Turnkey Drop Shipping and WordPress Auto Blogs
loedown 2 years ago

Turnkey Drop Shipping and WordPress Auto Blogs

If you're looking to get into drop shipping, don't waste money on Shopify. Buy a premade turnkey drop shipping website in a proven niche.

Fully Designed & Ready to Launch

Everything you need

What Our Package Comes With:
Turnkey Drop Shipping Website
High Converting Niche
Large profit margin products imported to your store
Free hosting for 1 year
Marketing material to help you drive traffic
24/7 Support to help you run your business

We've covered EVERYTHING.

Our Sites are PROVEN to Convert!

Thinking of Starting a Dropshipping Business?
Drop shipping is taking a product from another website and selling it at a higher profit on your website. You then order the product from the cheaper website, add your customers shipping address and the vendor handles everything else. You're left with a generous profit for being the middleman.

Sounds simple right?
Sure, the concept of selling a product higher than what you pay for it at a profit is simple, but what about the logistics of this process? Potential drop shippers end up spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on keyword research, website development, web hosting fees, logo design, site optimization, and the list goes on and on. So while drop shipping is an easy concept, the initial cost of setting everything up is VERY high.

We offer drop shipping websites that are turnkey, meaning all you need to do is drive traffic to the site and we even help with that! All of our sites are ready to launch in seconds and include free hosting, proven HIGHLY PROFITABLE niches, 100 products imported for you, easy to use backend (WordPress), and much much more. We have everything you need in one package.
Using professional digital marketing tools such as SEMrush, we discover profitable opportunities within specific niches and formulate the best way to deliver them in the current market. Our research has shown that the next wave of Dropshipping Sites will be with products sourced from Aliexpress wholesalers.

This is an untapped market with professional investors now showing an interest in this category. We have recognized this early and have the templates and plugins to build the sites. Wholesale Pricing is the lowest possible worldwide and customer protection is paramount, giving you and your customers confidence.

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    How many times do you sell the same website layout? Or do you only sell it one time?
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  • Profile picture of the author jafp1617
    Is your dropshipping website have a 1 or 2 main products that would get people interested & buying?
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    • Profile picture of the author loedown
      Hi, there are many products that would get people buying that are included in our sites. One tip would be to create a shipping charge of $5-$6 and reduce the price of an item dramatically. Then post it at the discounted price, driving traffic to the product. On checkout, most end users will not even blink at the shipping and you make just as much or MORE than if you offered free shipping
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      • Profile picture of the author jafp1617
        I was thinking of getting one in the future and use FB ads to market it. Any thought sir?
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        • Profile picture of the author loedown
          That is the preferred way. Either using facebok ads/instagram ads or setting up social profiles that build over time to drive traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author lenkablog
    What about Marketing & traffic?
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    • Profile picture of the author loedown
      That's a great question. We get that a lot, users asking us how much they will need to spend on advertising and traffic to their website. I created a short video, the answer is 'it varies'.

      See : https://youtu.be/6m2JdVxdEzo
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  • Profile picture of the author ED1190
    This looks very interesting! Thinking of buying a dropshipping website.
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    • Profile picture of the author loedown
      Great! Let us know if you have any questions, we're more than glad to help.
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