[Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research] Done For You Niche Research The Modern Way
sparrow 3 years ago

[Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research] Done For You Niche Research The Modern Way

[Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research] Done For You Niche Research The Modern Way

Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research

Its 2018 and your still clinging onto Niche research methods that are pre 2007 methods.

Here is where this Done For You Offer is uniquely different. The keywords I used to define the niches you can compete in are in the Decision part of the funnel.

People in the decision part of the Marketing Funnel are ready to buy, most times with credit card in hand, all they need to know is exactly which product is the one that meets their needs.

These keywords are "BUYER KEYWORDS" but not just any buyer keywords.

You can find buyer keyword lists all over the internet and they are not all created equally.

I tested all the buyer keywords I could find and discovered some keywords attract Brands like a magnet. No matter how many products I tried Brands naturally where placed on page one of Google for certain groups of buyer keywords.

With lots of testing I whittled down hundreds of buyer keywords to just 50 buyer keywords.

These 50 buyer keywords are the cream of the crop, when these buyer keywords are used with products, highly purchased products started showing where ordinary people can compete and make a buck.

Below is the list of "Done For You Niches" these 50 Buyer Keywords exposed.

Your going to see 10 charts for 10 products that are evergreen and known to sell.

In addition I included a high competition chart to show you what a product will look like if there is a lot of brands selling a similar product in that niche. So you know the difference between a Brand related chart and a chart that shows you the best potential for ranking on page one of Google.

I did this because about 70% of all products brands dominate and the Done For You Packages point you to where Brands don't dominate.

So what do you get in each Done For You Niche Package?
  • 10 product competition charts

  • 10 spread sheets with all the data that created the charts

  • 1 short over the shoulder video explaining how to use the spread sheets in your chosen Niche

What are you going to learn when you get one of these Done For You Niche Research Packages?
  • You're going to learn - Which Buyer keywords

    You will see the buyer keywords that attract the least brand sites.

    These Buyer Keywords are not left over/chump keywords. The list was defined by testing. They are actual buyer keywords people actually ask while they are in the decision part of the funnel.

    Why do certain buyer keywords attract predominately Brands and these don't is still a mystery, but people use them when searching for products to buy, and this is all that matters.
  • You're going to learn - Which Websites are on page one

    This is going to show you who your actual competition is.

    Knowing who is actually on page one gives you the competitive advantage on how to work with Google.

    With this knowledge your going to be ahead of over 99% of the competition because they are still using pre 2007 methods to get onto page one of Google.
  • You're going to learn - How many keywords one article is one page one for the buyer keywords

    Knowing this tells you what content Google likes for page one.

    You will be able to model actual page one results.

    In the charts most times you will see one article rank on page one for almost all the keywords researched.

    You need to pay close attention to those articles they are the blueprint on what your article should look like. Success leaves clues.
  • You're going to learn - How many times a website is on page one for the 50 Buyer keywords

    This shows you what other content and all the keywords the competition ranks for.

    Knowing how many times a website is on page one gives you clues on what Google likes from a website.

    You will know the content and the way a website is built.

    It's strengths and weaknesses.

    Success leaves clues, when you know this you can model success.
  • You're going to learn - Which Low Domain Authority Websites are in the #1 Position

    When I see very low Domain Authority websites in the #1 position, many times it shows me their content is more relevant than high Domain Authority Websites.

    It is another clue to what Google wants to see on page one.
  • You're going to learn - Ad counts

    Google's "Cash Cow" following where advertising money flows to.

    Google will never tell you where Advertisers are spending money, we do.

    Follow the money trail.

    This helps you understand which keywords advertisers feel are the best converting keywords.
  • You're going to learn the - Domain Authority for each website you will compete against

    This shows you the authority of a website defined by Moz.

    Knowing this helps you understand if the sites are a brand or a non brand site.

    * Note: The Domain Authority Value defined by Moz is not a ranking factor by Google. I use this metric because it is the best metric out there until something does a better job. The DA value of Moz helps define if the website is a Brand or Non Brand. It also helps define the difficulty of work it will require to displace any website from page one of Google.
  • You're going to learn the - Average Domain Authority for each page one result

    This shows you how competitive a keyword is for all of page one of Google and the likelihood to getting on page one.

