12 Simple SEO and Website Analytics, Monitoring and Reporting Tools All Rolled Into One Dashboard
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12 Simple SEO and Website Analytics, Monitoring and Reporting Tools All Rolled Into One Dashboard

WebsiteChecker is a web based application for analyzing, monitoring and reporting on websites. Everything you need to know in one place.

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    Hi. Does your software allow monitoring of the web for new reviews of, or posts mentioning, a business's name or products/services?
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      Hi, yes we're integrating Brand Monitoring into WebsiteChecker in approximately 4-8 weeks as it's already listed on our product development roadmap and you'll receive custom notifications and reports whenever a specific word(s) are mentioned anywhere on the web so you can monitor your business and products.

      If you've signed up to a free trial you'll be notified when this feature is enabled and it will be included in all plans, thanks.
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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1.) What Is WebsiteChecker?

    WebsiteChecker is a simple web based application for digital marketers to analyze everything important about your websites. It includes analytics & monitoring for your websites SEO, traffic, links, keyword rankings, site speed, uptime, security, page performance & much more all from one simple dashboard.

    2.) Who is WebsiteChecker for?

    WebsiteChecker is comprised of 12 SEO & website monitoring tools for active digital marketers & agencies who want to see a birds eye view of their websites. You can quickly create website analysis reports to test a site for 72 elements plus get real time notifications if something goes wrong with a website you manage, for example if the site goes down, becomes infected, speed slows or traffic drops you or your client will receive a email notification about it. You can also setup weekly reporting for SEO monitoring, keyword rank tracking, traffic, links, performance and all other important metrics you should know about.

    3.) Why should I use WebsiteChecker?

    As a digital marketer you need to know what's going on with your websites to ensure there's nothing preventing them from growing and succeeding online. WebsiteChecker makes monitoring everything easy using one dashboard and receiving one weekly or monthly report. There's no complicated technical processes or knowledge required, you can begin using it today in less than a minute.

    4.) How Is WebsiteChecker different from Google Analytics, Hubspot, Moz, SEMrush & Other tools?

    There are many website analytics tools available for digital marketers these days however we designed WebsiteChecker to be very simple to use, we have more comprehensive data about your websites than other marketing solutions available and more affordable pricing. If you're focusing on search engine optimization as a traffic source then by having WebsiteChecker you'll be able to better analyze & monitor everything important related to your websites SEO. You'll receive exact recommendations of what needs changing on your sites to improve rankings & performance.

    5.) Can SEO agencies use WebsiteChecker?

    Yes. If you run a marketing agency and require SEO reporting tools then you can schedule & automate everything for your clients plus install our lead generation widget on your website that offers a free website audit to your visitors. You can create custom white label PDF reports with your own logo and branding. You can setup all email notifications for your clients to come from your email address.

    5.) How much does WebsiteChecker cost?

    We have plans starting from $49/month with 20% discounts for annual subscriptions plus we're offering the first 100 signups here a 25% discount off regular pricing. Use coupon code LAUNCH25 when subscribing.

    6.) Is there a free trial available?

    Yes. There's a 14 day free trial with all features enabled, allowing you to perform 50 standard website checks, 5 advanced website checks and run 2 active website monitors. We don't require a credit card for free trials. If you wish to upgrade to a paid plan after your free trial we have 4 pricing plans available and if you're a agency and require something larger or different we can create a custom plan for you, just reach out to us and we'll be happy to help you.

    7.) What is the refund policy?

    Due to the cost to source all the data and the potential for abuse of our system all payments are final and we can't offer refunds. We offer a 14 day free trial to allow you to test drive the application first to ensure you're satisfied with it before subscribing to a paid plan.

    8.) Where can I get support?

    You can contact us on our website https://www.websitechecker.com or via live chat inside the application.

    You're welcome to post any questions about the application here in this thread.


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