Dropshipping Is Dead: How To Grow An eCom Brand That People Care About (& Make A Shed Load Of Ca$h)
tomhunt88 3 years ago

Dropshipping Is Dead: How To Grow An eCom Brand That People Care About (& Make A Shed Load Of Ca$h)

How We Grew Meggings.com Into The Largest Male Leggings Brand In The World (And How You Can Do The Same In The Next 30 Days Or Less)

I Will Hold Your Hand And Show You
How We Grew Meggings.com Into The Largest Male Leggings Brand In The World (And How You Can Do The Same In The Next 30 Days Or Less)
Hi, I'm Tom Hunt.

I left Warrior Forum to grow REAL, sustainable eCommerce brands.

HINT: NOT Dropshipping rubbish, "me-too" products

Shopify linked to ours here:

And Dragons' Den (UK version of Shark Tank) head hunted us to appear on their show:

And the Mail Online (plus 50 other news sites) gave us a backlink on an article about us that was shared 66,000 times:

And now I'm back to share the Process I have developed over the past 5 years...

eCommerce Brand Builders

Here is the overview:
  • Step 1: The Step By Step Process To Creating A Mission/Purpose/Vision That Is ADDICTIVE To Your Target Customer
  • Step 2: How To Tweak Your New eCom Biz To MAXIMISE Conversions
  • Step 3: Our Undercover, Emotional Facebook Ad Strategy That Goes "Under The Radar" To Influencer Cold & Warm Leads To Buy Like Crazy
  • Step 4: The ONLY 6 Ways To Convert ICE Cold Traffic To Your New eCom Businesses
  • Step 5: The Weird Email System We Use To Double The Lifetime Value Of Each Sale
  • Step 6: The Super Strange Strategy We Use To Get Customers To Promote Our Brand For Us:

Before I tell you how you can jump on a call with me so I can share the full Process... let me tell you a story:

... I was stuck in a corporate role that I hated.

I had to get out.

I really just did not care about the bland office, the boring clothes and being told to do things that clearly were not efficient just to satisfy someones agenda.

On the 1st Jan 2014 I made a decision.

That I would replace my salary from an online business by the end of the year.

I headed online, transferred $1k of my savings into my current account to invest in starting a new business and went hunting for a product.

It was a grind.

We finally decided to do something crazy: and started a male leggings brand. We bought 18 pairs of female leggings from eBay, drew on our male logo and tried to sell them on Brick Lane market in London (we secretly just wanted to talk with the pretty girls there ).

And can you guess how many we sold after standing in the freezing cold for 12 hours?

A grand total of 0...

We spent money on the market stall, on stock and on our coffees... and made NOTHING back. I started doubting myself... like I wasn't good enough to actually do this.

And thought maybe I would just be stuck in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life. But then we tried one more thing...

We started an online store (not Shopify... another MUCH less good option) and had 5 pairs of REAL male leggings made (HINT: we just asked a supplier to make male leggings with our logo on and they did the hard work)

And suddenly we started getting sales come through from ALL around the world.

Very soon our warehouse (Read: our kitchen in East London) was depleted and we placed another order

It was small.

But it was a breakthrough.

It was proof to me that I could do it... and that it wasn't actually that hard.

(If you know the eCommerce Brand Builders process )

And since then we have gone on to become the #1 male leggings brand in the world and have an army of loyal customers that buy products from us EVERYDAY.

I now have a team of 4 A Players (all remote) that run our 3 eCom brands (doing over $1.3k per day or $40k per month).

And yes, all the cash and the freedom to do anything I want/go anywhere I want is great... but the real reward?

Is the internal knowledge and belief of how to do this.

Which is why I'm writing to you right now.

I want to pass on this knowledge to you... so you can experience what we are experiencing right now.

That's the real gift.

The ability to return and pass on the knowledge and belief to others that are earlier in their journey.

THAT is the reason why I am back to teach this Process... I LOVE working with ambitious, intelligent online entrepreneurs and REALLY don't want you to get scammed

"Schedule A 30 Minute Strategy Session To Get The Exact Step By Step Techniques That We Used To Grow Meggings.com Into The Largest Male Leggings Brand In The World"

(Warrior Forum Won't Let Me Show You Income Proof, But You Can Add Me On FB And We Can Chat)

The Session Is $50:

Reserve Your Spot For The Call For JUST $50


So far the full method has ONLY been shared with 5 individuals who are all now growing their own eCom brand into the biggest in their niche.

I can only share the method with 7 further individuals before it becomes less effective.

UPDATE: 1 of the 7 calls has been taken, this leaves 6 more left until I potentially shut down this whole process so we can make all the easy $.
  • Do I need a niche already?

    NOPE. We will work on the PERFECT niche for you to dominate during the session.

  • Do you have income proof?

    First, check out our REAL business: meggings.com and our social profiles to see that we generate TRUE value for our customers. Please email me on clay@tomhunt.io if still not sure and I will respond with income proof LOL :)

  • What exactly is included in the WSO?

    An intense 30 minute Strategy Session with yours truly... at the end you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to dominate a specific eCom niche with a REAL, sustainable and profitable business. (I may also invite you into our invite-inly Facebook Community where you get direct access to me and my team ;))

  • Is $50 the entire cost or is there additional coaching or other fees?

    $50 is the entire cost for the strategy session, the goal of this session is to understand more about you and then provide you with the step by step process to growing a sustainable and profitable eCom brand (just like we do with meggings.com). I will share the FULL process. If you qualify, I will of course offer a package that includes time with me/peer group, templates/funnels we use and more detailed info on how to implement. This will be priced at $497. Though this is NOT the point of the call. The point of the call is to share the strategy.

  • How do I know you are for real?

    Haha, fair question... I can understand if you are hesitant to trust someone you have never met before but if you don't trust Shopify, the BBC and the Mail Online there may be something wrong with you ;) Here are links to the content shown above: https://www.shopify.co.uk/blog/stitch-leggings-meggings https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2582046/Would-YOU-let-man-wear-meggings-Designers-aiming-make-men-feel-comfortable-look-great-leggings.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ5AFwMIffY

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    Hey Tom, can you pm me more info? Would be keen to see income proof also
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    Hello Tom

    I have a question

    I ran general drop shipping store with zero luck becoz I kinda felt whole time that this business model is not solid.

    I want to do something real and struggling to come up with niche, Is this 30 minutes strategy call designed for those as well who has not yet decided niche ?
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      And totally agree, dropshipping from a general store is not a sustainable business model.

      We will dig into the correct niche for you and for this time in the market my man

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    Or you can go here and get the same service for $30... just saying.

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      Haha, great work!

      Though slightly inaccurate, the clarity call focusses simply on free PR... as you can imaging, there is a lot more to growing a sustainable, profitable eCom brand than that
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