Mastering The Art Of Crafting Mailing Server - Send Bulk Mail Through Your Own Server!
kennykjtan 2 years ago

Mastering The Art Of Crafting Mailing Server - Send Bulk Mail Through Your Own Server!

NO more AR snooping what you send, NO more AR Ban, NO more expensive 3rd party SMTP, just build, import and send through your own server

Imagine this scenerio:

You woke up in the morning, feeling pumped and ready to fight another day, fire up your computer, login to your autoresponder and...

...WHAT! Your autoresponder account is suspended! All your months or years of hard work gone!

What next?

In Panic mode, you start to search for every available AR that ever existed only to discover they are...

1 - Over priced
2 - Do not accept import
3 - Refuse to let you have the single optin option

Then you found a solution, promising you one time fee, unlimited send with unlimited subscribers, you bought it only to discover you need a 3rd party SMTP like "Sendgrid" "amazon ses" etc. in order to send emails!

Feeling pissed, you hire someone to build a mailing server but... cost hundereds or thousands and worst, the process of building the server takes 3 weeks or never arrived!

One day passed, then 2 days, then a week then you discovered your income drop to 0.

Sounds familiar?

Well... I've been through that and with all honesty, I personally lost a lot of AR accounts throughout my 6 years as solo ads vendor. I started with Amazon SES (got ban after 3 months) then I move to Aweber (I got ban more than 60 times, shhh...) then GetResponse (I got ban about 7 times) then I move to mailchimp (I got ban before I got the chance send my first swipe) then I got back to Amazon SES, then I tried Mandrill, Sendgrid, basically anything you can think of, including hiring developer to build me mailing servers which cost me from a few hundred to as high as $1,500.


Fast forward...

All these changed when I start to learn how to build my own mailing server 2 years ago, I started to learn what's the do's and don't in order to inbox, I started to learn how to properly warm up my servers, I started to learn how to automate my mailing server to move my openers and clickers to different list in order to get maximum inboxing rate and get rid of non-openers all on auto and best of all, no matter how hard I spam, nobody can ban me!

I also heard a lot of people telling me building mailing server is very difficult, very expensive and you need an aged domain to inbox and I was like, huh? expensive? difficult? aged domain?

Well, let me tell you a secret... if it's a secret at all...

I can build a mailing server in under 30 minutes with less than $100 including a new domain name!

I know, I know, next question is, can it inbox gmail?

Well, I always believe seeing is believing so go ahead test it:

Don't worry, you will only receive 1 test email from me.
Please do me a favor by clicking the link in the email after you receive it or else it will be "0" engagement and it's very bad

NOTE: This domain name ( ) was registered on July 05, 2018 - Still a virgin: I purposely use a fresh new domain without a .com PLUS "" as the sender via to prove a point (You do not need an aged domain or .com to inbox gmail).

Which means you will get the test email from me as: via

Enough Said... You be the judge.

Like the saying goes, "I give you a fish, you eat once - I teach you how to fish, you eat a lifetime"

If you pick up the course "The Art Of Crafting Mailing Server", you will get a step by step guide to successfully build your mailing server from scratch including FREE lifetime access to our forum and of course I will be there for you just in case you got stuck somewhere.

Note #1: Once you click on the button, you will be taken to the registration once registered, you will be taken to paypal to make the payment.
Note #2: You must fill in the form the get access to the forum - IMPORTANT

See you on the other side

  • Is inboxing guaranteed?

    No! Nobody can guarantee inboxing - Some of my clients (Approximately 70 people) got it the first try, some after 3 to 4 tries - Please don't get confused between inboxing and delivery rate.

  • Do you provide warm up process?

    Yes, warm up process is provided, all you have to do is to follow the daily warm up schedule

  • Do your course include setting up DKIM, SPF, DMARC & rDNS/PTR

    Yes, DKIM, SPF, DMARC & rDNS/PTR is in the course and you will learn how to set it up easily.

  • Do you provide any support?

    Yes, I provide support almost instantly 24/7 through FB and Skype but please be understanding that my time zone is +2 GMT and I might be asleep. You can also access to our forum which is included in this course where most technical issues are posted and how to resolve them

  • Is there any upsell?

