Looking for a business partner for my online membership site
zbruney1234 6 weeks ago

Looking for a business partner for my online membership site

Looking for business partners. Free.

With Over 14 Years Experience As An Online Marketer, Let Me Now Share With You The Shortcuts, Methods And Systems.

-This Is The ULTIMATE Marketing Playbook-
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From: Ezekiel Bunbury, Founder of Wealth Plugin.

My Secret to Making Money Online...

When you have the perfect success mindset down, AND you have a perfect, step by step plan and road map that cuts out trial and error, your success is almost GUARANTEED!

So, for the past 14 years (before the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram ever existed!) I've been sharing with a small group of members; my growing compilation of resources, my entire blueprint, all my products...

(Basically EVERYTHING I use to make over $10,000 per month!)

So I'm now inviting YOU to get my cutting-edge strategies for...:

* Getting ranked at the top of Google
* Using email marketing to make money over and over again
* Free and low-cost traffic-getting methods
* How to use affiliate programs to make a ton of sales
* How to use social media to snowball your traffic
* My best sales and copy strategies to increase conversion
* How to start selling products that are 100% made for you.
* And much more!

You'll find yourself asking the question "Why Didn't I Think Of That?"!

Here's what You'll Receive:

Section 1: Exclusive Gold Key Membership to the WealthPlugin Video Library

With WealthPlugin... you get unlimited access to more than 350 online videos I have compiled that walk you through every part of setting up, launching and managing your internet profit streams, including:

* How to get more traffic to your sites
* How to build a money-making list
* How to make a ton of money as an affiliate
* How to become a bestselling author
* How to build and run a membership site
* How to make your first online commission (step-by-step)
* How to create a product from scratch
* How to make money on webinars

Section 2: The Products

Membership in WealthPlugin gives you access to the best Private Label Rights (PLR) products. These are sought after products online- yours at no charge. When you promote WealthPlugin's PLR products,they practically sell themselves. You keep 100% of the profits!

Section 3: The WealthPlugin Toolkit

WealthPlugin gives you converting PLR products to promote... along with everything you need to sell them. With our niche sites, everything you need to make money is done for you!

Section 4: The WealthPlugin Marketing Master Class

The WealthPlugin Marketing Master Class provides you with detailed instruction on every aspect of successful Internet marketing, including:

* Adwords
* Article Marketing
* Email Marketing
* Landing Page Optimization
* PPC and SEO
* Writing Effective Sales Copy

Everything You Need to Make Money Online

Not only do you get access to 350 informative videos, the Marketing Master Class, and sought-after digital products... but you also get MEMBER EXCLUSIVE reseller rights to WealthPlugin itself! That means you can sell WealthPlugin and make hundreds/thousands for every person you refer.

WealthPlugin gives you the information, videos, tutorials and products you need to build a six, even 7 figure business without trial and error just like others have...

"I counted 350 videos on every single aspect of current internet marketing. There's over 40 complete done for you products you can start selling. There literally was content and training for every aspect of internet marketing and starting an online business. From paid traffic, to copywriting, to Facebook, to Google, to creating products... and of course, the done for you products... literally you get training on every concept to be successful online. I've seen $1997 courses that didn't have a fraction of the content. The most valuable part is how fast this can get you making money, due to the reseller program. And being able to resell it means the easiest money you can make. "- Shawn Lebrun

"I am now easily making 20 times the membership fee each month from all the different methods in the members area. A fantastic program all round!"- Jonathan Ward

"What a great site you have put together here. I am now making a great income from your site every month, and with the new resellers program my earnings have skyrocketed as I managed to subscribe 6 new members in my first week and another 5 in the 2nd week"- Peter Johnson

"I just joined an hour ago as a reseller, and have made my first signup sale. If this is sign of things to come, then I believe I have made the best decision for my future."- Steve Dailly

"I'm not much of a membership site promoter, but I decided to take a look at this. I don't promote anything to my list that I am not certain is great value, so I took the time to study the content and make up my mind. I had no problem letting my readers know about it yesterday. So far I've made a residual income of more than $940 so far. "- Martin Avis

"What a great job you have done, everything is there - all the resources one ever needs to "make money" online. We have joined many programs in the past with only mild success. With your reseller program I've so far made $97 in a little under 2 days! And we really didn't do much."- Simon G

There's no reason you can't make $10,000 a month like I've been doing. Or $1,000 per week like some of my students. I'll show you how to make money, even if you don't have your own product to offer. That's right, you'll have your own products you can sell and collect all the profits from!

