Grab high-earning Businesses, Everything outsourced and Running on Automation: Over 200 clients now!
milksheikh 3 years ago

Grab high-earning Businesses, Everything outsourced and Running on Automation: Over 200 clients now!

Grab Revenue-Generating Websites and leave the CPA Marketing to us. Sit back & Relax! Let the Business make you Money on Autopilot.


1. From the websites sample sheet, the only monetization I notice is only for web hosting. Why is it so? Does the offer convert well? Can I use other web hosting offer?

Answer: Believe me, my marketing team has already tried with a ton of affiliate programs and 90% of them doesn't pay well. Couple of them couldn't pay on time and the ones who paid on time doesn't drive enough interest while targeting the audience. Hosting affiliates are the ones, who pay insane commissions and pay well on time with highest CTR and conversions. That's why we stick with them and try to increase the conversions. The world is changing and every single agency/company is trying to get online, so that increases the chances of conversion.

2. Can we monetize it with other offers? CPA, etc?

Answer: Once you buy the website from us, you will be the owner of the website and you are allowed to try as many CPA networks you want but we don't usually advice that, since if we clutter the site with too many ads, that will decrease the conversion rate. However, if you find any CPA program that you are confident enough to try, You are free to do so.

3. We won't be ranking this site is that correct? Will we buy paid traffic and hope it converts to a web hosting sale? If so, what's the expected conversion rate in terms of money spent?

Answer: Until the site is 6 months, it stays under Google sandbox. While Google has never formally admitted it, the Sandbox is well known and documented by large and small SEOs alike. The sandbox itself is more of an effect than a specific period, but essentially what it does is limit the ranking power of a website during its first few months. It's like putting a handbrake on your website until it has aged a certain amount of time. Why? Because Google doesn't want everybody to be able to set up a website in a day, fill it with spam, and have it ranking within a week. The sandbox is Google's way of saying: you need to work at this and earn your rankings. The period the Sandbox lasts differs from niche to niche, and site to site, but the general rule of thumb is that after six months, a site will start to rank better, and link building will be much more effective. Thats the reason the websites which are old costs higher than the new ones. Once the site gets old, it starts ranking high on search engines and drive traffic organically. The traffic is not purchased and we are not paying for it however for getting the targeted leads we focus on a certain group of audience and from there we get the traffic. We actually spend money to get that traffic, so you can say, its a paid one.

For the expenses involved in marketing, you can the packages on the site. Just signup on and check the marketing section.

4. What are the things I should be expecting to and prepared to do after I get the sites?

Answer: We will get you a VA who will be supporting you throughout the process, getting you approved via the advertisers which take around 1-14 Days followed by setting up the ads, running the website. In short, he will be holding your hand and show you the way of the process involved. So, you won't be alone after you buy the site but instead, our team will help you, even more, to set up everything

5. How can I check the different packages of
Answer: Don't just visit the homepage and bounce off. Instead just Click the Register Now Button at the top right and register yourself. After logging in, you will be redirected to the Dashboard, Buy Websites, Hire VA, Content writing, SEO and Marketing.


1. Official Email:
2. Skype ID:
3. Testimonials: Click here
4. Website Samples: Register here first, after email confirmation, login to and you will be redirected to the dashboard, on left menu you can click 'BUY WEBSITES'. You won't be able to view the websites list before logging in.
  • Profile picture of the author Trang Le
    1. Pros:
    - custumer support is very very good
    - 30 days guarantee of marketting package is nice
    2. Cons: The cost.
    You need $1000-$1250 to buy a 1-2 month old age website.
    You need atleast $350 to run campain
    Total: $1350-$1600 atleast to start
    I'm planning to collect enough money to use their service. I'll update when I get there
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  • Profile picture of the author Norkali
    I have been looking to jump on board here. I signed up for the website, and have been looking to what you have to offer. It is very impressive.
    How much more budget do I need after I purchase a site for $1,120 for marketing and a virtual assistant ($50.00 month). How long before we are in profit? 1,2,3 months?
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    • Profile picture of the author GuruD
      I am also interested in knowing this.
      What is the total cost per month?
      Also the reviews are from users with very low post counts. Are there any users who have been here for a while?
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    • Profile picture of the author milksheikh
      Can you please connect over Skype?
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  • Profile picture of the author dcyeung
    Weird, I got paid right on time on March 23 from CJ.
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    • Profile picture of the author arvah12
      i still haven't got the money

      where do you live?
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  • Profile picture of the author arvah12
    today is 29th and i still havent received the money....

    so basically I lost all the money I spent in this
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  • Profile picture of the author arvah12
    dcyeung: how long it took to receive the money to your bank account in CJ?

    I havent received mine yet . i dont know whats wrong. i even called my bank and CJ.

    CJ said they sent the money to me on 20th. Today is 29th and I still havent received the money.
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    • Profile picture of the author milksheikh
      Please, contact your bank in this case, there are certain banks that need some prior information before releasing the funds to you.
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  • Profile picture of the author dcyeung
    I'll vouch for Liltoo; I bought a package for $1120 last month and I got $2100 in sales in under 30 days.
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    • Profile picture of the author milksheikh
      Thank you for the feedback.
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    • Profile picture of the author JChilds
      can you say what was included in your $1,120.00 cost, how much was paid ads etc. web site cost


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      • Profile picture of the author milksheikh
        $1120 was his marketing cost which he invested in the campaigns.
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