Let Me Pay YOU To Learn Internet Marketing
PatrickTaylor1 1 year ago

Let Me Pay YOU To Learn Internet Marketing

Most people waste years, flailing around, trying to figure things out. My proven system hands you a road map to success on a silver platter

From the desk of Patrick Taylor:

Dear New (or Frustrated) Internet Marketer,

This is going to be about the most simple sales letter you've ever read on the Warrior Forum.

Actually, it's not even a "sales" letter in the usual sense because I'm not really selling anything. I would have made this offer free but it's a minimum of $1 to create my WSO here.

I know that in a sea of offers trying to wrestle you to the ground to get you to open your wallet and part with your cash, making bold claims of overnight wealth with a minimal investment of time or money, that this offer may not be as appealing to the average person browsing these pages.

You see, I'm not looking to make money selling products to you. My goal in this offer is to find partners who will work with me to build an empire together.

Most marketers simply look at you as a customer, and there is nothing wrong with that. I purchase products here that add value to me, that increase my knowledge and effectiveness. I am a frequent customer here on the Warrior Forum.

However, what I'm doing today is making a unique offer.

I want to pay you to learn Internet marketing.

Look, the statistics say that 98% of people who set out to earn money online never make a single dime. I want to help you cut through all the noise out there and get right to the activities that will make you money.

Save years of trial and error.

Most people who start out to earn their living online literally spend YEARS flailing around without a clue trying to figure things out on their own. My proven system hands you the right tools on a silver platter.

What I'm going to teach you is the exact system and methods that the "gurus" teach to their inner circle students--some of whom pay upwards of $5,000 to learn what I'm going to PAY YOU TO LEARN.

Whether you're new to the concept of earning money online, or have struggled for years, I want you to focus on building a simple system with me for the next seven days or so.

When we're done, you'll have a base of operation and a base of knowledge that you can use to promote any product, any idea, in any niche that you choose.

And I'll personally write you a check upon completion.

Now, I know you're skeptical. I understand.

I'm asking you to risk a buck. Most of you will waste that on nothing and not think twice about it. If it's any consolation, I'm losing money to make this offer. Warrior Forum gets their portion, PayPal will take their portion, and I won't even recover what it costs me to advertise here.

So, why am I wasting my time on this, you might ask. And that's a legitimate question because I'm not running a charitable educational enterprise.

The reason is I want to find partners who will not only partner with me to sell my flagship product, but also those who complete the course will get a special invitation to the BIG game.

You see, I have another business that's growing. The skills you will learn by taking my course will be an asset to me, so after I write your check I'll also be asking if you're interested in partnering with me in my larger enterprise which has the potential for helping you to earn a substantial residual income with a relatively small amount of work. (We'll talk more about that once you finish the course.)
Are you ready to begin your training?

Are you finally ready to stop chasing shiny objects and get down to business?

Are you mad enough to actually take action?

Are you hungry enough to break through and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?
If you're just starting from scratch with nothing, I will teach you how to set yourself up for success in online marketing with a proven, systematic process, and the right tools for the job.

Instead of paying hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for information from gurus of questionable reputation, I'm going to turn the tables completely and pay you to learn the methods that others have used to make fortunes online.

I look forward to working with you.

Sign up below and let's start working together.

All the best,

P.S. Perhaps you've never heard of me. Maybe you're wondering, "Why should I trust anything this guy says?" A very legitimate question. I've been around the Warrior Forum for a little while and you may have seen some of my other products which have received rave reviews. I'll include a few testimonials I've received, just so you know that I know a little bit about what I'm talking about here...

Are you ready to get started? I'm ready to let you into the inner circle....
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  • Profile picture of the author jerrymono
    is this still available?
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    • Profile picture of the author PatrickTaylor1
      Hi Jerry M,

      As of this moment, yes. (Did you click on the "Buy Now" button. Seems to still work.)

      Give it a shot. I look forward to writing you your first check in Internet marketing.

      All the best,

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  • I sent you a pm...
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  • Profile picture of the author renmark
    Great headline Let Me Pay YOU To Learn Internet Marketing, yet you are asking for $1. Sweet!
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    • Profile picture of the author PatrickTaylor1
      I thought I explained this in the ad copy. When I created the listing, it wouldn't let me offer it for free. If it makes you feel better, the only people making money on this deal are Warrior Forum and PayPal. Don't worry, I'm losing money advertising this.
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  • HI, What is the flagship product we will be trained to promote ? is it a coaching/mentorship program ?
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    • Profile picture of the author PatrickTaylor1
      Hi BARB,

      The product you'll be promoting is my flagship product which you can review, along with the plethora of testimonials HERE...

