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DRP 19th May 2018 02:15 PM

{Internet Business Incubator} An Amazing Opportunity For Growth & Success! Apply Within!
This may be the only WSO where you're asked to put your wallet away. That's right - put your wallet away because you don't have to spend ANY money on this OFFER. I'm completely serious.

I'm looking to partner with qualified WARRIORS that have fledgling online businesses for an incredible opportunity. This is an opportunity unlike any other you've seen before.

Do any of these sound like you?
  • A programmer that can build things for days, but doesn't know how to monetize?
  • A blogger that has a great website, but is struggling with generating revenue from all that traffic?
  • An artist that is creative to the max - but has no idea how to make a living from their work?
  • An entrepreneur that's already generating a profit, but hitting a plateau?
  • A prospective business owner that has a great idea and needs the right support to succeed?

If so, I want to talk to you! But who am I anyway?

I'm Roth and I'm a consummate marketer and entrepreneur. In my youth, I've built and monetized many different kinds of websites. Over the past 12 years I've been an affiliate marketer, product creator, and witnessed many changes in the industry. Apart from my extensive experience, I also have all the certifications offered by Google (Analytics, Adwords, Digital Sales, Mobile Sites, etc), and a handful of HubSpot certifications. As such, I have a holistic understanding of all things digital. Currently, I am a Global Digital Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 company - but I'm a lifelong entrepreneur and investor - and always looking to improve my asset allocation.

You must be wondering - what's the catch? There's always a catch, right? You're a clever one! This is the catch: I won't partner with just anyone - YOU WILL BE VETTED.

I will personally interview each and every one of you to find the underdog, the diamond in the rough, and the veritable pick of the litter! This is not appropriate for you if you're looking for a handout, lazy, or otherwise clueless. This is for serious individuals that just need the right tools and support to take their game to the next level.

The best part? I will never ask you for money! All you have to do is sell me on the idea on why I should provide the resources and dedication to incubate your online business and make it succeed! Ideal candidates will be:
  • Ambitious
  • Organized
  • Coachable
  • Dedicated
  • Based within the United States

What will the incubation program look like?

1. Interview & Selection - I will personally interview you and get an understanding of your existing or proposed business. We will discuss financials, business model, plans, objectives, legalities, and all the details necessary to see if you'd be a good fit for incubation.

2. Onboarding - Once you have been selected, this period will involve introduction to the program, more interviews and consultative sessions, contractual agreements, and setting expectations.

3. Strategic Services - I will work with you to create a well-defined business plan and marketing strategy based on research, competitive analysis, expertise, and your specific objectives.
  • Develop Business Plan and Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Comprehensive Business Training
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Go-to Market / Launch Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships Identification & Introduction
  • Lead Generation & Sales Support
  • Bowler/Action Tracker Setup

4. Consultative Services - I provide further consultation on a variety of activities including, but not limited to:
  • Website design, development, hosting, and maintenance
  • Compliance with GDPR, ISO Standards, CAN-SPAM, etc
  • Research and Analysis
  • Digital Strategy & Presence (SEO, Digital Advertising, Social Media, etc)
  • Traditional Marketing if applicable to business model and objectives
  • Exit strategy (valuation, escrow, mergers & acquisitions)

5. Operational Excellence - We will meet on a regular cadence to ensure that progress is being made towards established benchmarks and objectives. Using bowlers and action trackers, we will maintain continual improvements that will result in profitability.


If you're interested in applying for my incubation program, choose one of the following options to apply:

1. Message me here with your name, email address, existing or proposed business, and why I should consider partnering with you.

2. Go here, fill out the form, and submit.

*Hint* Provide as much information and detail as possible. Otherwise, I'll likely reject your application.

I look forward to speaking with you soon! Good luck!

P.S. The system wouldn't let me mark price as $0 so the $1 is just a placeholder.

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