HOT!!! Who else wants their very own profitable e-com store that's ready to spit out cash on demand?
Dave d 1 year ago

HOT!!! Who else wants their very own profitable e-com store that's ready to spit out cash on demand?

Imagine having a dropship ecom store so profitable, that you couldn't stop it making money even if you wanted it to

Get started with your very Own Profitable Dropship E-Comm Business Auto-pilot!
Make Real Money Today!

250$ Turbo Package for only 149$!!! Limited Time Period!!!
Ecom is the hottest trend right now for making stable income online . Its already reaching trillions of dollars .

What is dropship business ?

In this business , You set up an online store , customers sees the product and buys . Then the order is passed to the supplier . The supplier pack , and ship the order directly to your customer and you set back and collect the cash .

You can start this business with ZERO inventory and little FB ads investment like $5/day. And with $10-20 budget for insta shoutouts .
We have laid best options for you to jump to the latest money making trend .

What you get with your awesome store :

Fully Automatic - Just sit and watch
Full responsive store
Hot selling products
Premium themes
Supplier list

We have also selected the hot selling niches , you can choose your niche :

Pets ( DOG / Cat )
Kitchen gadgets
Smart Gadgets
Travel and survival
Beauty gadgets
Women Bags

Choose you plan under :
>> Shopify Basic Account - Sub Domain (49$) <<

Free Theme
Product Setup
PDF Guide for Usage
Automation Setup
Responsive store
Payment Gateway Setup
Delivery in - 4~5 Days

>> Shopify Premium Store - Includes Domain (100$) <<

Paid Theme
Ads Targeting Setup
Social Setup
50000 Website Traffic (100% Real)
Responsive Store
Payment Gateway setup
Automatic Store
PDF Guide + Skype Support & Coach
Marketing/Sales Tips
and more..
Delivery in - 10~12 Days

TURBO Package Deal - 250$ Only

250$ Turbo Package for only 149$!!! Limited Time Period!!!

Full Website Setup
Logo and Other Required Design
Niche Research and Products
Store Guide and Ads Guide and Tutorial
1-1 training and support
1 Wikipedia backlink
1 Month Traffic [1,00,000 Visitors]
1 Month SEO [On-Page and Off-Page]
2000 Facebook Page Likes
2000 Instagram Followers
Store Listing on 20 Business Directories
Delivery Time: 12 ~ 15 Days

Samples and Earning Proofs:
Kindly get in touch for previous work sample.


Q1 : What is Ecom in a Box ?

Ans : We are offering one of the first Ecom business in a box , which include Store setup ,Product selection , Ad target , Traffic. Everything you need to start a successful Dropship Business .

Q2: Can I choose a niche ?

Ans : Absolutely , we have listed hottest niches above , you can choose any .

Q3: How products are chosen and what kind of products will be there ?
Ans: We dig deeper into every niche to get HOT selling products in the listed category , All the products are already selling in the marketplace . And all products all non branded sourced from dropship supplier .

Q4 : Which Platforms the stores are built on ?

Ans: We will make stores on shopify mainly , but we can make stores on woocommerce , big commerce and prestashop. Depend upon which platform you want .

Q5: Do everyone get the same products in chosen niche ?
Ans : No , we are continuously adding new products in our data base , so one or two products can be same which are Hot selling and have mass markets but NOT ALL .

Q6 : How FB ads targeting is decided ?
Ans : The ads are targeted to the specific audiences according to their interest .

Q7: Do fb ads targeting will be same for everyone ?
Ans : No , the method we are using to target the interest is FLEX targeting . In this targeting one can target with interest and mix it with broad interest. The targeting provided will be different from niches and products . Thus , everyone will get UNIQUE targeting of audience .

Q8: Can I give my own products?
Ans : Absolutely , you can provide your products .

Q9: Can I sell copyright products ?
Ans : . No , we do not recommend that , as there are hefty fines for copyright infringements .

Q10: How products are fulfillfiled ?
Ans : We will be providing the list of supplier to you . You have fulfill orders yourself , Else you can use fulfillments apps .

Q11: Can I customize my store according to my need ?
Ans : Absolutely , We can do that , Please contact us .

