CLICK-TAP - A SALES FUNNELS! A Business Website With Products! In 5 Minutes Flat!
NetMan 3 years ago

CLICK-TAP - A SALES FUNNELS! A Business Website With Products! In 5 Minutes Flat!

Discover the secrets and the quickest path to a fully functional and profitable instant sales funnels


  • Is this built on WordPress?

    YES! Of course this is entirely built on the WordPress Platform.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    YES! I can guarantee that if you put this up, follow my advice and take action you will make money, and if you persevere you will build yourself a serious business.

  • How much money can I make?

    While the answer might sound cliché, nevertheless it is the only truth. The quick answer is; unlimited. From the start, this is built to really work, it's not just some theory only to sell you something. So, you can make as much as you want, because obviously the more efforts you put in the more you will make.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Well, no! That's the short answer. Once you have downloaded the product we have no way to eventually verify that our product will not be used in any way even after a refund. All the information for you to make a sound decision is revealed on this page, and you can ask any pre-sell question you will. We guarantee everything is and work exactly as describe and once you make the decision to purchase, there should exist no reasonable reasons to ask for a refund. However, if you follow the complete training / coaching and work your butt off for the whole year and make no money at all, I will gladly refund your money 2 times at the end of the 52 weeks. Fair enough? Now, stop dancing around the pot and order now! lol

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    Who are the ideal prospects for the products that are offered in the cash magnet marketing funnels?
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      The "niche" for this specific package is "Digital Marketing Funnels" as you can read here above, so that means the target market is for anyone who wishes to create a Sales Funnel online to increase one's list and sales.

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    Just added the new Sales Video for Cash Magic Funnels. I mean, the package I offer has already two video sales letters, one for the Front End product and one for the One Time Offer / Upsell product.

    But, my own was not ready yet loll can you imagine. It happens... lol

    Questions? Just Ask...
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    Learn the TRUTH, how you can REALLY get a FULL SALES FUNNEL in just a few minutes.

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    That's right!

    It's been said that the Cash Magic Funnels package come with GDPR compliance tools. But, I have not put much emphasis on the "tools" part and exactly what it is.

    Well, here we go it's fully loaded and completely pre-configured with my Professional GDPR NOW PRO plugin. And it's an amazing tool which has a real value and saving for you of $39.

    I would not offer a solution without it!
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