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FREE Online Cash - The Ultimate Money Loophole
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>>> For Two Weeks Only >>>
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From: Ed Walters

Dear Warrior,

Subject: The 'Virtual' Property (Real Estate) Boom!

What would you do if you had some "inside" information that showed you how you can turn a few hours work into a profit of $30,000 - $60,000+ as many times as you want to? For example what if you knew a horse was going to come in first and the insane odds meant profits like the one above? I'm pretty sure you'd jump right on it wouldn't you?

Well that's exactly what is happening under your very nose....

Using nothing but an internet connection savvy entrepreneurs are becoming millionaires by simply investing a few hours of their time and making tens of thousands of dollars profit over and over again. And it's pretty much guaranteed. I'm going to reveal to you exactly how you can copy their success but without the hard work by exploiting a little known "money loophole".

Duplicate The Millionaires' 'Invisible' Success Secret

In 'their' world, 'property' really is free and 'tenants' really are guaranteed. Now of course, I'm fully aware property isn't free and tenants aren't guaranteed in a conventional sense - but this IS NOT about land, buildings and people looking for a place to live in (relief!)...

... this IS about 'Virtual Property', which, is MUCH faster, cleaner (you don't even have to leave the house!), lower risk (there's no downside), cheaper (as in FREE!) and easy-as-pie to turn a profit if you follow a simple set of instructions.

Imagine your life with a guaranteed and automated monthly income...

Profit, Rinse And Repeat

In December 2005 I wrote two quality ebooks and sold them on a simple membership site where people paid me $37 a month for a resellers license to two ebooks, or $296 for a years membership. However, this was different to usual resell rights offers as I was selling the raw format 'virtual property' versions so people could add their own name and make any changes they wanted. In essence I gave my customers a complete instant business.

I placed one small advert in an ezine (cost $118) which, during the month brought in over $4500. Not millions but a very tasty return. Over the next year I just kept rinsing and repeating the process and to this day I still have people paying me $37 a month for access to that site. But that was just the beginning...

Ready Made Web Sites That Sell For Thousands...

One day, purely by accident, I came across a web site selling ready made web sites for anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. I realised just how much money could be made from the 'virtual property' game by selling simple unique newly created AND newly renovated websites. This was the new 'property boom'. But I needed to do something which would enable me to speed up this process...

Money 'Loophole' That Allows You To Quickly Create Web Sites That Sell For Huge Profits

There is a little known publishing secret called the public domain ( = works that are copyright free). There are a few rules on this but the fact is anyone can get hold of public domain ready made products and do anything that they please with them.

And, if you're clever you can 'flip' them into virtual property niche products with resell rights and sell them as instant businesses for big profits.

You can see evidence of public domain profits simply by visiting your local book store and seeing all the different versions of Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare books. Different companies simply make a few changes to these classic books, like adding some graphics or a foreword, and then republish them under their brand earning themselves 100% of the profits.

Here's what I have done myself recently with some public domain works:
  • I sourced the classic 'success' book "Think And Grow Rich" (it has sold over thirty million copies worldwide) from the public domain, turned it into an audio product without speaking a single word (I'll teach you this trick) and sold licenses to it making nearly $30K in three days.
  • I searched around a few "underground" web sites and found thirty classic 'self help' books, turned them into video products and sold licenses to them for $497 a pop. Again no thought needed.
"How Exactly Can You Make Money from all this?"

'Virtual Property' private label products are hot. It's obvious why. People are naturally lazy and if you can provide them with a turnkey business with their name on it they'll pay you good money. However, before now, to get started in licensing, you had to spend big money (tens of thousands) on product creation, master resell licenses, etc. But now armed with my special techniques you can get into the business for less than the price of a dinner for two. Interested? Of course you are!

Let me prove to you beyond all doubt that you really can make six figures a year with this legal loophole

Rather than waffling around exactly what you need to do like most other people, I am going to show you here all the simple but effective steps to a virtual property business:
  • Find and locate ten public domain info products and "jazz them up" using special techniques.
  • Put them online and sell them using a proven sales letter for $197 for all ten products. This is a proven price point and sells like hot cakes.
  • Set up partnerships with other web site owners who have existing traffic or email lists of people interested in internet / home business (approx 500 million sites in google)
  • Pay your partners 50% commission on any packages they sell by sending visitors to your web site. You only ever pay them if they make a sale and it's all automated.
  • You limit the amount of downloadable packages you sell to 500. This means people will snap them up due to scarcity (not wanting to miss out)
  • You can then sell hard copy versions of the licenses offline using direct mail or mail order.
Take a look at how your profits increase the more copies you sell:

Virtual Property Packages Sold - Profit (after paying 50% commission)
100 $9,850
200 $19,700
300 $29,550
400 $39,400
500 $49,250

There are hundreds of millions of web sites you can contact (for free using my system) who we know have an interest in earning money from home. Do you think you could sell just 500 packages over the next year? OF COURSE!

Can You Really Do This?