      Of course, you'll be promoting the retail version of the product which is quite a bit more expensive than the deal to my fellow warriors here on Warrior Forum.

      I also have a coaching, membership program which contains a recurring income component that you can promote which we will also discuss.
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  • Profile picture of the author jerrymono
    how long will this offer be available for? i am going to be in a better position to take advantage of it in 2-3 weeks. thanks
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    • Profile picture of the author PatrickTaylor1
      Hi Jerry,

      Frankly, I'm not sure how long I'll leave it up. I'll probably leave it going for a bit. But you never know... ;-)

      My experience has been that when you see a great value, you jump on it.

      I have kicked myself for waiting too long and missing out in the past... Soooo. What is holding you back now?

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  • Profile picture of the author Reddevil007
    Does this have anything to do with your previous WSO's?

    Also, the $1 is one time or monthly recurring?

    Is this coaching or something?
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    • Profile picture of the author beautyuno1
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      • Profile picture of the author PatrickTaylor1
        Hey Red,

        How are things going with you?

        It is related to my other offers in that my training includes being an affiliate for my flagship product.

        The offer to join the "BIG game" is independent of anything I have sold on Warrior Forum and is a different business.

        The one dollar cost is a single payment NOT a recurring payment. In fact, the only reason I even charged the dollar is because I couldn't set up a WSO for less than a $1 cost. Still a great value in my opinion.


        P.S. This is not "coaching" per se. It is a systematic, step-by-step method to cut through all the noise and get right to the activities that can generate you cash. It is set up in a drip e-mail campaign to help you conquer the steps in bite-sized chunks. But you guys who have been around know that I'm here for you if you have specific questions. I give away a lot more information than I should...
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  • Profile picture of the author mbhatnagar
    Hey Patrick.
    This offer looks intriguing. Few questions please -

    1) What's the time commitment required for completing the course in the next seven days?
    2) Any other expenses apart from the $1?
    3) Any costs for people chosen to be your partners?
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    • Profile picture of the author PatrickTaylor1
      Hi Mbhatnagar!

      It is a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your questions. I'll respond to each question below:

      1) What's the time commitment required for completing the course in the next seven days?

      The time commitment will vary for each person and is largely dependent upon their ability to grasp technical concepts. Some people will be more familiar with, say, setting up a squeeze page, while other people will take more time to master it. Now, I have been very diligent to recommend products that are easy to use and/or have stupendous support to minimize the learning curve. Also, realize that you don't need to become a subject matter expert on each product, you just need to know enough to accomplish the task at hand--and we are going to blast through these. I highly recommend using the products I advise in the e-mails (whether you purchase though me or not). This will help to expedite the learning curve.

      2) Any other expenses apart from the $1?

      Of course, there will be a few items you need. Again, you can get them through my links, or from someone else, or you can use a completely different product. For instance, if you already use a page builder and are completely familiar with it, there is no need to purchase something different to accomplish the task. Basically, you'll need web hosting, a good page builder, and an e-mail autoresponder service. No matter whose training you take, you're going to need these items at some point. So, yes there will be a modest investment if you're starting from scratch. I would say you can get started for under $200 which is a minuscule amount when you consider the potential for earning once you are able to leverage your efforts with technology. I once purchased training for $8,000 and still had to purchase these things, so don't get sideways on me on this. I'm providing "inner circle" quality training at a fraction of what most "gurus" would charge you. This is a very systematic, step-by-step course.

      3) Any costs for people chosen to be your partners?

      This is the most incredible part of this deal. Most marketers who offer to "partner" with you actually want your money. I don't need or want your money. I want YOU! I need partners to help me scale my business to infinity, and if we decide to work together I'll even pay for your business cards and provide you a business portal! I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the front and back end to make it simple. Now what I need is a group of hungry go-getters who are going to bring value to the table and create a passive income for them and their family...an income that you can pass down! No cost to you. Only income.

      You don't even realize yet what a great offer this is.

      I'm looking forward to seeing everyone one the other side and realizing our dreams together.

      All the best,

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