Rank YouTube Videos Super Fast with Guarantee [Real Reviews Inside]
faisalmaximus 1 year ago

Rank YouTube Videos Super Fast with Guarantee [Real Reviews Inside]

Rank YouTube Videos and Channels Super Fast in Google and YouTube.

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I tried to rank my video for a keyword with low/average competition.
Initial ranking was around 20, now my 1k views video is ranking in between a bunch of 10-20k videos (with the same title) in top 10.

Service seems to work and I think it's a good deal.

I am very satisfied, I recommended this service for low competition keywords (for difficult keywords contact OP and make sure you order a larger package)
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Just wanted you to know that my website moved from a page rank of #21 to #12 and holding.
Going to try another backlink blast.
Thanks Faisal
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Your campaign has worked perfectly for my site.
I was at the 4th page of google, in a four days we got to the first page.

Weekly Report, excellent communication, recommended for everyone around the world.

Keep it up please do not stop!

Thanks again.
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For a very good reason, now my web is on the 1st page. so i just order another one for my other domain.
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I hope you feel better. I received my report and am generally happy with it. Very detailed. I used 4 different squidoo lens and they are all moved up higher on the first page and generating buying traffic to my websites.

Please PM me when you are back so I can order more runs.

Thank you,
Myra Love
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Just got my report and it looks good for me.

I already seen some movements in serp. From #20 to #17, I know its not that much but its only been 5hours since I got the report. I think its good package plus the turn around is quite fast, no one wants to wait right?

Gonna order more, The package is great for people who wants to rank Easy to Medium competition keywords!

Highly recommended this service. I rarely put reviews but this service gets me
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Love Faisal's service.

Just wanna quickly share my personal experience using Faisal's Monthly SEO Service.

It's been about a month (or even less than a month) after I subscribed to his Starter Monthly SEO Plan and I found my primary buying keywords get back to the first page of Google (some of them even on #1-3). Before I use his service, almost ALL of my keywords has been slapped by Google Pengun 3.0 (in the last October 2014) and just gone from the search engine.

Great work, Faisal!
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I ordered this package for my IM niche medium competitive Keyword and within 3 days it's number 4 on Bing. I will certainly use this service again.
Regards Darren
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Just wanted to let you know that my campaign is doing great. I'm already ranking number 2 and 3 in Youtube search. Very detailed report and quick turn around time.I'll be doing another one soon.
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    I purchased the top package, $30, for 1 video and 1 keyword, 1 week ago.

    Well, I said I'd report back...

    No improvement at all on my ranking after 1 week.
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    Ordered YouViser 3 for 1 video. Current rank, #10 in Youtube. Page 3 on Google. Will report back in a few days.
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      Thanks for your order, you will receive complete work report after completion of my work.
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    For YouViser 3, if I choose 3 videos, are the links etc split between the 3 videos? So, 10 backlinks each, or 30 backlinks each?

    If I choose just 1 video for YouViser 3, then more chance to rank?

    Just not sure if the backlinks are per video or per order.
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      YouViser 3 is designed for 1 video, if you want to split them among 3 videos you can do it. But to get the best result I recommend to use each campaign for one video only.
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