    I've done all the hard work for finding buyer keywords you have the best chance for getting on page one.
  • You're going to learn the - Search Rank position for every website your competing against

    Where on the page the website and article is on Google search.

    This helps you understand how relevant any article is on page one.

    The higher any article ranks the more relevant that article is for any particular keyword.
  • You're going to learn the - Site Types that Google ranks on page one

    Knowing the site type helps you understand page one.

    You will know what kind of site types you will be competing against.

    For example, is it a blog, ecommerce site, Brand, citation, video etc...

    The additional benefit is you can find backlinking opportunities.

    Getting page one backlinks gives you two benefits.

    Page one backlinks pass the greatest link juice for relevancy and also is a great traffic source back to your site.

    Knowing site types show if any certain site type dominates the page one results giving you another clue on what Google likes to rank on page one for your niche.

The main idea here is I've done all the research for you.

I found the strongest buyer keywords for any product with the least brand competition. Having the strongest buyer keywords with the least brands gives you the greatest chance on getting on page one of Google and exposing you to the greatest amounts of buyers looking to buy that product you have to sell.

This is important to you because it means your never guessing if you made the right move. You don't waste time and money. You can immediately start building your websites based on actual facts on what Google likes to rank. Success leaves clues.

You need to pay attention to my advice because the time and effort developing this unique system of using actual page one data was developed over 10 years of research and testing.

You cannot trust anything Google says because what they actually do for page one search results is all that counts. Google has a history of leading you astray about their algorithm.

Every niche is unique so applying broad SEO techniques is a waste of time. It's important to get content built as fast as you can using what you learn from the actual page one results.

One last thing to pay attention is where is all the advertising money flowing to.

Google protects this type of data at all cost, it does not want you to know where their cash cow is spending all their money.

Since we actually look at the search results and keep tabs on how many ads are on page one, it is obvious where the real money is flowing. No more looking at cpc in Keyword Planner checking page one results and finding no ads exist but the cpc is real high when it should be pennies if no advertising exists.

The CPC metric in Keyword planner has always been a very confusing metric in Google.

Just another reason and evidence you should not trust anything that Google or Keyword Planner shows other than real page one results.

Unless your willing to spend millions with Google you will not get the truth. The only truth is what actually ranks on page one.

This is what each Done For You Niche Package is designed to do, TELL YOU THE TRUTH on what is on page one.

I've shared this with you, now you should go down to the buy button and get your hands on one or more of the niche packages.

Each Done For You Niche Package was created for you to get on page one of Google with actual data of what is actually working.
  • No more conflicting advice from the parrots who repeat what others do.

  • No more following dis-information intentionally leaked out by Google.

  • No more worrying about any Zoo animal Google releases.

When you know the truth about what Google actually does in their search engine, the closer your dreams and life style you've work so hard to accomplish start becoming reality.

"Click the BUY BUTTON NOW to know the truth"

All Ten Niches - That's less than $10 per niche with 10 proven products in each niche

Total 100 products to sell with little Domain Authority competition think of all the time and money this will save you

Think about it's just less than $1 to find a product to sell online with low Domain Authority values on page one of Google

P.S. If this is not for you. You can do all the work yourself, I am selling the software here:

P.P.S. You can hire me out to do a custom niche search for you, PM me and we will arrange a way to meet your needs.

P.P.S. If you feel this is too expensive for you, think about how much this will cost you if your using pre 2007 methods of niche research.