    Nope, there are no upsell - When you purchase the step by step course on how to build your server, you will also get FREE access to our forum which cost $19.90/month for life

  • Are there any cost involve beside the course?

    Yes - you need a domain name (Paid Yearly to Namecheap) - A VPS Server (Paid Monthly to hosting company) - An autoresponder script (One time payment) Total cost approximately $100

  • Do you give out review copies?

    I'm sorry, I cannot give out review copies at the moment

  • Do you offer any refund?

    This is a course on how to build bulk mailing server NOT some guarantee you will make money or you get your refund. If you are not sure about this course please refrain from purchasing. It's just like going to university, you pay tuition fees doesn't mean that you are guaranteed to get a degree. It's stated very clearly that this course is to teach you how to build your own mailing server so do go telling me that this is not for you and you want a refund.

  • Profile picture of the author StevenTylerPjs
    I'm addtion to AR script and VPS, don't you also need a SMTP service to actually send the mail?
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Hi Steven,

      You do not need any SMTP services. You will be sending through your own VPS

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  • Profile picture of the author Volt
    Very interest course Kenny and considering joining.
    I have a few questions if you don't mind answering:

    1- Does the course cover how to do IP rotation for our mailing server?

    2- I currently have a very large list, very large in fact, around 900k, using a VPS based mailing server would be idol for lists that large to mail daily/ semi-daily?

    3- Does the course cover how to obtain IPs for our mailer?

    4- Can we get banned from our VPS provider at all?

    I would love to know these four points. Thanks.
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Hi Volt,

      1 - No it does not cover multiple IP rotation as it will require PMTA or using IPTables

      2 - You should be able to do so but I suggest 500k per IP max even though a lot of people say 1 IP can easily do 1M per day

      3 - We are using VPS with single IP so no need to source for IPs

      4 - Yes you can get ban from VPS provider if you keep getting complains but it rarely happen

      Hope I answered all you questions
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      • Profile picture of the author Volt
        Thanks for your reply Kenny.

        Can I pay in installments for the course?

        Price is a little outside my capital.
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        • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
          Sorry Mate, unless I know you personally or you've been at least a few years in WF.

          All I can see is that you just join WF for 4 days
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          • Profile picture of the author Volt
            Yep I only joined WF to contact you.

            Any way we can split the course into sections per installment?
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            • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
              Can you message me privately. It's not nice to discuss this here.

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              • Profile picture of the author Volt
                I would but because I am a new member I cant pm most only certain members until my post count is 5 or something.. it is some restiction on new accounts.

                Can I email you?


                If you can initiate the pm it would be better since I cant.
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  • Profile picture of the author bertosio
    The buy link sare not working?
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan

      Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm trying to get the issue resolve... Just replied to your message with all the purchase information.
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      • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
        It's all fixed... The buy button is working now
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  • Profile picture of the author budfox
    Getting close to buying this.

    Curious as to why you say it is important to click the link in your email? If we are mailing from our own server why would engagement make a difference? No one is monitoring our bounce rates, open rates, or click rates, right?
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan

      one of the most important aspect of inboxing is engagement meaning the higher the engagement, the higher the reputation (IP & Domain) you got on that particular ISP (gmail, yahoo, hotmail)

      ISP (gmail, yahoo, hotmail) is monitoring your bounces, open and click rate.

      Hope I answered your question
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  • Profile picture of the author Vral
    Why such steep price?

    I mean, apart from email server setup what else do you offer here and also we have to use our own VPS server?

    Do you have a licensed Email Marketing Script to use or a nulled one?
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan

      You have to use your own VPS server and you have to get your own Email Marketing Script as stated in the FAQ section of this sales page - The recommendation on which VPS to use are all in the course.

      As for the pricing, if you compare with hiring someone to build the server for you, it will be more expensive and in addition, once you get in the course you can build as many mailing server as you want.

      We have our own forum which is included in this course where most of the Q & A and support will done there.

      Hope I answered all your questions
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      • Profile picture of the author Danesh R
        Very much interested in buying the cource, but since i have just started email marketing wanted to undertstand how to make money building many mailing server as mentioned or isit just having your own email list and promote offers using our own mailing server we built using this course.
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        • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan

          The reason for building multiple server is because most people has more than 1 niche and they do not mix them together.

