Quickstart Profits | Get Fast Results With My Super Simple, Step by Step Process | Newbie Friendly!
pensfan6636 2 years ago

Quickstart Profits | Get Fast Results With My Super Simple, Step by Step Process | Newbie Friendly!

Newbies and struggling marketers can FINALLY get results quick and scale to a full time income online. Super simple and newbie friendly!

Hey There, Branden here... and I want to ask you a few questions...

Are you finding yourself in any of these situations?

Been struggling to make your first dollar online?

Trying strategy after strategy and not getting any results?

Made some sales here and there but can't find consistency?

Been putting in way more money than is coming out?

If any or most of these apply to you then you are in the right place!

Like most people you are probably still searching for the right method for you... and that's hard to do when many products out there deliver false promises, deliver only a piece to the puzzle or are straight up half-a**ed.

In turn, you're most likely in the trap many get caught in... buying product after product and having nothing to show for it.

I've been in that situation myself, loosing THOUSANDS of dollars because of it.

So I get it.

It's easy to get sucked in with the flashy, hyped up sales pages... making it seem so simple to make a ton of money.

If all those sales pages and products delivered on their promises then everything would be great.

But most of the time they don't.

So because of this, I wanted to make things right for you.

I wanted to help you finally get out of the endless, money sucking hole.

So I set out on a mission to create something that is complete, step by step, newbie friendly, delivers quick results and allows you to actually scale into a full time income.

So let me ask you...

I'm not talking about a full time business in 24 hours... but profits, sales, income in your PayPal account!

How would that make you feel?

Okay, okay I know what you might be thinking... a few sales isn't much.

Well think about this... how many... OF THE MANY (let's be honest)... courses you have purchased in the last month have made you sales in 24 to 48 hours?

Chances are high that the answer to that is a BIG. FAT. ZERO!

And if you haven't made a SINGLE sale online up until this point, then this this would be absolutely GOLDEN for you!

So again, a few sales 24 hours isn't a big start... but it's a start that can escalate VERY quickly!

I'm guessing that would make you feel even better right?

Well what if those sales and profits quickly snowballed into three figure days consistently?

I think I have you attention now!

Look... these claims aren't meant to hype you up and make you believe false promises.

Instead, it's to show you the POSSIBILITIES!


To show you what you can achieve in the very near future!

I know you are tired of buying course after course... wasting your hard earned money.

I've been there and quite frankly... IT SUCKS!

So I decided that I wanted to help people like YOU get REAL results online.

No overnight promises of making $582.54 in 24 hours or crap like that.

No one-off "special technique" that leaves you needing more to get any real results.

I wanted to create something that gives you REALISTIC goals... the ability to accomplish those goals... and in turn create a consistent full time income online.

At the same time I wanted you to be able to get results QUICK!

I wanted to show you how to create an asset that makes you money over and over again whenever you want!

I wanted to show you how to do all this with an A to Z, step-by-step process that is SUPER simple to follow.

So... I did JUST THAT!

I have perfected a step by step process that allows you to...
  • Get started quickly and see results within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Scale those results into 3 to 4 figures.
  • Create an asset that pays you with a push of a button.
  • Only work 2-4 hours per week.
  • Rinse & Repeat to create a full time business online.
This isn't a process that gives you only a piece to a gigantic puzzle.

Not a method leaving you wondering...

"What did I just learn?"

But a legit way to get from point A to point B quickly.

It's the WHOLE package!

Quick, consistent and simple long term results...

...and by results I mean PROFITS!

Best of all there's...
  • No budget required...
  • No dreaded product creation...
  • No technical skills needed...
  • No waiting forever to see results...
  • No previous Marketing experience required...
  • No PPC, FB Ads, Adwords, Local Marketing, Fiverr, Etc..
Well without further ado...


Inside, you get everything you need to FINALLY make real money online... not only as quick as 24 to 48 hours, but you will learn how to create a REAL asset that pays you whenever you feel like getting paid and a scalable, repeatable process that allows you to create a long term, full time income.

Take a look at what REAL people have to
say about Quick Start Profits:

John Paul Richards

Branden has the perfect solution to get your online profits off the ground.He lays the foundation from start to finish in simple easy steps so that anyone can follow the best part is no domain or hosting is needed with what Branden is teaching you in Quick Start Profits, this is newbie friendly so anyone can do this even if you are starting from scratch.

If you are going to invest in something today, invest in Quick Start Profits!
It's the smartest choice you will do today.

John Richards - Digitalfreedomsuccess.com

Micah Rutter

Out of all the methods I've seen in IM, this one is truly built for newbies. If you take action on this method and be around successful people like Branden and Jeremy, you'll go far in life financially.

Matias Orihuela

I went through the course and every step was very easy to understand and apply, I'm already getting results!!!!!

Ely Shemer

It's newbie friendly and current. It will show you the true and tested way of doing it without going into a whole lot of technical mess. Branden made QuickStart Profits using a different approach. It's refreshing.