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    I will answer all questions here

    There is some confusion on what this offer is about so I made a quick video walking you thru the data that you will receive for your Done For You Niche Research

    Here is the list of niches and products

    Niche - Bikes

    Mountain Bikes
    Hybrid Bikes
    Gravel Bikes
    Folding Bikes
    Fat Tire Mountain Bikes
    Electric Bikes
    Cyclocross Bikes
    Cruiser Bikes
    Belt Drive Bikes
    Adult Tricycle

    Niche - Car/Truck

    Truck Bed Covers
    Radar Detectors
    Parking Sensor
    Hitch mounted Cargo Basket
    Floor Jacks
    EV Charging Station
    Diagnostic Code Readers
    Car Seat Covers
    Car Equalizers
    Car Covers

    Niche - Disable/Handicap/Rehabilitation

    Rollator Walker
    Power Wheelchair
    Mobility Ramp
    Knee Walker
    Electric Wheelchair
    Rollator Walker wit Seat
    Mobility Scooter
    Lightweight Folding Electric Mobility Scooter
    Gait Trainer
    Electric Folding Mobility Scooter

    Niche - Home

    Weighted Blankets
    Small Dehumidifiers
    Outdoor TV Covers
    Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
    Spy Cameras
    Posture Corrector
    Luggage Scale
    Full Body Pillows
    Alkaline Water Pitchers

    Niche - Kids

    Water Tables for Kids
    Ride On Toys
    Outdoor Playsets for Kids
    Outdoor Playhouses for Kids
    Kids Tricycles
    Kids Sand and Water Tables
    Kids Play Kitchen
    Kiddy Smartwatches
    Bounce Houses

    Niche - Kitchen

    Wireless BBQ Temperature Probe
    Motion Activated Kitchen Faucets
    Induction Cooktops
    Grill Maps
    Food Dehydrator
    Undercounter Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker
    Large Stainless Steel Pans
    Indoor Grill
    Frozen Yogurt Machines
    Electric Air Fryers

    Niche - Knives

    Whittling Knives
    Survival Folding Knife
    Outdoor Knives
    Combat and Tactical Knife
    Camping Knives
    Tactical Pocket Knives
    Pocket Knives
    Japanese Kitchen Knives
    Cold Steel Knives
    Boot Throwing Knives

    Niche - Outdoors

    Ultralight Hiking Tent
    Sleeping Bags
    Portable Wood Stoves
    Hiking Backpack
    Budget Backpacking Tents
    Truck Bed Tents
    Ruck Backpack
    Camping Trailers
    Budget 4 Season Tents

    Niche - Portable

    Portable Water Heaters
    Portable Toilet Bowls
    Portable Propane Heaters
    Portable Evaporative Coolers
    Portable Baseboard Heaters
    Portable Washing Machines
    Portable Speed Bumps
    Portable Garages
    Portable Basketball Hoops
    Portable Band Saws

    Niche - Tools

    Wood Chipper
    Thermal Cameras
    Router Table
    Portable Sawmills
    Paint Sprayers
    Ultrasonic Cleaners
    Standby Generators
    Pressure Washers
    Portable Air Compressors
    Mig Welder

    Each product is analyzed for 50 Buyer Keywords a total for 500 Buyer Keywords for each Niche

    If anything is unclear please continue asking questions I will clear up any of your questions
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    Hi OP - can you speak a bit more more as to how the keywords are spread out? You have 50 buyer keywords spread over 10 niches - an average of 5 per niche.

    And each niche has around 10 different sub niches - so that is about 0.5 buyer keywords/ sub niche??
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      Originally Posted by passiveincomebiz View Post

      Hi OP - can you speak a bit more more as to how the keywords are spread out? You have 50 buyer keywords spread over 10 niches - an average of 5 per niche.

      And each niche has around 10 different sub niches - so that is about 0.5 buyer keywords/ sub niche??
      Hi great question.

      Each niche has 50 buyer keywords for each product within the niche

      The core buyer keywords + the product in the phrase makes up the 50 buyer keyword phrases

      There is no sub niches unless you consider a sub niche a product if so there is 10 products

      Not sure how the copy came off as such

      The offer is for one niche, you choose the niche you are interested in

      You will receive 50 buyer keywords for each product total 500 keywords
      10 product charts
      10 csv files with all the data for each product each csv file contains 50 buyer keywords
      1 short over the shoulder video to show you in detail how to use the data

      I hope this explains it better

      thanks for asking
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    Any questions please check the Q&A post

    I just made a video explaining what the data looks like and tells you in the new video I just posted

    I just wanted to note I noticed I left out backlinking opportunities when looking at site types
    very important since page one backlinking opportunities pass the greatest amount of link juice

    Also being able to leave a link on a page one result drives traffic to your site, very important
    all of my sites I rank on page one this way get daily traffic to them because of the page one sites on Google
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    but how can we make money off these niches that you give us?
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      Originally Posted by vah120 View Post

      but how can we make money off these niches that you give us?
      Great question

      I created this done for you research so do don't go after products and niches you will have a very difficult time getting on page one

      The products I chose for these niches sell and you should be able to sell also by getting on page one by creating
      Affiliate offers, review sites, dropshipping, Amazon affiliate websites and any other types of websites selling these products.

