How To Grow Your Website From 0 To 10k Visitors in Only 40 Days ?
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How To Grow Your Website From 0 To 10k Visitors in Only 40 Days ?

Get a bulletproof plan to grow your website from 0 to 10k unique visitors in 40 days

There are 1,051,742,910 websites online as I write this.

And yes, a handful of those websites enjoy millions of monthly visits, but the sad truth is that most of those websites see fewer than 50 visitors per day.

Most of those websites will take years to get to their first 10,000 visitors per month - if they don't give up first.

The competition for traffic is stiff. So is it even possible anymore to rise above the crowd and build a popular website that attracts traffic? And more importantly, can you do so quickly?

As far fetched as this sounds, I have good news for you:

The answer is yes. And I know because I did it.

I'm Frederic, and I'm the owner of Strasdesign a small webdesign compagny. I worked for years as a subcontractor for a german web design company but in 2017, I decided to become a freelancer. So I had to find a way to drive traffic to my website. This is EXACTLY what I did in order to get 10k unique targeted visitors. I managed to do that in 40 days.

In fact, all you need is to follow those 5 simple steps:


A web plan should include realistic estimates of projected web traffic. The first step is to look at the details on measuring projected traffic, and how and where to develop realistic estimates. Regardless of whether your website strategy involves selling products, or bringing in community members, or even developing content, in all cases measuring website traffic and user sessions is a good way for you to gauge how many people are using your hybrid site, and where you need to improve your website in order to get better conversion rates.


So once you've set a goal, you're good to go out and try to achieve it, right?

Well, not quite. It's not enough to just list out a couple of ways to reach your traffic goal. You have to reverse engineer it.
Work backward from your desired result by taking iterative steps to break the goal down into more manageable goals. Then create an action plan to achieve your goal.

I worked backward from 10,000 visitors. That's why you need a marketing plan that will reach and engage your target audience. I will show you exactly what to do.


Before you get to 10,000 visitors, you need to get to 100.
I will show you where to find them, how to introduce yourself in a smart way and what to tell them in order to make them work with you on your project.
You just need to copy/paste my proven request template


Hands down the one thing with the biggest impact in my ability to get to 10,000 visitors in 40 days was giveaways.
With giveaways, I grew my audience from 173 to 3,220 in just 12 days.
Giveaways are great for building your list because they:

o Grow your email list extremely fast

o Supercharge your traffic if you embed the giveaway on your site o Increase your brand's awareness
o Grow your social media presence.

I will show you exactly what to say in order to get companies to give you stuff for free and how to set up a giveaway to collect crazy amounts of emails.


Content is what helps the search engines pick your website up, educates your customers, and eventually sells your product.

So having a content strategy was important in helping me create daily content.

And my main content strategy was to email interview celebrities and people with large networks.

As usual, you will just need to copy/paste my interview request template.
With this template, my client has been able to interview some super stars in his niche.
Interviewing is great for a few reasons:

 It provides social proof as you feature influencers on your site
 It provides free, engaging content
 The interviews don't take a long time to create.

o Interviewing influencers about their X problems helped me drive traffic, because the interviewees would usually share with their audience
- plus I'd be able to build a relationship with them.

o Because I featured these influencers, they were also happy to share the interview content with their audience.

This drove even more traffic. In a normal piece of content, it would have been very difficult to get these types of influencers to share it. But when you quote or interview them? Of course they want to share it!

Once you will get your 10k unique visitors, I will show you five ways to monetize your new audience

If you can set aside just 20 - 30 minutes a day then this method will bring you some of the best quality traffic I have ever seen.

You will get people who are ready to buy. These people have problems, and if you have the solution (or have an affiliate link to the solution) then they are ready to pay for it.

You can get your first visitors today, and as with all of the traffic hacks you don't need any special skills for this to work.

Now, here's why this is different from what you normally see:
These Traffic Hacks Were Developed For My Own Use.

I didn't invent this just to sell it.

This method come from the toolbox of traffic generation methods that I use for my own sites. I've tried a lot of different stuff, and only the best methods have made it to this report.

By now you are probably wondering what these traffic hacks are all about, and I can tell you that Instant Traffic Hacks has nothing to do with:


# Product Creation

# Paid Traffic

# YouTube

# Traffic Exchanges

... or any of the usual stuff. Actually I'm quite surprised so few people talk
(or even know) about these traffic strategies. And here's the big kicker:
You don't need any special software, weird skills or long hours in front of the computer. Most of the traffic proofs on this page are from first attempts - which means that you will be able to get similar results today.

This Is For You If...

Instant Traffic Hacks is for you if:

# You have a Blog

# You have a Squeeze Page

# You have a Product to Sell

# You are doing Affiliate, AdSense or CPA


... this is really for you if you are doing anything online where you need traffic.
Some of the hacks work better for some needs, but the combined power of the 4 different methods will almost guarantee that you will find something you can use. (I have yet to find an area where I can't use 2 or more of these methods...)

So let me ask you this:
What If You Could End Your Traffic Problems For Good With A Newbie Friendly Method That Only Takes Up 30 Minutes Of Your Day?

If you still believe in "push button" results then this probably isn't for you..

... but if you are sick and tired of being shut out from the real traffic secrets, then this is your solution.

I know how it feels to struggle with traffic.

... but I also know the sweet feeling of finally cracking the code. And I can tell you it feels great to not worry about traffic anymore.

Hit the button below and you'll see the hacks in a minute from now. And even better: in just 30 minutes you can be implementing your first traffic hack.

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