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Ultimate Content Locker Pro: A Smart Content Locker For Viral Content and List Building on Autopilot
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Attention: All Content Marketers, Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Website Owners, WordPress Enthusiasts; There is a new method to get your content go viral and build an email list on autopilot starting from today.

We are changing the way to build a targeted email list from the content on our blogs. New technology smartly locks your content without blocking it from the search engines and ethically forces your readers to want to share it while building a targeted email list. In fact, we are changing the way that old fashioned content lockers work.

Gone are the days that content is blocked out from readers and search engines. This simple easy to use plugin solves the issue of bounce rate associated with other content locker plugins.

It's time to turn your content into a viral List Building Machine, Boost Traffic and Build your List on autopilot with this brand new plugin.

Content is king, but when the king receives no visitors the palace becomes lonely.

Dear internet marketer,

We all know how hard and expensive it is to write good and quality content for our websites but most of the times it seems that we are taking a shot in the dark because we don’t know if our target audience can even find our content. The major dream of any content marketer is to get your content to go viral and get more people to read your content but when this is not happening, frustration and dissatisfaction set in.

You have also heard the saying that “the money is in the list.” However, even though content marketing is the best form of getting free and consistent traffic to your website, building an email list from your content is becoming increasingly difficult these days because people are not willing to opt-in into opt-in boxes on websites.

More so, traditional landing page and opt-in pages are losing their effectiveness of getting us the leads that we desire. This is what we experienced, and it is what many internet marketers and content marketers out there are struggling with. But what if there is a way to for you to get the email of every reader of your content?

Another experience we had with the existing content lockers was that instead of helping us build our email list, making our content go viral and getting us more traffic, they instead increased our bounce rate because of the way those plugins locked the content. Have you experienced these before? We are about to change that…

Today we are about to bring the dream of every content marketer to reality; the hope of making your content go viral and being able to build a targeted email list of subscribers on autopilot, and at the same time reduce the bounce rate that is associated with other content locker plugins…

To end this frustration of not getting our content to go viral or people not sharing our posts in order to get those powerful social signals, we set out to look for a way to overcome that problem. All the plugins we found in the marketplace were not doing what we wanted for our site. The existing plugins were instead hurting our site's rankings, and most of them are also too complicated to set up with lots of API keys and secret keys to create to function.

Also, when we tried to run advertising to our posts and pages, they were not getting approved because the content is blocked out from both search engines and human readers. That is why we decided to create a custom solution that can do exactly what we want; so we created a plugin that has the ability to make our content go viral and build our email list on autopilot at the same time.

We were tired of letting our king (content) remain lonely without visitors because a king without visitors is like a king in exile and is powerless; its time to give power to your content by making it go viral and build a targeted email list of subscribers who are interested in your content.


“The Ultimate Content Locker Pro Plugin”

This is a revolutionary and advanced content locker that will change the way you lock your content that enables you to get more shares and more traffic for your content while building your email list.

I am about to make viral traffic and list-building simple for you because this new plugin will put viral traffic generation, social sharing and list building in your total control, and I will do it with one easy to use plugin that combines all of these in one place. You don’t need several plugins to get your content go viral and build a responsive list.

These Are Just A Few Reasons Why You Need To Add Content Marketing Your Internet Marketing Strategy. Content is what brings leads and in 2017, out of every one hundred marketing professionals:

According To Contentmarketinginstitute, Content Marketing Rakes In Conversion Rates Six Times Higher Than Other Methods.
According To Demandmetric, Content Marketing Costs 62% Less Than Traditional Marketing And Generates About 3 Times As Many Leads.


If you are not doing content marketing then you should probably consider your marketing strategy because you are loosing out on most of the free traffic that you deserve.
But there is a problem, and that is many people spend 80% of their time writing great and quality content only to be disappointed that such content does not generate the type of traffic they want.

Major content marketers who know the importance of content marketing argue that you are supposed to spend 20% of your time on writing the content while 80% of your time is supposed to be devoted to marketing that content. Unfortunately, this is where many people fail, and this where the ultimate content locker plugin comes in and stand out among other content promotion plugins.

I know you might be saying right now that there are lots of content locker plugin out there so how is this revolutionary or different from the rest? The truth is that none of those plugins out there locks content the way that the Ultimate Content Locker plugin does. We are very much different because our plugin uses smart technology to lock your content in a way that makes your readers want to share to unlock your content.

This is a simple and inexpensive method of building an email list that can virtually melt down your server with targeted, viral traffic from social sites?

What Are The Special Features Of The Ultimate Content Locker Pro Plugin That Makes Content Go Viral And Makes List Building So Easy?
  • It does not block out your content as other content lockers do.
  • It locks your content in a way that makes your readers want to share to read your article.
  • Your content is discoverable and indexable by search engines, but it is locked to your reader's eyes.
  • It is integrated with the most popular social media platforms, and you don't have to create complicated keys to make it work.
  • It works on all devices, that is it is mobile responsive.
  • It comes with multi-site license; that means you can use it on as many sites that you own.
  • It’s easy to implement on both old and new pages with the click of a button without messing around with codes.
  • You can use it on any individual post or page of your website.
  • You can track the number of shares for each post or page.
  • It uses smart cookies to remember those who previously shared your content.
  • It is compatible with all other existing plugins on your site & the latest WordPress updates, and it adds no extra weight to your blog.
  • It easy to install and set up just like installing a simple WordPress plugin.