      These are products people are selling today online

      Many of the products have high commissions with very little competition

      Why build a website and then find out the competition is much harder than you expected

      This research eliminates the guesswork

      Keep the questions coming
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        so are you going to just tell us the name of a niche or which products and affiliate network to join in order to promote the product in that niche as well??
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          Originally Posted by vah120 View Post

          so are you going to just tell us the name of a niche or which products and affiliate network to join in order to promote the product in that niche as well??
          "are you going to just tell us the name of a niche or which products"

          I already do so in the sales letter and also followed up in the Q&A section in case it was not clear in the sales letter

          You choose the niche you are interested in

          Inside each niche are 10 products that have the lowest competition on page one of Google that give you the greatest possibility of getting in front of buyer traffic

          Many of the products the websites are there as placeholders, they don't even have buy buttons for the products but they show up for selling products for the proven buyer keywords I did the research for you

          This tells me two things, the amount of sellers out there for these particular products are low and there is not many relevant sites out there so Google has to show results either with Brands by default or a site that is close enough for the search terms

          The products have been chosen from looking at 1,000's of page one results so you have the best chance of getting on page one of Google with the least amount of brands

          I also include one video for one product that goes thru step by step of how to understand the data in each spreadsheet, once you do one spread sheet the others are similar just follow the same steps

          I show you the good and wrong things about what you should have on your webpage, many of the websites are missing buy buttons and have only text links to Amazon, someone who is not internet savvy will leave their page thinking how do I buy this product so they go somewhere else or Amazon directly

          I also point out many other things to help you convert, it's amazing what you will find out when you do your research this way using actual search results and not using tools like Keyword Planner blindly following things like search volume

          These are actual day to day products people are buying

          Keep in mind the day of going to a store to buy anything has changed drastically

          I asked myself why would anyone buy these things off the internet instead of just going to the store

          Have you ever shopped at anyone of these large stores the past few years, to find that a product you wanted to buy is no longer being carried in the store these days because it doesn't sell enough units to warrant the floor space, but you still need the product

          Then you have no choice but to buy online, or the store doesn't carry the model you want

          The internet has changed all of this so buying online makes sense

          Sometimes it's convenience, many times you can order online and get it delivered to your house faster than you find the time to leave the house or past the store after work

          Its a much different world today for buying so someone has to sell these people the products

          I do not tell you which affiliate network to sell your products from because everyone's circumstances are different, you may already be an amazon affiliate and want to add new products to your web pages or you might want to dropship

          How you conduct your business is beyond the scope of this

          But every keyword I give you for Google is a buyer keyword that people use to make their final decisions before buying, many times a buyer will have a credit card in hand when doing this final decision

          I am known for supporting my customers so if you need help understanding what this will do for you I am always available to help you we could even do a skype chat and share screens going thru the spread sheet

