Totally Automated Video Affiliate Websites - Ready To Go Today
stephenhenbie 2 years ago

Totally Automated Video Affiliate Websites - Ready To Go Today

Quality Content For Your Website Is Critical. I Build Auto Posting Websites Updating With Up To The Video Minute Content. Suits Everybody.

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    Really great work - lots of ideas from this - and fun and informative videos. Looking forward to being in touch.
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    is this still available ? after a long time i want to try and this offer seems good. can this work for an affiliate offer ?

    there is an error's server IP address could not be found.

    thx you stephen
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      Yes this offer is still available. I had a few hosting problems with the server for these sample sites which is now fixed.

      I have updated the site mentioned above with the latest Silo'd type theme. Have A Look Here.

      Yes these sites are suitable to any types of affiliate offers. I have recently made a video on the Banner ads which you can view on my website.

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  • Can you tell more how to make money with this kind of site?
    Wich net ad to use? Can i put google adsense ads ?
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      Hi, I use Maxbounty, Clickbank, Amazon and Markethealth. I love using Free offers from Maxbounty to get email signups which pay quite well. You can pretty much use any type of adds on these sites. I have used Adsense but they can be funny at times with Auto Content Sites. But I don't really use Adsense because Maxbounty pays more and people are happy to get Free Stuff.
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    Hi Stephen is this offer still available?
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    Was just checking your offer out. It appears your website is down at this time.

    Is this WSO still being offered ?

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    I was browsing through the Warrior Forum ads looking for ideas when I saw a WSO for the Totally Automated Profit Stream. The content looked interesting so I clicked the Chat button to ask a few questions. Stephen came online right away and we talked for a while.

    I asked about content sources, where the traffic comes from, and site revenues. His answers were clear and realistic. After chatting for a while, I was impressed and purchased two with his standard templates and he made up one custom for me. It took him a few days to put them together as they have a lot of moving parts and pieces. Once the sites were ready, he spent quite a bit of time with me on customization and a few ideas that I had.

    The sites are attractive and have already started earning small amounts. They're going to be good investments. Stephen gets my top recommendation.
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    Interesting. Able pass copyscape, will do it later
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      Hi, it depends on your content you use on the index page if your using your own content on there for say an affiliate or your own offer. My Auto content pages are indexing very well as posting to G+ gets them indexed fast. I'm getting traffic from these pages.
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    I discovered this WSO because I'm in the market to build out some aged domains I have and made my way over to Stephen's website. I was wasn't there very long before he reached out to via his site chat.

    Stephen spent quite a long time explaining more than just the features of his WSO, but many other issues of the current IM situation. He taught me quite a few things actually, in addition to convincing the merits of the specific product he's offering.

    I ordered five sites' work from him without a second thought, If great support and expertise are something you're wanting in your online business, then give this man a solid try. Reccommended.
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