Q12 : What is TAT?
Ans : It varies on package you are ordering, confirm the same over Skype or PM.

Q13: I have a questions ?
Ans : You can PM me or email us .

Terms of Service:

Do not ask for review copies
Discounted copies will be avail only for few first buyers
All payments will be made via WF
No dispute or chargeback
All the contents of the store will be handed to respected owner
We hold authority to change any terms of service anytime
No refunds after delivery of store
Paypal/BTC fee will be charged extra

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  • Profile picture of the author Rajul kaushik
    Hi Dave, is this offer still available? And pls direct me to a performing shopify store which is up and live now. Thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Hello, Kindly check your PM for details. Good Day.

      And yes: I am taking offers on this WSO.
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  • Profile picture of the author NetMediaGeek
    Hi Dave

    Could you please send me an example site.....
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  • Profile picture of the author drrajgopal
    Can u send me some sample sites and income proof if u don't mind? Thanks.
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  • Profile picture of the author joescorpio
    Please pm me example site
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  • Profile picture of the author rayjayx
    May I also see some samples, as well as any other information too please
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  • can i see some samples
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  • Profile picture of the author KyeM
    Can I see samples and earning proof?
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Sent you PM. Kindly check your inbox. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author xcode919
    The store look really awesome!!!! I am starting marketing this week with Dave he is just awesome!

    Thanks Dave for such realistic service in such a price.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Thanks for your kind feedback. You have been a great customer to serve. Looking forward to see you make lots of money Have a great journey.

      Let me know if you need any help.
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  • Profile picture of the author ProfessorGlum
    sample site and store earnings please.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Sent you PM. Kindly check your inbox.

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  • Profile picture of the author riches4u2
    Store samples please and thank you.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Sent you PM. Kindly check your inbox.
      Looking forward to see you make money.
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  • Profile picture of the author lenkablog
    Hello everyone here in WF are starting to sell Done for you ecom shop . But no one help for marketing to get results . Do you help for marketing ? Do you do FB ad setup , graphics creation , ad targeting etc ... If yet let me know . I need the sales can you help to do that from the day 1 .
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Hi, as stated in above i not just only make stores i help in 1 on 1 msrketing help. So never need to be worried about it all and other thsn that i supply my own notes for how to manage store to marketing in complete detail.
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      • Profile picture of the author lenkablog
        Hello but the Marketing Methods that you will teach or share . Will it take lots of times ,effort and things to arrange ? What can be investment ? How long it usually took to see some sales . As many other sellers did same and then nothing sold then they blame , FB , Market , Economical crunch , bla bla and and end of the day shop I have for 6 months without a single sale . As they are mostly saturated in the market . many people from China , Aliexpress are selling in much low price .
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11398042].message }}
        • Profile picture of the author Dave d
          Hi, my students have seen earning in 1 week as well and max to max in 4 weeks you will see fair sales.

          As far as methods are concern there are always new methods and each have same thing but the real method is correct approach and implementation. For investment you will need 20 - 50$ handy to start testing and running campaigns to start making money. For free traffic you will need to keep patience and you will have to wait longer.
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  • Profile picture of the author justin01
    can i also see sample and store earning proof?

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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Hi, I have sent you recent earning proof from customers and as well some of the sample sites as well. Good Day.
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  • Profile picture of the author GoldPro
    Can you show some samples of a store that would be created using this offer?
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    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Hi, Thanks for your interest. Kindly check your PM for sample site and stores earning proofs.
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11394149].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author xcode919
    So as you said will you be making full website and products will be automated with Dropified or Oberlo?

    Also will you help with marketing and help making sale? Is it extra charge or included?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[11393322].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Dave d
      Hi, Thanks for your interest.

      By default i use Oberlo, if you want to use Dropified i can use that as well for setup you just need to provide me login for your dropified account.

      Yes i do provide a e-book manual for marketing, how to add more products, how to do them as per SEO guidelines, how to use social traffic and how to setup campaigns etc everything.

      Still if you need my more coaching to make sales, i do have personalized training session for Ads and other marketing needs if required do let me know i will be happy to share details and work with you.

      Hope this helps, Have a nice day.
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