.
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  • Profile picture of the author Davids22
    Review copies are no longer allowed, however, you can download the sample attached to the WSO by entering your e-mail on the right side of this page.


    What are altcoins?
    Altcoins are all cryptocurrencies or "tokens" that are not Bitcoin. ex: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc, etc.

    What is a blockchain?
    Google it... Seriously though, there are easy and complicated ways to explain it. Basically, it's a public, tamper proof database.

    Why aren't you accepting Crypto's for this e-book?
    Currently this is ONLY a WSO, and I haven't decided if I will create a website around this yet, if I do, I will increase the price dramatically and accept Crypto's.

    Is this a guide on learning your investment strategy?
    It's a guide on how to get into Crypto investing, the smart way. You will learn a great many things, the least of which is how to find good crypto's to invest in, and strategy examples (mine is included).


    RSSmith Received A Review Copy:

    Mark Bradley Received A Review Copy:

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