Let Me Create An Insanely Profitable, High-Converting E-Commerce Business For You!
alldigitalbiz 2 years ago

Let Me Create An Insanely Profitable, High-Converting E-Commerce Business For You!

Let Me Create An Insanely Profitable, Done-For-You And High-Converting E-Commerce Business That Will Run Almost On Autopilot…

  • I’m a completely newbie in Ecommerce, is this something that can help me?

    Great news, this is Newbie friendly certified. No tech-background necessary and best of all this package is completely DFY (Done For You) so you don't have to worry about developing, designing and/or creating an Ecommerce from scratch.

  • Do you provide updates during the developing phase?

    Absolutely, from the moment you join our program you will be contacted to schedule our first call and provided with contact information. During the developing phase you will receive weekly updates which will allow you to see the progress and changes to your Ecom.

  • Are there any hidden fees with this offer or is this a one time payment?

    No, This is a one time payment deal, once you join the Ecommerce DFY program there won't be any hidden fees for the services listed. It´s all covered in the price

  • Do you offer any kind of financial aid or instalments?

    We normally do not offer payment plans, but if you are truly serious about taking action TODAY and joining our Ecommerce DFY program, you can send us a PM and we can talk about it.

  • Is this offer limited to the US only?

    No, this offer is meant for everyone everywhere (Worldwide) that is ready to take action and plunge into the wonderful world of the Ecommerce.

  • How long would you take to deliver the final product?

    The delivery time is 30 days after the approval date of your niche. This time frame also works for our money back guarantee, if we don’t deliver your Ecommerce Business within the estimated time then you are qualified to file for money back, but don´t worry, that has not happen and we are confident you will have your fantastic new business on time.

  • Do you have any samples of previous work?

    Due to client confidentiality we are not able to display any sites here however, you can contact us and we will be happy to show you some of our client´s high-converting sites prior getting their consent to share the sites we developed for them, also we can show you one of our sites as well.

  • Is this site made from a template or It´s a duplicate from previous sites?

    No, your Ecommerce site will be tailor made to you on the niche that you agree to. No duplicates or copies. We are all professionals here, each client is unique and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Do you offer 1-on-1 coaching?

    Yes, we offer a 1-on-1 coaching for 60 days (after delivery) with the Ecommerce DFY program, this coaching will first guide you to use your site properly and second give you an important training to increase your chances of success. You´ll also get my personal E-mail and my Phone Number so you can contact us anytime, you´ll never be in the dark again, I´ll be here to give you the support you deserve. That´s my promise

  • Do I have to share my profits with you?

    Absolutely not! The site is 100% of your sole ownership, meaning all the profits are yours.

  • This DFY package comes with Marketing?

    It comes with Full On-Page SEO, and with social media automation tool that allows your business run almost on autopilot. You´ll also get a very professional video that help you to promote on Youtube, Google My Business Setup, etc. So you can kick-start with the right foot. But If you need any extra services such as Facebook & Instagram Ads Management or Off-Page SEO or month to month maintenance, we can definitely help you for an extra fee (To be discussed depending on which service you require). We´ll be here for whatever you need.

  • I don´t use PayPal, Can I pay your services with Credit Card or eCheck?

    Sure, send me your details at ceo@6figuresclub.com (Full Name, Email & Country) to send you an Invoice from our company, you can pay our services with your favorite Credit Card or eCheck, This transaction is secure & confidential.

  • Can I get in touch with you in Facebook?

    Sure, go ahead and find us as Loly Zamriver, Andres Zamriver or both lol. You can go to our fan page too https://facebook.com/6figuresclubweb . I´d love to chat with you :)

  • Can I schedule a call with you? I have a few questions before taking action :)

    Of course, you can go to this link https://calendly.com/lolyzamriver . Please mention you come from Warrior Forum. Thanks :)

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    Ok if you are Confident about your methods then can you take me as your 1 st Success Story here . Starting with a littlebit small budget as I have to invest for Promotion . As I scammed so much here most of Fund are blocked . So as success story if this really works I will pay you your full amount with Extra interest money . Let me know if you agree .
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      Hi, I´m sorry. As I personally dedicate most of my time in each project, I don´t work that way. But, thanks anyways for your interest and have an awesome day.
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    Hello Andres everything sounds good . But I have 2 questions as I lost money 2 times here 2000 bucks . All same promise and stuff . Key for ecom is marketing and getting sale . That I need from day 1 . Can you assure that ? I don't have time for learning and coaching . Even I tried with previous guy but it won't help much . You know Yaros . Still have zero income in the store . Almost 2 years running . So I need sales not only great looking store . Can you help for that ? Also can you help with my previous stores to generate incomes ? Can I see some sample sites of your's or your clients . Are you using shopify ? What are the investments ? I need some ecom that can give me regular income . But like nice looking person with no use .
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      Hi Lenka, I answered your questions one by one via PM. Let me know if you have any other concerns.

      All The Best.

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        Hello thanks lots again it is same diplomatic answer . How I can again play gimmick with you another 2K . I am in the end point sorry I may not go with it thanks for your time . If you can help with my existing shop that it can give some relief . As you said you earn 150K from Yaros Plugin in 18 months maybe you can help me with that shop .
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          Sure thing. As I told you, no one can assure you can make money from day 1, you need to be consistent and follow a proven formula, that´s what I´m offering here in this thread, after building your business, my coaching is created with one purpose in mind, to help you succeed. No matter what. But you need to take action, that is a key factor to success in the eCom world. About your shop, I´m working on a full Done For You package, I don´t do jobs separately, I´m deeply sorry I can´t help that way.

          Have a nice day.

          All the best,

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