Look, I know how it is to buy product after product and seeing that the only result is your bank account falling more and more into the negative.

That is why I created this course for you!

I wanted to show you a surefire way to FINALLY make your first sales online...

... or if you have made some sales but have struggled to turn them into consistent profits, I wanted to show you how to do just that and more!

That is what Quickstart Profits is all about!

How to get started quickly making your initial profits and scaling them into a simple, repeatable, full time income online.

That is why I am giving you
access today for ONLY...

The amount of value you are getting is INSANE!

I am giving you a REAL blueprint to not only getting results in ONLY 24 to 48 hours, but also to turn that into a real, consistent, full time income online in the next 30 to 60 days! (or even sooner!)

How can you pass that up?

Literally the ONLY thing that can stop you, is if you don't TAKE ACTION!

All I ask from you besides the low cost of this product is a few hours per week and in turn, as long as you take action... you can be well on your way to a three figure per day online income!


This is one of my best selling products which received DOTD! It allows you to build the all mighty BUYERS LIST and the easiest, fastest way to do so. Buyers list = $$$$$ You can see massive results as soon as you implement the super simple steps I teach!


Traffic is the fuel for your business! You can have the best offer, website, etc in the world but if no one is seeing it... well then it's worth NOTHING! In TTT you will learn 100 different traffic methods that you can use in your business today!

To make this a TOTAL no brainer...

When You Purchase Quickstart Profits Today... You Get A NO RISK, 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee!

Today you have a chance to get your hands on a proven method that can generate results quickly, then scale those results into a full time online business.

It's a super simple process that anyone can learn and implement and it's a process that both Jeremy and I use every day in our business.

The ONLY thing that can stop you from getting results, is by not TAKING ACTION!

Once you pick up the course you need to take daily, consistent action on everything we teach and DO NOT stop until you get results.

If you pick this up and do nothing, naturally you can expect nothing.

So as long as you give it an honest effort and then find that you aren't getting results, then we will be happy to refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Although... because I know this process WORKS and I genuinely want to help you succeed, I won't go down without a fight and will make every effort to help you turn things around with the course and get results!

If you FINALLY want to learn how to get QUICK results and turn them into a REAL income online then ACT NOW!

I've put my heart and soul into this course and this is your chance to make a real change in your life.

This low price is temporary and will rise to its full price very very soon.

So get access now and I'll see you on the inside!

All the best,

  • What is QuickStart Profits?

    QuickStart Profits is a step by step training course that shows you how to get started with Internet Marketing quickly! Results can happen within 24 to 48 hours and can be repeated and scaled to a full time online business. This is a complete course and not a one off strategy.

  • Is it really newbie friendly?

    YES! This is 100% newbies friendly. I teach you what you need to know from start to finish and your experience level is a non factor! I primarily designed this for newbies and anyone who's been struggling online, but the great thing is that 6 and 7 figure marketers use the techniques and strategies I'll show you!

  • What is different about this then other courses?

    Many courses out there only teach a single strategy (great for experienced marketers, but not newbies) but don't give you everything needed to get real results and create a full time business or they are half assed and not set up for you to achieve success, but to only take your hard earned money. I give you everything you need to get from point A to point B. You learn how to get results in as little as 24 to 48 hours for instant gratification and then turn it into a full time online business.

  • How is the training delivered?

    It is delivered in a simple step by step format. Everything is taught with videos that are accompanied with support homework and resources to help to complete each step. I also provide you with cheat sheets and a checklist to help you accelerate results!

  • How much money can I make?

    First and foremost you will not make any money or get the kind of income you want if you don't take daily, consistent action. What I teach works and it's up to you to put into action. If you do this then you can see results quickly and with continuous action you can scale that into a full time income. Per Warriorforum rules, I cannot claim any specific income claims, but just take action and you'll do very well.

  • Are there any OTO's?

    There is just one OTO and its a VIP Gold Upgrade which contains a Done For You Package to accelerate your results and an Advanced Video Training that will teach you strategies to scale your income even more! This is a perfect compliment to the main training and is only $19.95 (normally sell for $97).

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    Hi Branden, I have sent you a PM , emailed you and tried to contact you on FB. Please respond.

    Richy Burns
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  • Profile picture of the author ocean wave
    Hi! Thank you for your great answers to my questions!
    Here are some more:

    1. Using your methods, have you personally had great success direct linking to shortened Clickbank hop links or domain names that are forwarded to Clickbank hop links, such that this has been profitable for you?

