Done-for-you Shopify Dropshipping Business - I Build Your Store For You! 100% Ready For Orders!
Mike Hersh 1 year ago

Done-for-you Shopify Dropshipping Business - I Build Your Store For You! 100% Ready For Orders!

Let Me Build You A Complete, Turnkey, Fully Functional, Built To Profit Shopify Dropshipping Business!

Sick & tired of all the schemes and gimmicks?

Done-For-You Shopify Dropshipping Business - Get A Store 100% Ready For Orders!

Let Me Build You A Complete, Turnkey, Fully Functional, Built To Profit Shopify Dropshipping Business!

This Is Your Chance To Get Your Piece Of The Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Pie...Even If You Have ZERO Online Experience!

Are you looking for a method to make money online that's proven and will actually work for you and your family?

Do you want to predictably earn your living online every single month instead of having slaving yourself to a boss that does not appreciate anything you do?

Would you like to make more money in a day than most people make in a full month of work in the dreaded 9 to 5?

If your answer is yes, I really urge you to read every single word on this page, because this is really a rare opportunity to work with me personally and have me build your entire business for you from start to finish.

That's if you're a good fit for this program of course, but more on that later...

Now let's be honest here... Although there are all sorts of methods that you can use to make money online, many are difficult, require a lot of time and effort, or even require skills and expertise most people don't really have, including you.

Unfortunately, most people that try to make money online end up struggling and failing, and then they give up. I don't want this to happen to you, so let me explain what you can do about it.

The key to success online is to avoid all of the loopholes, easy buttons, schemes, and hype... and truly focus on building a REAL online business.

Right now, one of the most powerful business models out there is starting your own Dropshipping business.

Here's why eCommerce is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start making serious money online... regardless of the size of your marketing budget, online marketing experience, or even general marketing experience...

If you have $5 per day to spend on Facebook ads, you can find a winning product and scale to the moon with 100% confidence that every single penny you invest on Facebook ads goes back into your pocket and then some...

The BIG Opportunity With eCommerce...

eCommerce is big... and getting bigger every single day.

Have you ever heard of Amazon or eBay?

Of course you have... they're household names...

Virtually everyone does some sort of shopping online.

It's become so big that there's a day called Cyber Monday, which is the Monday following the popular shopping holiday, Black Friday.

In 2017, Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales totaled $ 59.57Billion...

And in 2018, Cyber Monday sales are expected to rise to $78.42 Billion!

Not only is that a lot of sales... but it's a massive increase in total sales year over year...

You may be thinking...

"Yeah, but those are big companies..."

But the really great thing about eCommerce is that many people just like you are quickly building six or seven figure online business...

...with little or no prior online experience.

Why eCommerce Is The Best Way To Get Started Making Money Online...

· You can get started with eCommerce today

· You're providing real value in the form of physical products to people that want them

· Getting started is as easy as choosing a market and finding products to sell

· The margins can be 100% of HIGHER with many products out there

· It's easy to quickly scale up your income to $10,000 per month or beyond...

So, if eCommerce is so easy, why isn't everyone doing it?

Most People That Try To Start eCommerce Stores... FAIL!

But why?

Most people do a lot of the wrong things when it comes to getting started with eCommerce.

Not because it's hard, but because they try to "wing it" and do it all on their own... many cases by looking at free resources and methods online that may be outdated or just plain out don't work...

When people struggle with eCommerce... it's not because it's hard...

If You Answer "Yes" To Any Of These, This Service Is For You...
To see success with eCommerce and make the kind of money that you want to make, you need to follow a proven roadmap to success.

You need someone that's "been there and done that" to show you the ropes and lead you to success with eCommerce.

Someone that knows what's working TODAY... not what used to work.

Introducing... "Build My Store"...

The Ultimate Done-For-You eCommerce Store Program...

I'll personally work with you one-on-one and help you launch a highly profitable, lucrative, in-demand eCommerce store in 30-60 days from this moment...

Here's the process I will go through when building your business for a one time payment of only $9,997:

Step 1: Signup for a Shopify account

Step 2: Pick A Shopify Plan

Step 3: Purchase Domain

Step 4: Create Premium Logo

Step 4: Choose A Theme

Step 5: Research & Find Hot Products

Step 6: Add Products To Store

Step 7: Create Product Collections

Step 8: Connect Domain & Create Email Address

Step 9: Add Payment Gateways (Stripe/Paypal)

Step 10: Edit Checkout Settings

Step 11: Setup Shipping Weights For Dropshipping

Step 12: Create Shipping Rates & Fees

Step 13: Confirm Tax Settings

Step 14: Create Custom Content Pages

Step 15: Add A Blog

Step 16: Write & Add 5 Blog Posts

Step 17: Setup Navigation Menu

Step 18: Add Discounts Codes

Step 19: Add Coupon Codes

Step 20: Set SEO Title & Meta Description

Step 21: Link Google Analytics

Step 22: Add Facebook Tracking Pixel

Step 23: Setup Facebook Sales Channels

Step 24: Confirm Store Settings

Step 25: Support Selling Gift Cards

Step 26: Customize Email Notifications

Step 27: Install Basic Apps In Store

Step 28: Install Advanced App In Store

Step 29: Remove Storefront Password

Step 30: Add Store Admin To Store

Step 31: Grammar & Spell Check

Step 32: Test On Multiple Devices

Step 33: Make A Test Purchase

Step 34: Market Your Store

Step 35: Submit Sitemap To Google

100% Custom Logo with your own brand name - A professionaly designed logo for your new Dropshipping business($397 value)

High Converting Niche Selection - Instead of wasting your time researching a profitable niche, I'll put my experience & skills into practice and personally do the research for you. All you have to do is choose one niche out of 10 niches that I'll recommend and you're done!