Who Is This Plugin For And How Is It Going To Help You?

This plugin is for anyone who wants to take their content marketing to the next level by getting interested people who want to read your content to share before accessing your content and at the same time build an email list.

Getting Traffic and Building a List is difficult with the old methods, but not anymore with this plugin.

It’s true that “the money is in the list,” but you have to have a list of interested prospects or paying customers, to profit from that list. The problem is, the old tired ways of building that list are becoming less and less effective. Squeeze pages just don’t cut it anymore. You need to first, engage your visitors, provide great content that they will want to share and read. That is where this plugin comes in.

You need this plugin if:

  • =>> You are a blogger
  • =>> You are a content marketer
  • =>> You want to drive more traffic to your site.
  • =>> You are a product reviewer
  • =>> You want to increase the organic rankings of your site through social shares.
  • =>> You want more people to see your content.

Build A Responsive E-Mail List Without Stress.
With Ultimate Content Locker Pro, Viral Content List Building Is Made Easy.

Now you can start building an email list of people who are interested in your content the easy way and in a spiral effect. It has been proven that people who make a micro-commitment before subscribing to your list are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

That is what the PRO version of this plugin does. Now you will be able to build a huge list of happy subscriber base of everyone who reads your content.

Imaging the benefits of what this is going to make to your site and business: more social shares across various social sharing platforms which gives your site more authority and exposes your site to more eyeballs; and at the same time build a subscriber list that you can use to get instant traffic and also monetize your list.

Social shares create what experts call “social signals” – those are incredibly powerful types of backlinks that help to rank your site to the top of Google… Giving YOU even MORE traffic at no cost!

There’s no doubt that social and viral traffic can make the difference in your blog or website.
The average user of Facebook, for example, has 100 friends.

If he shares your blog post, he’s indirectly sending you “100 friends.” Just imagine that these 100 friends also have 100 friends and so on…
Your blog and website can get viral in a very short time and give you instant and massive traffic that adds more profit to your account by building a targeted email list of interested subscribers.

Ultimate Content Locker Vs Other Content Lockers
See how we beat our competitors

  • + Locks the content with a missing letter of your choice
  • + It helps REDUCE BOUNCE RATE associated with a locked content
  • + Makes the reader want to share and read your article
  • + Makes the reader want to share and read your article
  • + Blocks the content to readers only
  • + Does not require the creation of keys and secret ids from social sites
  • + Option to collect email after sharing
  • + Easy to set up

  • X Blocks the whole content
  • X It INCREASES BOUNCE RATE on your website when content is locked with these plugins
  • X Readers not likely to share because it is deceptive
  • X Search engine does not index content
  • X Blocks the content to both readers and search engine
  • X Requires the creation of secret ids and keys to function
  • X No email collection option
  • Complicated setup process

As you can see there is no other plugin as powerful and easy to use as ULTIMATE CONTENT LOCKER PRO. Anyone can use this in their business to make it go viral and build a huge list of subscribers.

You now have viral traffic at your beck and call anytime you want, your content will now get the traction that you deserve and the efforts you have put into writing that content will be rewarded with this plugin on your site.

Besides the benefit of viral traffic, your site is going to get the social recognition it deserves, and you are going to see significant improvement in your rankings in the search engine results.
Ultimate content locker pro directly integrates with MailChimp, a free service that you can start using immediately. Even if you don’t want to use mailchimp, you can download all your leads in a CSV, PDF or Excel file.

Fast Action Bonuses
Ultimate Content Locker Lite
The basic version of the ultimate content locker plugin that you can use to lock your content without requiring the users to opt-in. Both of them can be activated on the same website and used on different post and pages.
Email List Building Pro
Introducing the best email list building blueprint on the internet
Email Sales Blueprint (Video Series)
It’s Not About Just Building a List! It’s About Building A RESPONSIVE & PROFITABLE List! Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Make Money From Your List Instead Of Just Wasting It? This is the perfect bonus for you.
Foolproof Traffic System
Learn the traffic sources that the top marketers use and those that work best.
Using Your Email List For Maximum Effect
Building a mailing list is cheap, it’s easy and there are now so many ways to cash in on the online revolution.
This guide is to show you how you can maximize your email list to the fullest.

Viral List On Autopilot (Video Series)
A Brand New 9-Part Video Course that will let you Discover How to Build a Highly Profitable List By Using This Untapped Viral Strategy! Starting Today! This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to build a higher converting list.


Your satisfaction or your 100% money back

Your money is safe with our product. But in case you do not want the product for any reason whatsoever, you have our no question asked iron clad money back guarantee with 30 days of your purchase.

Click The Button Below To Get Instant Access To This Smart Content Locking Plugin That Will Make Your Content Go Viral While Building Your Email List

This plugin will help get Viral Traffic
Make your blog readers to share your content before reading; making your content go viral...
The Plugin is 100% Customizable
The plugin is easily customizable to suit the color or look of your site/blog
Easy Social Integration
The plugin integrates with the most popular social networks that can make your content go viral...
Autoresponder Integration
The plugin integrates with MailChimp so that newbies can use as well. You can also download your leads via pdf, excel or csv.
It gives you Detailed Analytics
Built-in analytics system so you can see how your various posts/pages are performing.
Access to Awesome Support
We love our customers and are here to help via our support desk, you will never be on your own if you have a problem

Get instant access now for a single payment of...

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Re: Ultimate Content Locker Pro: A Smart Content Locker For Viral Content and List Building on Autop
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