Weightblogs.com (Domain Name) Valued $1866
rozzski999 3 years ago

Weightblogs.com (Domain Name) Valued $1866

**Special Warrior Forum Offer** Domain Valued $1866. (weightblogs.com) Over 56,000 Google Searches Get Four Domains For Free!

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    With respoect,

    I think you are getting very confused about what the stats show for the new domain,

    The sales page shows 34,00 results for the term. This is not traffic or searches but the number of indexed pages with that term. Completely different.

    The term in Google Adwords keyword tool produces no searches at all.

    Also almost all of the indexed pages relate to Snoop Dogg, and nothing to do with the pet niche at all so I don't see how this domain would possibly produce the results you are stating on the sales page.

    Unless it's a genuine mistake and you are actually selling the domain DogHelp.com, now that would be a different story altogether.


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    A pre release of my next domain is below :

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    In a snap shot..

    Valued over $1500
    Over 34,000 Searches A Month (Free Traffic)
    Rare 8 Character Domain

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    Keep It, Flipp It, Build A Business, Use In a Blog...easy way to make $$$
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    Hey All- I am getting a lot of emails about domains!
    I will be releasing some more on here soon so please keep an eye out.
    If you are interested in private coaching get in touch.

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    Since I can't send you a PM

    I just purchased PayPal transaction 55U147294S760111H

    Let me know what GoDaddy into you need from me
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      Hey dcyeung, Good Job!!

      I will email you over details now and congratulations on this excellent domain choice (And the others for free)!

      Keep an eye out guys for my next one coming soon..!


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    Hey Solomonm,

    Great Question! Couple of reasons..

    This is the first domain I am selling on the Warrior Forum, so testing the waters out, I usually sell my domains to my domain email list, my list of customers looking to buy domains or auction them out on Godaddy,Sedo etc.

    For those that know me I buy around 10 Domains a day, and have over 400 currently in my domain vault! So yes I could get more and hold onto it but I need a quick turn around.. so yes you are getting a bargain today!! Not only that you get another four domains for free!! This again is a WF special offer.

    You can keep the domain and watch it go up in value, re sell it and Make easy money, Flippa it on Flippa, make a niche website and use the FREE google searches (56,000)+ and make $$$/

    Bottom line is its cheap... my next offer will not be! Grab a bargain TODAY!
    See my video for more on this domain. http://vimeo.com/257973004

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    I was wondering why you not selling for $1000?
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    How will the domain transfer happen for the eventual buyer?
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      Hey Paul, Good Question and one I omitted.

      I will push the transfer from my Godaddy account to your Godaddy Account.(its free to sign up if you don't have one and takes seconds)

      All the domains are held at Godaddy and take up to 72 hours to come across- usually 24. Thats it!

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