UnrEmail: Affiliate Marketing On The Fly
Tony LaRocco 3 years ago

UnrEmail: Affiliate Marketing On The Fly

Emmail marketing made easy - start making it BIG with email marketing the RIGHT WAY!

Dear friend,
Was working in pajamas, in the comfort of your living room, while having a completely flexible schedule and the undeniable freedom to control your time and spend quality time with your loved ones whenever you wish, always one of your dreams?

I know it was one of mine. A dream I’ve had for years.

It literally took my years of hard work, dedication and persistence to finally make that dream a reality.

The good news is – you can do the same as me, though much quicker, easier and simpler!

That’s right, you can stop experiencing that dreadful feeling of being stuck or unhappy with your current job and finally take action that will change it all today!
You are certainly wondering: “How am I going to do it? I don’t have large amount of resources to invest initially, nor extensive knowledge and skills related to Email Marketing and Business?”

That may be true – but I do. And I’m determined to utilize years of my experience in order to provide you with all the knowledge, resources, skills and motivation you need to make your dreams a reality.

If you are serious about making it big with email marketing and not waste money and time with “get rich quick” programs that talk a big game but fail to deliver on most, if not all of their promises – you are in the right place.

Start your email marketing journey the right way with Tony LaRocco’s guide today by clicking here!
I look forward to making email marketing easier for you!
Tony LaRocco

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  • Profile picture of the author iconoclast
    Is this about promoting IM or MMO products?
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    • Profile picture of the author Tony LaRocco
      It's a simple strategy for promoting ANYTHING online. Investment comes with buying traffic, but if your a business owner it's part of the territory. You can use it for either.
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  • Profile picture of the author ocean wave
    1. Regarding the little known website you are describing:

    a) Can this website be used for direct linking to shortened Clickbank hop links?

    b) Will I need to do keyword research?

    c) Will I need to communicate with prospects and customers, e.g. answer questions, respond to comments, etc.?

    2. Do you provide ongoing assistance by e-mail for when I have questions?

    3. Will I need to be on social media, e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.?

    Thank you very much!
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    • Profile picture of the author Tony LaRocco
      Whats up Ocean Wave...
      So I love the questions, means you want to take the right path. The "little known website" is a solo ad service with top tier providers, no cheap clicks, just real eyeballs on your information and offers. 0 keyword research... I feel your keyword research is important but for this method it's not necessary. I have been in this game for the last 8 years on and off as a dating coach and a personal trainer... building a brand is what I know and it's universal. I will be releasing new products monthly, to keep the information coming. You have ANY questions my email is Martinl792002@yahoo.com. Do you need to be on social media? Not neccessarily however I recommend you utilize it for yourself and buildding your own brand, so please check it out or visit my site at Laroccosblog.com... All the best and you ever have a question feel free to ask!
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  • Profile picture of the author quisjackson
    Hi Tony,

    Is everything covered step by step for newbies who have no knowledge? Do we have to have some sort of knowledge about IM, tools, WP, etc etc?

    Does this teach how to choose the most profitable niches, keyword research, product selection?

    What type of business is this? CPA, affiliate, amazon etc?

    What additional investment will be needed for a newbie to be successful?

    How long does everything take for a newbie to setup? How fast can a newbie with no experience earn his first dollar?

    Thank you.


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    • Profile picture of the author Tony LaRocco
      What's up Quis!
      Just posted a video resopnse you can watch in the video... With a good ad provider, you should get sales on your first-third package... depends on your ad, i also recommend getting a sample of what one of there typical emails looks like so you see what the group responds to. Setup 1-3 days I would say, however it also depends on how invested you are. A marketer once told me do your marketing the way you do your job. If you can go all in you could spend $50-75 and still do pretty well.
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      • Profile picture of the author quisjackson
        Thank you for the answers!

        Just got home from a grueling day at the job. Will think about more questions and get back to you.

        Take care! Talk to you soon.

        Kindest regards,

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  • Profile picture of the author Pete
    Thanks Tony, got it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Pete
    Paid for this offer, did not receive anything except a different sign up page.

    Hello Peter Dougan,
    This email confirms you have paid Tony L. $6.00 USD using PayPal.

    It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview page.

    Payment details

    Receiver email: martinl792002@.com
    Amount: $6.00 USD
    Transaction date: March 27, 2018
    Status: Completed
    Transaction ID: 4GS60504ED856184Y

    Please PM me
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    • Profile picture of the author Tony LaRocco
      Sorry for the mistake. I just fixed it and sent you the link.
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