          Another reason for that is, you can build mailing server for your clients - people are charging a lot for building mailing server

          I hope I've answered all your questions.
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          • Profile picture of the author budfox
            So you have to make a separate mailing server for each mailing list, then? How many servers can you host on a single $35 VPS account?
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            • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan

              You can have as many mailing list as you want. Just create the list.

              But I think you are asking about about multiple domain on a single server - this can be done through something like via as an example

              Let's say if you are using a single IP server, it make no sense to host "domainA server" "domainB server" "DomainC server" on the same IP.

              Hope this answer your question
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          • Profile picture of the author Danesh R
            Learning something new and enhancing skills is always a good thing. But people like me who have just started out, getting a client is altogether a different game one would need to find how and where to find them

            How good is the Autoresponder script? meaning the functionality is it just for beginners or even experts email marketers. Since you have used almost all the AR in the market how much do you rate this AR script? I have seen some AR can send an email if the user has not opened one set of follow-up's will be sent if the user has not opened another set of follow-up's will be sent something like that..
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            • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
              This can be achieve with some setup on the script. It's a matter on how you want the flow to be.
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              • Profile picture of the author Danesh R
                Is there any way we can checkout the product? Wanted to see how userfriendly the email marketing software is? since there's no refund and im a newbie wanted to understand the
                flow of sending / setting up automated email and what kind of reports can be generated.

                Hope you understand
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                • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
                  It's using mailwizz mate. Most of my clients get me on facebook for fast support. Of course unless I'm asleep.

                  Report: Geo Open/send - clickers openers - bounces - complains - Top domains for all opens and clicks etc.

                  I can guide you through using mailwizz, no issue at all. I do not have test website for this purpose.
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  • Profile picture of the author budfox
    Can a spare PC be used to make the mail server on, instead of renting a VPS, assuming proxies that allow mail sending can be obtained?
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Hi budfox,

      you can do that but my course did not cover that area
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  • Profile picture of the author Chlitzxer
    Hi, is this also for outlook, aol and others or it is focused on gmail only? Regards!
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Hi Chlitzxer,

      Thanks for asking.

      This is a fully function mailing server. Exact function like Aweber or Getresponse.
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      • Profile picture of the author Chlitzxer
        Excellent I may be buying soon this is definitely something that I need.
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  • Profile picture of the author ChrisDouthit
    What is the size and cost of the needed VPS of a list size of a 250,000? Or does list size not matter on the VPS? My VPS provider will not let me send bulk emails, unless I upgrade to dedicated. Do you have a recommended provider?
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Hi Chris,

      1 - List size doesn't matter - I advise starting with 2MB RAM as you will be slowly warming up the server and upgrade RAM as and when it's needed - Approximately $35

      2 - Yes, I've tested quite a number of VPS hosting and there are list of recommended hosting company where you will not have any issue sending mass mail with good IPs and List of UN-Recommended hosting

      Hope this answer your question
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  • Profile picture of the author lidiadjingga
    Training is worth every single cent paid for. Kenny went above and beyond to help with any problems I had with setting up.
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Thank you very much for your kind support lidiadjingga
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  • Profile picture of the author Zlatan Ibra
    To be honest, I've got zero technical knowledge when I took up this course a few months back but the course is so detail, basically I just follow the step by step building the mailing server without any issue.

    Kenny's never disappoint me in support and the forum is jam pack with content to help me learn more about inboxing.

    Highly recommended
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      It's been a great pleasure working with you mate!
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  • Profile picture of the author Yadira Barbosa
    Kenny is an Amazing Solo Ad Seller so he really understand what we need as marketers. He really have ton of experience and knowledge on email servers, inboxing and rates, etc.

    I bought his server a few months ago before this WSO, I follow the warm up process and my emails hit inbox on daily bases.

    Kenny it's really supportive and you even can learn a lot of his expertise on email marketing.
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      It's nice working with you Yadira and thanks for your support!
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  • Profile picture of the author Tim Guga
    I took up the course about 4 months ago before the launch in WF and all I can is, the course is very easy to follow.

    Even though it took me 2 tries before hitting inbox, I'm very satisfied and needless to say, Kenny is always there to support me whenever I need help.

    This is the real deal.
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    • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
      Thank you very much for your support Tim. It's been very nice working with you
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  • Profile picture of the author kennykjtan
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