          This will save you all kinds of time from doing trial and error

          Good questions more than willing to answer any other questions
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    Anymore questions?
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  • Profile picture of the author Jobfreetop
    I have known this op for almost 10 years. I have worked for and with him, coached and been coached. This message comes 100% unsolicited. By the quality of the questions being asked, it is clear that the readers and prospects making the comments and asking the questions, do not understand the quality of the seller's research. Ed has spent the last 10 years or more reverse engineering google's algorithms. He not only knows the news that is out there in the places where you can find it, but he has meticulously written code and downloaded literally multi-billions of cells of data and researched it, both as big data analytics, and by manually going 'behind the data' to see what is actually happening when searches are performed and sites come up, what is on those sites, who owns them, how they create content and why they are coming up tops. I urge anyone with any serious sense in creating a powerful presence online and actually taking the actions, not that the gurus are telling you, but what the data says is going to work, and testing the results that you get. These 10 niches are loaded with profitability. If you can't see that, then you have not read the letter carefully, watched the videos or looked through what the products and buyer keywords are. Ed won't produce garbage. He doesn't. Only what you will find here, I am certain, are keywords with less competition by major big hitters, and opportunities to rank very highly if you deploy a number of methods, e.g. videos, a specialised webpage with good content, some reviews and so on. This is called 'low hanging fruit' and it doesn't come often. There seem to be huge opportunities here, from selling the products on ebay, through to wholesaling them to local suppliers, to generating niche website income. This will be the result of literally YEARS of research, testing, and honing of results, not just a 'throw up a WSO' and sell a dream to the unsuspecting masses. So realise the value of what you are paying for with this kind of offer. It is the result of years and years of dedicated, round-the-clock research. Recognise that and you'll find the value in the offer you are seeking. Signing out.
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    Sam many thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author LizzieB
    A couple of years ago I purchased a keyword tool from Ed. It was one of the best purchases I have made. Even after a couple years, he still services the tool. Most sellers forget you exist after the credit charge comes through - but not Ed. He is a top notch guy, which is rare. As for his knowledge, he understands Google and the Serps like no other. He tests and watches every thing.

    When I received the email stating that he was offering a done for you niche research program, I was excited. I immediately clicked the link and read what was included and saw he was only charging $99. I now realize that Ed is nuts. He must have lost his mind.

    The program gives you the niche, the products, the buyers keywords, all the data on the URLs ranking for those keywords and more.
    I have seen DFY niche offers before and they were way more expensive then this. They did not give you a tenth of the data this gives you.

    All you need is content.

    In my opinion this is a no-brainer. You must buy this. You can't beat the price or the data.
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      Lizzie many thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author goodthng
    Ed is a great mentor. He does what he says. You buy a product from him and you get on going support when you need it and for as long as you need it.

    I met Ed over a year ago when I was searching for answers as to how to do keyword research properly. I came accross him by accident and was intrigued with the information that he was presenting. I was originally just going to buy the Authority Snooper software. Then I took a chance on Ed and joined his founders club. I am glad I did.

    There is a lot of people out there that will sell you the dream and that is all it is. Ed shows you what you need to do and helps you along the way.

    If the niches that Ed has put together are not for you then he has provided a link to purchase the same software that he has used to put the niche pack together.

    Be warned though he has put a lot of time into the 10 niche package. This in it self will save you many hours or days until you fully understand the information the software gives you. The software is not complicated. It is the time it will take to fully understand all the information that you will be presented with.

    Each niche in the pack contains a video that will explain how to interpret the information and how to look for the nuggets that will show you how to do better than your competion.

    In my opinion each of the niches in the pack should be worth $99.00 and not all 10 for $99.00.

    And the support in it self is priceless.
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      Thanks for the testimonial
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  • Profile picture of the author freeabs
    I have continued to reap the rewards of working with Ed and got several first page rankings for my affiliate websites. His support is also detailed and unparalleled. I can assure you that you will make many times back what you have invested in this service he has for you at this ridiculously low price.

    Note: - *** This is an unsolicited review. Just a very satisfied customer. ***
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      thanks much appreciated
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  • Profile picture of the author unipex
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      the WSO is a Done For You Service

      Authority Snooper is software, I thought this was clear in the title
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      I don't believe the search volume numbers at all
      its to long to explain and out of the scope of this so I don't use them

      if you looking for this data you are looking at the wrong WSO

      all the product research is evergreen people buy them is all you need to know
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  • Profile picture of the author unipex
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      if your looking for search volume information this is not a package for you
      I don't believe in search volume for products that sell day in and day out

      sent you pm

      this is how you contact me
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  • Profile picture of the author johnrichardjack
    Can I determine the information for the niche research in this WSO by using your Authority Snooper software? Having this niche research will only save us a lot of time.
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      the information in this WSO was collected using Authority Snooper

      this WSO saves you time instead
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    Hi sparrow! Been lurking around, in the shadows.

