[FREE course] Get your First Client -- POWERED BY WF ~~
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[FREE course] Get your First Client -- POWERED BY WF ~~

Discover in this course the tools you need to go from zero to getting your first client in record time. 100% Actional strategies.

This Course is launching free of charge on the 14th of July for 1 week.

Do you want to go from wanna-be freelancer to start really making money as a service provider?

Welcome to this intensive FREE course where I will take you from zero to your 1st $1000 per month client.

If you are interested in selling


Facebook Ads

Social Media

Content Marketing

Link building

Web design

or any other type of marketing service...this course can give you the framework you need to make it happen.

This course is not aimed to make you millions, but to help you to get traction to be a successful freelancer with the right strategy to scale your business.

In this course I cover


Understanding your own situation (reality check!)

Understanding your skills

Market Analysis

Personal Branding

Lead Generation

Closing clients

Productivity strategies.

Please be aware this is not a course aimed at building an agency building, it's just a stepping stone for anyone that wants to get started as a freelancer with a clear goal: To achieve your first $1000 client hopefully in 30 days or less.

If you are ready to learn, apply the info and have discipline... this course is the right course for you.

~~~ Course content will be added on the 16th of July but you can join now ~~
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