I'm pretty sure you're chomping at the bit now, but if you are still a little sceptical let me tell you:

What you don't need:
  • You don't need any marketing experience.
  • You don't need any technical know how.
  • You don't need more than a couple of hours or so a week to spare.
  • You don't need a lot of money to get started, and certainly don't need to spend any money on advertising.
What do you need to make this a success:
  • You do need to be willing to follow simple instructions.
  • You do need a desire to make serious money for little effort.
  • You do need to know my secrets to get started asap in the easiest way possible. Without them it would take you a while to figure it out, plus you'd make costly mistakes.
But that's not all. Here's how to 'flip' the businesses for even bigger profits

First you create a true turnkey business by visiting one of the special underground web sites I'll point you to and by using my special techniques. Next you visit one of the special selling sites I'll point you to and sell it for sale for $5000. And you do all this for FREE and without doing any work yourself using my special system. Picture that.

I'm pretty sure you're getting pumped up and excited now. So let's take a look at what you'll get your hands on in my income accelerating home study course...

Start Up Kit

Over the past twelve months I have been putting together the most comprehensive all-in-one start up kit you will ever find. Anywhere. This massive downloadable package consists of everything you need to get started in this amazing business in the fastest possible time.

Let's take a look at what I've got for you:

<<< Component One >>>
VPT Quick Start Workbook: Part 1

You'll learn:

  • The simple step-by-step process of how I turn free information into $30,000 - $60,000+ within a year
  • The key secrets behind millionaire license sellers
  • How to create value that pretty much guarantees you'll sell out in a couple of months
  • The advanced strategies for turning this small start up business into a huge and long term success
  • A little known method you can use to make as much as ten times the money, with less effort!
<<< Component Two >>>

VPT Quick Start Workbook: Part 2

You''ll learn:

  • How to find lots of niche web sites with ready made information for product creation
  • How to "renovate" web sites into top quality businesses by adding value
  • The fast way to develop your websites to turbo charge your profit. potential.
  • How to sell your web sites for big profits in record time
  • The Advanced Outsourcing Secrets of a Virtual Property Tycoon

<<< Component Three >>>
Marketing Materials - Ready Made Web Sites & Templates

You Get:
  • A ready-to-go template to set up your web site. Just fill in the blanks and you're off
  • A lesson on how to add value to your packages so people will be desperate to get their hands on them.
  • A template sales letter for your niche products
  • A proven joint venture approach email. Once your site is up you want to make money as quick as possible. I'll hand you the exact email I use to approach joint venture partners
  • A template download page for your niche products

<<< Component Four >>>
Public Domain Secrets DECODED
You Get:

- A simple guide on how to profit from the public domain
- A course on how to perform copyright searches
- A quick reference guide on the public domain

I will provide you with everything you need to start as a Virtual Property Tycoon in the quickest possible time

I have set the entire home study course out so it's completely newbie friendly. I don't care if you don't even know what a web site is, by simply reading the workbooks you'll learn everything you need to know. And by using the ready-to-go marketing materials you'll be making money in record time...Big Money at that.

Click Here For Proof Of Earnings, Testimonials, FAQ's And Full Details Of Virtual Property Tycoon

How much would you pay to find out the secrets of turning free information into a six figure income like mine?

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Let me put that into perspective for you. If you made just one sale of one of your virtual property packages you'd have made back over ten times your investment.

Let me make this a complete no brainer.
Sign up for the course and you will receive the download instantly. Read through the workbooks and digest all the goodies and extras. If at any time in the next sixty days you don't think this is right for you simply drop me an email and I'll refund you right away without any questions at all. Sound fair? You have peace of mind. Absolutely zero risk to you. It's that simple.

Here's why you need to make a decision today

We come to the point where it really is over to you. What I will show you could provide you with a massive income for little to no work. In just one year you could pay off any debts, never have to work at your current job again, be able to visit sandy beaches whenever you want or buy that dream home....

I genuinely hope you'll join me "on the inside" very shortly. Whatever happens though I want to thank you for reading this letter and wish you all the luck in the future. It can be whatever you make of it.
To your success

Ed Walters
Virtual Property Tycoon

You can have the complete Virtual Property Tycoon Home Study Course for just $18.50 (usually $37) [Warrior Special Offer 50% Discount For Two Weeks Only] REMEMBER there are only 100 places available at this rock bottom price, they will go very quickly, first come first served - ACT FAST or miss out!

P.S. Just think of what it will be like to have all that extra cash. It is a truly realistic dream. Click here for instant and risk free access to the VPT home study course.

P.P.S. Don't forget this is 100% risk free. You can take a look at the entire package and if, for any reason, you don't think it's for you I'll refund your money in it's entirety, no questions asked.What will you spend your extra thousands? Click here to get started.
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Re: FREE Online Cash - The Ultimate Money Loophole
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Has anyone reviewed this? Is it legitimate? Can anyone testify to the credibility of this program?

Life Mega
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Unread 21st Feb 2010, 02:53 AM   #3
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Re: FREE Online Cash - The Ultimate Money Loophole
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It's almost 2 months..

No reply from the author. Wonder why...

Any opinions, everyone?
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Unread 18th Jan 2011, 06:54 PM   #4
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Re: FREE Online Cash - The Ultimate Money Loophole
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I was searching for the word 'tycoon' on the forums and came across this. Looks interesting and would be interested in reviews. My search was in regard to 'income now tycoon' - anyone heard of that or got a review or opinion on it? Thanx
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