    2. I know nothing about page building. Do you help me with this?

    3. I want to make sure I understand this: I will never ever have to communicate with prospects and customers in any way?

    4. Will I have to communicate with other marketers or website owners?

    5. If so, can this be done strictly by e-mail?

    6. Do you provide help with ethically getting accepted into CPA networks?

    7. If YouTube is required, will I need to create videos?

    8. Is your money-back guarantee unconditional, no strings attached, no questions asked?

    Thank you very much!
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  • Profile picture of the author ocean wave
    Hi! This sounds very good! Here are some questions:

    1. Will I need to do keyword research?

    2. Will I need to be on any social media, e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

    3. Can the OTO be purchased later or does it need to be purchased when I buy your main product?

    4. Will I need to communicate with prospects and customers, e.g. answer questions, respond to comments, etc.?

    5. Will this work in any niche?

    6. Can this method work with direct linking to shortened Clickbank hop links?

    7, Other than my computer, will I need any additional electronic equipment, e.g. video recorder, digital camera, smart phone, scanner, etc.?

    8. Can this be used for CPA or is it strictly limited to affiliate marketing?

    9. Will need hosting?

    Thank you very much!
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    • Profile picture of the author pensfan6636
      Hello, questions answered below.

      1. Will I need to do keyword research?


      2. Will I need to be on any social media, e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

      No, does not involve any of these.

      3. Can the OTO be purchased later or does it need to be purchased when I buy your main product?

      Can be purchased later in the members area.

      4. Will I need to communicate with prospects and customers, e.g. answer questions, respond to comments, etc.?

      Nope, none of this.

      5. Will this work in any niche?


      6. Can this method work with direct linking to shortened Clickbank hop links?


      7, Other than my computer, will I need any additional electronic equipment, e.g. video recorder, digital camera, smart phone, scanner, etc.?

      Webcam/mic if you use on of the free traffic methods. The other 3 you will not need anything extra.

      8. Can this be used for CPA or is it strictly limited to affiliate marketing?

      Can be used for CPA as well, just use CPA offers in place of affiliate offers when implementing the core methods.

      9. Will need hosting?

      You will need a page builder of some sort mainly. But one of the free traffic methods would require hosting. But I've given different paths you can take so you can choose based on your experience and budget.

      Hope that helps!


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    Hello, I am still waiting for you're reply, sir.

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  • Profile picture of the author FrugalAces
    Please PM me your Skype. I would like to go more in detail about additional investments to speed up the process.
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  • Profile picture of the author KyeM
    Can you pm me income proof?
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    • Profile picture of the author pensfan6636
      Hi KyeM, I couldn't post my proof here on the WF since it's not allowed... but you can see my results and proof on my regular externally hosted sales page here https://brandenpierce.clickfunnels.com/qsp-sales

      You'll also note I sell this course for $19.95, so warriors are getting a $10 discount
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  • Profile picture of the author djn001
    Hi Branden,

    This sounds like a great course, though I'd like to ask a few questions before diving in.

    Can you give me any more info on what the method entails, does it involve affiliate marketing, CPA, list building etc?

    Also, how much time is required approximately to do the initial set-up and also daily, to achieve a 3 figure per day income?

    You mention that there is no budget required, so does this mean that the tools that you recommend are all free tools?

    Can this method be done more quickly by investing in paid tools, traffic, etc.

    If I reject the OTO initially, can it be purchased at a later date?

    Do you give email support should it be required?

    Thanks in advance,

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    • Profile picture of the author pensfan6636
      Hello Djn001,

      - It's all based around affiliate marketing with some listbuilding added in as well, but this is technically optional but highly recommended.

      - The inital setup can can take anywhere from a couple hours or more. This really depends on your experience level. If you are brand new to IM then it could take a bit longer, but not too long. Once you get things set up, then you just need to drive traffic. Paid traffic will yield results faster than free, but even the free methods I teach are pretty quick as well. Using just the free traffic methods you can reach the 3 figure mark in 30 days and if you implement paid traffic as well could maybe be quicker. But I can't give a definitive answer as its against the rules. But work on incremental goals. $25/day, $50/day, etc... once you get consistent results scaling is the easy part.

      - I will clarify here that there are tool needed that aren't free. Meaning, if you decide to build a list you will need an autoresponder (Getresponse and Aweber have free trials) and you need a page builder. There are many options for that from very affordable to a little more expensive. I cover all the options inside.

      - Yes, paid traffic will yield quicker results.

      - Yes the OTO is available to purchase in the members area. Or reach out to me for the link to the sales page for it.

      - Yes please email me any time you have questions! I am happy to help and want you to succeed!

      Hope that help!


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  • Profile picture of the author khado114
    Interesting. Does the traffic involve any of these? youtube, fb groups/fb ads, seo, solo ads, or posting on forums?
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    • Profile picture of the author pensfan6636
      Hey khado114, I cover 4 different types of traffic sources you can use with this method. Solo ads and Youtube are two of them yes and I cover 2 other free traffic methods as well. I leaned more toward free traffic methods that have been successful for me than paid as this is geared to help newbies and people who may not have a whole lot of funds. But the paid method is there for people who do. Hope that helps
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