High-performing products within your niche - I'll choose AND add up to 15 products to your store, all with proper SEO friendly titles & killer descriptions THAT ACTUALLY SELL.

Customized template built to convert - This is the secret between success & failure with your Shopify store. I've spend over $25k developing this theme so you can guess it's built for the highest conversion rate possible. In 2018 alone I've spent $73,789.45 on ads so I can assure you that you get the highest converting layout without spending a single dime.

SEO and Social Media Integration - I'll set it up for Google Indexing, and also create the accounts for your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Instagram Influencer Millionaire - Get my CLIENTS ONLY step-by-step strategy to DOMINATE Instagram and get any IG celebrity to promote your products for dirt cheap so you could enjoy a massive payday and keep all of the money from sales in your pocket without spending a dime on Facebook ads. This guide is NOT being sold anywhere else, so this program is the only place you can find it.

24/7 Direct Technical Support through Skype and email for 90 days- it will be me who will answer all your questions, no VA's here and I'm limiting my client base to keep the quality high. ($2,500/month value!)

At this point, it's obvious that eCommerce is one of the fastest ways to quickly make six figures online... and beyond...

...and there's no better resource for seeing success with eCommerce than with this step-by-step guide...

"This Sounds Like What I Need To Make Money Online With eCommerce...

Many people that try to figure things out on their own with eCommerce and end up losing money...

This exclusive program will prevent that from happening... and although it's hard to put a price on NOT losing money and NOT wasting time, that's exactly what you're getting when you make the wise decision to take action today...

You get a complete, in-demand, full-blown business that is battle-tested for success!

Here's Why Now Is Absolutely THE BEST Time To Invest In Your Own Dropshipping Business

There's no doubt that right now, Ecommerce is one of the easiest ways to build a solid six-figure online business...

That is... IF, you know what you're doing.

There are little things you must do when you're getting started with eCommerce like getting your store up and running, choosing the right niches and products, and getting traffic that can be the difference in a huge six or even seven figure income and not making any money at all.

That's why I'm going to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to crush it with your Store as soon as you put your hands on it...

You won't have to bang your head against the wall thinking how to:

· Deciding what market or niche you're going to focus on...

· Choosing the types of products you'll sell in your brand new eCommerce store

· Getting your store setup quickly and without issues

· Driving hordes of traffic to your eCommerce store

· Quickly scaling to a "job crushing" six figure income

Because I hand you a turnkey store and a well laid out plan to DOMINATE your niche, EVEN IF you're just getting started.

Although You Can Quickly Make Massive Profits With Ecommerce, If You Do Even The Small Things Wrong, You Could End Up...

· Wasting a lot of time

· Struggling to get your store up and running

· Not getting enough traffic

· Or the worst of all... getting everything going and never making any solid sales

Of course, I'm sure you want to avoid all of the above and make sure you start making money with your eCommerce store as quickly as possible...

After all, you already made the wise decision to invest in in your own eCommerce store so you can build a six figure online income...

Are you ready to get results, start making money faster, and avoid mistakes that could cost you time and money?

If you are then this program is for you, because I don't show you how it's done, I actually put my skills where my mouth is and BUILD YOUR DREAM BUSINESS FOR YOU!

Because it doesn't take much to get the money flowing with eCommerce, getting just slightly better results could end up making you thousands of dollars more over the course of the next few months...

Are You Ready To See Results With Ecommerce Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible? Here's What I Want You To Do Next...
If you would like to accelerate your business right now and skip all of the guesswork, my offer is guaranteed the best bang-for-your-buck 100% Optimized Done-For-You Prebuilt Shopify Dropshipping Store.

Secure your spot right now, I will only be taking 2 clients per month because of my busy schedule, so you don't want to miss out on this. I will work with you all throughout your Shopify journey.
Contact me via email -
Contact me via Skype - MikeSmartSolutions
Thanks for taking the time to read, and I look forward to working with you.
  • Profile picture of the author nanohits
    Thats just insane. Even if you have disposable income you wont make that $10K back in a long long time. These people make you think everyone who enters will make millions. So much marketing BS in this sales thread. You can get fully done for you packages with similar functions for less than $600.
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    $10k? For something you can learn from a $15 Udemy course? This is outrageously overpriced.
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  • Profile picture of the author Anass Radi
    this is insanely overprices for what you get in return
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  • Profile picture of the author Anass Radi
    this is insanely overpriced for what you get in return
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  • Profile picture of the author renmark
    Seems as if billionaires are getting into IM now.
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    • Profile picture of the author nanohits
      Not billionaires but pretend billionaires
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    Based on the fact this is $9.997 Warrior Forum really recommends that they use for this type of deal for the buyer protection.
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    What about Marketing do you offer any services for bring sales and results ? Else the shop is of no use .
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    how much is it? $9,997??
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    • Profile picture of the author Mike Hersh
      That's correct. If you're just getting started I can help you build your Dropshipping store for half the price but with less products and functions. Those packages are soon to be added here.
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        thank you but this is too expensive for me
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