Again, these are the exact same secrets I've used to make $10,000 per month and $120,000 a year. Nothing outdated, nothing rehashed.

Why This is Different from any other Program

Even if you have ZERO experience and never made a dime online... you can start making a LOT of money in your spare time ...

* WITHOUT creating products or building sites
* WITHOUT any business experience
* WITHOUT selling anything over the phone or in person
* WITHOUT leaving the comfort of your own home

And since the products are HIGH DEMAND... they sell themselves. When you have proven in-demand products that people WANT... it's like having a license to print money. This program is designed to provide you with the training, tools, products, marketing, and support you need to build your dream business and six figure income from home.

Everything you Need!

Even if you're just getting started and have no experience, within weeks you can be making money. That's because you can start selling products that are 100% done for you. Why risk time, effort, and money when you can use the strategies I use to bring in $10,000 per month?

With WealthPlugin... you'll be given access to products instantly, without you having to create them, so you can start making money even faster and easier.

This membership is always being added to, being updated, and always improving. With all the training, videos, and content... the value of what you get inside WealthPlugin is worth well over $4,997. But it's NOT going to cost anywhere near that if you take action today.

For a small investment of just $47 7 day FREE trial, you will get tons of training on doing everything you need to do in order to set up your online income streams the right way, get traffic the fastest way, list building the smart way, and other business growth strategies. And remember, you'll get "done-for-you products" you can sell and keep 100% of the profits!

Start Now and Receive This Special Bonus Offer Worth $197... Absolutely FREE!

For a limited time only, try out WealthPlugin and I'll include a special BONUS: The WealthPlugin Personalized Success Journal (a friend of mines story about how he started with nothing and built his online business that earns more than $10,000 per month on auto pilot!)

Follow along as the successful online marketer shares his steps, so you can find out exactly how he set up his business, the steps he took to promote it, and the actions that were required to make it successful. It's a $197 value, but you can get it for FREE if you act RIGHT NOW.
Start your 7-day free trial

(Full account, includes all available features)

With all the training, money-making products, and everything else you get... this is as safe a "bet" as you're going to find. Click the "GET ACCESS NOW" button below to get started.


Ezekiel Bunbury

P.S. Remember, you receive EVERYTHING you need to start making money including a reseller program where members earn thousands each month! You get unlimited access to a video course that walks you through every step as well as high-converting products that sell themselves!

All the sales funnel materials, email swipes and pre-written copy is yours! All for less than $2 per day 7-day FREE trial. You'll never find a faster or easier way to make money for a small zero investment. Click "GET ACCESS NOW" and I'll see you inside!
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  • Profile picture of the author jimzimm
    I'm not sure what makes this a "Warrior Special Offer" when it is the exact same price as it is on your website?
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  • Profile picture of the author GayleFoxworth
    Do i need to pay anything extra like for SEO/Ads? I also want to know what is free in the 7 days free trial.

    Can you send me more details??
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    • Profile picture of the author zbruney1234
      Hi GayleFoxworth,
      I am now going to send you a PM explaining everything but to answer your question in short 1. No if you do everything correct you will not need to spend anything extra on SEO and in the 7 days you get unlimited access to our membership page as well as much more.
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  • Profile picture of the author Virtualghost
    Not sure I'd say this is a business partner offer proposal you have as title states.And only free for 7 days I may be wrong but can you clarify the title etc.
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    • Profile picture of the author zbruney1234
      Hi Virtualghost, thank you for your message. I will PM you more information just to clarify why I said what I have on my post. Thanks.
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