    Few questions though about your
    1. Which specific geographical (countries, towns, continents) regions are the keywords pulled from or covered in the research.

    2. Are the keywords all inclusive/exclusive? Is the list by any means exhaustive or are we expecting to see more of the same from other niches.

    3. Why just those particular niches? How about niches (or sub-niches) in the areas of Money, Health (Nutrition Diets/weight loss, such) and Relationship. Can the aforegoing "big 3" just mentioned be cracked (digging, pulling out buyers keywords) employing same parameters, methods you are used and would you consider doing an additional done for you niches or bonuses pertaining to Health & Relationships niches then?
    4. Have you just picked your niches at random or what is the criteria?

    Questions I know. Yes, I did actually read your offer but just wondering why you confined yourself to and stopped at just these particular niches.

    Your insights here would be pretty helpful

    Thanks for reading aforegoing. Awaiting your reply...


    Fellow Warrio
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow

      the health, wealth, relationship niches are populated by high Domain Authority websites, I've looked at them for several years and not worth my time when so many other low hanging fruit exists.

      The Done For You Niches and products I picked are chosen from many many others using my method of looking at who is on page one. These 10 are just a small sample of what I found anyone had a decent chance on getting to page one.

      I do nothing at random, I look at many many keywords and niches and use the same criteria of looking who is on page one and their Domain Authority values, its a quick check to tell you the competitive levels.

      I Domain Authority values perfect - NO
      But it is the fastest way to know what is going on page one.

      All the research is done for USA search results.

      Not really sure what your getting at for inclusive/exclusive.
      What I can say I used the same 50 buyer keywords across all the products checked. I selected a specific group of buyer keywords because they attracted the least brands to them. Some of the buyer keywords are just dominated by brands.

      The data included shows you the content that was used and frequency the same content ranked, you will some articles rank on page one almost all the keywords with one article showing how topic driven content is as opposed to being keyword driven

      no one is considering content by topic, I show this happening in the results I give you while everyone is chasing specific search volumes and keywords.

      I don't believe in search volumes they are very misleading, you need good topics keyword rich and you will rank for many many different search results because of the value the topic is

      If you are interested in a custom DFY solution just pm me and we can discuss your needs against what I have already done. I have lots of data to help you understand any particular niche, each niche is unique.
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  • Profile picture of the author drrajgopal
    Please let me know how one goes about monetizing once the KWs are given by you? Make a blog with product reviews? Or a review site with the products?
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      How you create your sites is up to you. You will have to find a way to either be an affiliate or dropship if you choose that model.

      I personally like to create a blog, website, videos and images to rank on page one. Many times I can be on page one for all those ways if done right.

      Doing a review site is popular these days and the selected keywords have a tendency to work well with review sites.

      Many times if your content is topic driven and done well you can rank on page one for 20 to almost all the 50 keywords for one article.

      In the spread sheets you will see some sites doing this all the time for their articles getting a lot of mileage for one article.

      Be happy to answer anymore of your questions

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    Hello are we able to try to get niches that we maybe interested or are the 10 niches chosen by you exclusively. I am just wondering if there is any choice at all? For example I have interests in golf and diy
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    • Profile picture of the author sparrow
      Hi this WSO DFY is set to specific niches offered

      If you want custom DFY solution you will need to contact me and we can arrange a custom solution

      Custom solutions are not priced same as WSO, it is determined on a one by one basis of what needs to be done

      PM me and lets talk about what you need
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  • Profile picture of the author sfatovic
    Hello can you contact me about a custom search. I tried to pm you but not allowed I am new to the forum.
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  • Profile picture of the author sfatovic
    I received your PM and set up communication, pm still doesn't work
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    Your WSO is very interesting.
    I know this info is taken from Google and is used to gain page ranking in Google search, however, what is your opinion of using the keywords in Bing PPC platform.
    Am i defeating the purpose and spending money needlessly.
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      to be quite frank I don't do very much with Bing anything so I'm lost as to how this would help you
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    This is still working. I used the software last week and uncovered 2 unsaturated niches on autopilot within minutes.
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