[4 Spots Left] How To Buy A Profitable eCom Business For $0.17 (Then Grow & Sell It!)
tomhunt88 3 years ago

[4 Spots Left] How To Buy A Profitable eCom Business For $0.17 (Then Grow & Sell It!)

I will reveal the full System for JUST $50 in a 30 Minute Strategy Session (Normally $247).

I Will Hold Your Hand And Show You
How We Bought A Profitable eCom Business For $0.17 (Then How We Will Sell It For 6 Figures) And How You Can Do The Same In The Next 90 Days Or Less

Hi, I'm Tom Hunt.

I left Warrior Forum to start startups:

Appear on Dragons' Den (UK version of Shark Tank):
Write a best-selling book:

And complete a TED Talk:

And now I'm back to share a new System I have developed over the past 5 years...

The Internet MBA System.

Here is the overview:
  • Step 1: The EXACT Method (with free calculator) you need to FIND and VALUE eCom Brands
  • Step 2: How To Get The Business WITHOUT Having To Pay Flippa A Fat Comission
  • Step 3: How To Tweak Your New eCom Biz To MAXIMISE Conversions
  • Step 4: The ONLY 4 Ways To Convert ICE Cold Traffic To Your New eCom Businesses
  • Step 5: The Weird Email System We Use To Double The Lifetime Value OF Each Sale
  • Step 6: How & Where To Sell Your eCom Brand For 100 Times The Amount You Paid For It
Before I tell you how you can jump on a call with me for FREE so I can share the full System... let me tell you a story.

...I was stuck in a corporate role that I hated.

I had to get out.

I really just did not care about the bland office, the boring clothes and being told to do things that clearly were not efficient just to satisfy someones agenda.

On the 1st Jan 2014 I made a decision.

That I would replace my salary from an online business by the end of the year.

I headed online, transferred $10k of my savings into my current account and went hunting for methods/businesses to buy.

It was a grind.

I got scammed out of $3.2k.

I spent money on useless "guru" courses. I started doubting myself... like I wasn't good enough to actually do this.

And thought maybe I would just be stuck in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life. But then I made a good acquisition.

I bought an online service biz for $800 and over the next 14 months it made $14k and then I was able to sell the business for $5k.

It was small.

But it was a breakthrough.

It was proof to me that I could do it... and that it wasn't actually that hard.

(If you can spot bargains and know how to sell things online )

And since then I have bought, grown and sold 5 different businesses and invested in 5 more.

I now have a team of 4 A Players (all remote) that run our 3 eCom brands (doing over $1.3k per day or $40k per month) as part of the Internet MBA Group whilst I focus on a SAAS business we also acquired.

And yes, all the cash and the freedom to do anything I want/go anywhere I want is great... but the real reward?

Is the internal knowledge and belief of how to do this.

Which is why I'm writing to you right now.

I want to pass on this knowledge to you... so you can experience what we are experiencing right now.

That's the real gift.

The ability to return and pass on the knowledge and belief to others that are earlier in their journey.

THAT is the reason why I am back to teach this System... I LOVE working with ambitious, intelligent online entrepreneurs and REALLY don't want you to get scammed

"Schedule A 30 Minute Strategy Session To Get The Exact Step By Step Techniques That My Clients Are Using To Buy, Grow & Sell eCom Businesses"

(Warrior Forum Won't Let Me Show You Income Proof, But You Can Add Me On FB And We Can Chat)

The Session Is $50:


So far the full method has ONLY been shared with 5 individuals who are all now running their ecquired business and cannot share their Niche.

I can only share the method with 5 further individuals before it becomes less effective.

UPDATE: 1 of the 5 calls has been taken, this leaves 4 more left until I potentially shut down this whole process so we can make all the easy $.
  • Are you going to try and sell me something?

    In short: No. That is not the point of the call. The point of the call is to learn about your experience and then I will reveal the full Internet MBA System. But there will be an offer to join Internet MBA Class 3 for those that qualify but the main point of the call is to share the strategy with you.

  • How much capital will I need for the Internet MBA System?

    We say that a new Internet MBA System person will need $500 to acquire a new eCom brand. I will show you how to do this on the call.

  • Why does this System work now?

    You see... the world is changing. As the internet lowers the barrier to start a business, thousands of "wanna be entrepreneurs" are starting companies... but then can't grow them. They run out of steam after a year or two and then give up and look to hand them off at bargain prices. That's where we come in... We snap them up, immediately double their profit then enjoy the cashflow or sell on. That is exactly what we did with JIG, a male jewellery brand that we bought for $0.17 in May of this year that made £7k in August

  • When can I schedule the call?

    We just need you $1 payment to show you are serious. Once done, you will get rescheduled to the web page where you can book your call.

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          Never received any sort of scheduling portal...

          Please advise as I would like to chat.

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