Notorious WSO Master - How I sold 488 WSOs on the Warrior forum, working only 6 hours
MeelisM 2 years ago

Notorious WSO Master - How I sold 488 WSOs on the Warrior forum, working only 6 hours

Learn exactly how I sold close to 500 WSOs on the Warrior Forum for ~$10 each.

Are you sick of not being able to earn enough money online and feel like you could do much better?

There are Uncountable Amounts of Business Guides on the internet that don't deliver what they promise. It's quite hard to find a guide that shows you step by step how to create a profitable business online.

This eye-opening business guide takes all the pieces to the puzzle, explains how they work, teaches you about the psychology behind why people buy and helps you create a profitable business right here on the Warrior Forum

You will become the Notorious WSO Master


Hello fellow entrepreneur.

I am Meelis.

I have been on the Warrior Forum forum for eight years now. I have always been interested in learning different types of business techniques, especially online ones. For the past years, I have been to lots of technology seminars, a startup boot camp in Silicon Valley and a business university in Europe. I also have the experience of working for an exponentially growing multi million dollar fintech startup

During those experiences, I've learned a lot about how technology businesses work and make sales online. My cofounders and I run an online business that operates in 3 countries. I have also been in sales for six years. I feel that I have a lot to teach about selling online and offline and since I have built a successful WSO business in basically no time, I know that I can teach you how to create a successful business here.
Look at what some of my customers say about the Notorious WSO Master:


Are you excited to kick start your new business on the WarriorForum?
You can be successful doing this!
  • Would you like to learn how I have gotten daily payments into my PayPal constantly, for some hours of work I did a long time ago?
  • Would you like to know how I sold almost 500 WSOs with basically no effort after the initial setup that took me 6 hours?
If you answered yes to these questions, then the Notorious WSO Master is for you!
Scroll to the upper right part of this page and hit the Buy button now

Let me tell you something.

I created my first WSO 3 years ago, but it failed, and I quit because I didn't analyze what I did wrong.

It turns out I had the wrong product market fit.

I tried again at the end of 2016.

I created a business guide in 3 hours, and it sold very nicely. A week later I created another guide, and that generated a nice amount of sales as well.

I am teaching you through this handbook everything I know that makes me successful with selling WSOs and what I've learned while doing it successfully.
What would you do if you had an extra income stream like this?
To motivate you guys to take action, check out what my Warrior Payments account looks like here

NB! I had to censor the pic due to Warrior Forum regulations about income claims. All info is verifyable on the Warrior Payments platform.

You too can create a business like this.

There are so many different ways to earn an income online these days.

You can choose whichever way you want.

For me, one sale doesn't matter really.

People are investing into the Notorious WSO Master anyway and starting new profitable businesses every day

But...Will it make a difference in your life, if you knew everything I teach in this guide?

Would you be better off in a reality where you know how I create products in 3 hours that are giving me residual income for months, maybe years to come?

If no, then we can be friends, and you can send me a PM on the forum asking me how I'm doing.

On the other hand - If you think this information is valuable, then continue reading this thread.

I will tell you everything that is included in the guide.

But make sure, after you finish reading, you make a decision right now.

Yes I will Buy this guide and create a WSO empire
Big Fat No

Because the price is going up with every sale, there is no point for you to think that you will get this later.

Why pay more, if you can pay less right now?

Okay let's see what you will learn from the Notorious WSO Master and why it's a good idea to purchase it

The Notorious WSO Master is a 66 page pdf handbook, which teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful WSO business.

I will share the table of contents with you:
  1. Why selling WSOs is still so profitable?
  2. How to come up with ideas for creating WSOs?
  3. What format to use? Pricing your WSO The Psychology of a WSO buyer Sales
  4. Psychology & Writing A Sales Pitch That Converts
  5. Covering Prospects' Objections in the WSO Sales Pitch
  6. How to craft an awesome headline?
  7. The importance of Testimonials and how to get them
  8. Communicating with people in your thread
  9. Should you offer an OTO / Upsell product?
  10. Should you offer bonuses along with your WSO?
  11. Should you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
  12. How to keep track of your sales statistics - IMPORTANT!
  13. How to build your e-mail list with WSOs to maximize profits?
  14. Selling affiliate products in your WSO 5 Crucial things to do as soon as your WSO is live
  15. 9 Extra Tips For Running A Successful WSO Business
You will also learn:
  • 4 Characteristics your WSO topic has to have to succeed
  • 5 Things WSO buyers subconsciously evaluate when choosing to buy an offer or not
  • 6 Parts of the Cycle of Sales that your WSO prospects should go through
  • 7 Most common objections prospects think of when they read your sales letter and how to answer them up front
  • 4 Vital statistic metrics you have to record and analyze to succeed
Isn't this amazing?

You get all the information you need to create a successful WSO business.
It has 66 pages of golden information written in an easy to understand way.
You get all the pieces to the puzzle and knowledge how to put them together.
What would you do if you had way more free time every day?
Would you skip going to work for somebody else?
Would you like to live a life where you are in charge?

The Notorious WSO Master is your starting point for you for all that.

Now you just need to:
1) Find the Buy button (most likely in the upper right part of this page)
2) Buy this guide so you can start creating your WSO empire and dream life.

All you have to do RIGHT NOW is click the "BUY NOW" button in the top right part of the screen, and you will gain instant access to the guide which you can use to create the life you want.

In this guide, I teach you what I did to create a business that helped me sell 488 WSOs.

To learn how to sell 488 ebooks, lots of people would be willing to pay at least $500.

I would easily find someone to pay me $500 for 1on1 coaching until he has created a successful business like this.

And that is the plan.

Once I finish creating my coaching program, I will take this Business Guide down.

The Notorious WSO Master shows you How I Sold 488 WSOs right here on the Warrior Forum

So get it while you can for such a small price.
This business model works.
The question is - do you?

The price starts at $2.

This is a dime sale.

Every time someone buys this guide, The price will go up.

The price ceiling is $17.

If anybody asked me to pay this small amount for learning how to create a business as I did, I would definitely jump at the chance and invest right on the spot.

This is a no brainer.

Right now is the perfect time to start a profitable WSO business!

The market is free for us to take!

This is your chance to get your foot in the door and start earning what you deserve, right here on this Forum!

Join Me Now in this WarriorForum business adventure!

This will take you to the next level

Click the Buy button in the top right part of this page to get started right now!
  • Are there any OTOs or Upsells?

    There are no OTOs or Upsells. Everything you need to know to create your successful WSO business is right there in the guide for you to learn.

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    Warriors I suggest you get this WSO for the lowest price while you still can!

    Price is going up $0.50 with every sale up to $17.

    Take action now
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    Buy button is not working?
    Can you check.
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      Hi venkat

      Yes I know, I already posted about this as well.

      I needed to get the thread live to be able to get the payment buttons.

      Will be fixed soon. I will PM you when done.

      Thanks for heads up

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      Hi venkat. Payment button works now
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    Notorious WSO Master has launched and is now available for purchase.
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